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I'm involved in a research project at university to create a programming language designed for women. One of the problems with women entering the field is that programming languages today are all designed around how men think. Our research involves taking existing programs, asking women what they think it does, and find ways to make it more clear to women's way of thinking. We started with the Python language since it's considered easy for beginners. Participants in the study were in the 14-20 age group with no previous programming experience.

The first thing we noticed was that the print function was confusing. Participants were turning on the printers and waiting for the paper to come out with text on it. We found that changing the vocabulary to something they were more familiar with greatly helped. Well over 90% identified the verb "tweet" as the sending of text, eliminating the confusion about the print function.

Before: print("Hello World!")
After: tweet "Hello World!"

Variables were the next challenge. Participants were confused about how the first and second lines were related in the following program. Many believed the program would simply print "x" to the terminal and wondered why the first line was there.
x = 5
tweet x

Despite being slightly more verbose, adding additional keywords proved more helpful. First, we added the "pretend" keyword and we changed the equal sign to "is".
pretend x is 5
tweet x

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Incrementing was the next challenge. The += syntax made no sense to the participants. Writing "x = x+1" only made things worse as girls said it was impossible and tried to balance the equation as the learned in algebra class. The researchers struggled to come up with an easier syntax until one of the participants suggested we just "like" it. The results were remarkable as all but one of the participants understood the new syntax.
pretend x is 5
like x
tweet x

This concluded the first round of of the study. We're giving the participants a few weeks off to study for their finals. We gave the girls a survey at the end of this round to ask a few questions about the experience. A majority found the name of the language, "Python", to be sexist. Two of the girls admitted they almost dropped out of the study because they felt violated by such a phallic and sexist term being used. A majority of the participants also disliked all the typing and wanted a "touch" interface to create programs. This possibility will be explored further in the second round of the study.

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haha oh whoa

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>mfw this could actually be true

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ok but why is she programming the stove?

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Girls shouldn't be accomodated, especially at programming. Problem solved.

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this is the most sexist thing i have ever read

you're basically saying that womens brains aren't as logical as male brains so they need a special programming language for retards.

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it's not retarded, it's women friendly, and if you imply its retarded you are a misogynistic rapist

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No shit sherlock.

Let me guess, you are a woman?

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>dongling intensifies

get a new job, faggot. you're never gonna make it as a comedian

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Only good thread to ever come out of /g/.

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You've now uncovered the irony of modern feminism.

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>I am so sad and lonely. I wish I could talk to women irl.

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deal with you, you patriarchal scum

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dis thred is top lel

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That's not irony, you dildo. It's a shitty sexist joke made by an insecure spergdongler

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scum pls go


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A woman is right, you aren't.

Stop trying to mansplain your way out of this, fucking scum.

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>we're so ~iRoNiCaLs~

top lel, donglebros

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Bitch please. I'm gay and I'm laughing at this shit.

Mostly because this is seriously how my idiotic cousin would program something because she fits every blonde stereotype imaginable.

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holy shit this is genius

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Exactly, everyone knows that and is having a laugh because its so outrageously untrue.

And then you have social justice retard >>33548861 over here.

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>implying this is a gender issue
Nice troll, OP. 9/10

The confusion obviously doesn't stem from the fact that the participants had NO PRIOR PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE. Even seasoned programmers admit that some function names are stupid.

Hey, ho!

Also, are we really going to fall for this actually being true? Nope.jpg

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>gays not just being so bad at having sex with women that their lonely saddo selves resort to humping other lonely saddo men

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>social justice retard

i bet you think racist jokes are funny too

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A feminist assburger? Oh my fucking god.

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I bet you live in a world where everything is black and white and context means nothing to you.


Pfft, I don't even need to make my case.

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that's because you have no case to make. that's what happens when you're wrong.

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ITT: Trolls trolling trolls, aka >>>/b/

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As an autistic, I have to say that I think fellow autistics probably created every single programming language.

It takes me about 1 day of reading through syntax to fully master any new language. To be honest it is easier for me than English.

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Thread of the century.

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prove it faggot

make something really cool with your programming

i dare you

(you wont do it)

p.s. fuk ut

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Guise, I just had a really bad idea, hear me out:

Let's actually create the language OP proposes.

>> No. 33549007

>guise make this for me

make it yourself you lazy ass

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>implying this study isn't 100% real

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pic related but lets do it
It may even make small, lulzy ripples

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But women's brains are not as logical as men's

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what happened to women?

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Please bitch nigga, don't you have a hugbox to attend to with all your transfriends.

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ITT: guys who need to check their priviledge

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this is a troll thread

Women do not think less logically than men. Both sexes start with the same baseline and men's logic skills are honed, whereas in 'merica, women are told to discard theirs and grow their "hearts" (useless feelings) so they can have loads of bffs and eventually leech off of a big, strong man.

Nobody would design a programming language for women, it wouldn't work, and it's not needed outside of shitty neo-western cultures. They would change public education and culture to bring the female gender role closer to the male's, like men have been gradually feminized (also called "civilized"), redoubling humanity's constant assault against its own flawed nature.

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>to be honest it is easier for me than English.
It should be, programming langauges are designed to be easy.

>> No. 33549079

Not the guy you were replying to, but....

As an autistic, in reality everything is black and white, you NTs seem to think that broad terms and general ideas are all that you need to explore.

For instance, as an NT would see it: Killing is morally wrong.

Then you guys have debates and people provide proof as to why killing is wrong or not. I would like to posit that each way something can be killed is a separate concept.

It is not morally wrong to accidentally step on a snail. It is not morally wrong to operate a train when someone commits suicide on the tracks.

Looking at it like that it is pretty obvious to see that there are situations where morality is entirely neutral when it comes to killing.

This is why I get confused when I see people say things like: violence is never ok.

Violence is too broad, in a game of football, there is indeed violence. When escaping an attacker, you have to employ violence.

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If you think for yourself you're a terrorist.

>> No. 33549106

You seem to think that this is some form of term paper I am writing rather than me just sharing my personal experience on an anonymous forum. I have other more interesting things to do than proof some NT failure that what I claim as an anonymous poster is actually my experience.

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On a similar note, Master/slave technology is racist and discouraging to young black college students who are thinking of a career in CS. While it has a noticeable effect on increasing interest among homosexual neckbeards, the use of this terminology reinforces America's oppressive system of racial control. It should not be tolerated.

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So get with the program and pretend to be like everyone else just like everyone else is pretending to be like everyone else.

>> No. 33549121

Male/Female plugs are sexist terms.

>> No. 33549129

When compared to men, women are as illogical as neurotypical men are to autistics.

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>> No. 33549149

penetrative sexual acts (even simulated ones involving inanimate objects) are mechanisms of patriarchal control

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my sides

>> No. 33549199

i cant stop laff at dis thraed

>> No. 33549203


formal languages are much simpler than natural languages like English, no shit it's easier to learn.

>> No. 33549217

>implying english majors are smarter than programming majors

>> No. 33549222

Glad to see all the Redditards getting completely annihilated by such a silly thread. It makes me feel good about myself knowing I'm not this retarded to get rused by silliness like this.

>> No. 33549248

Shut up you foul smelling tripape.

>> No. 33549249

Well you don't need to prove that you have autism, that's for sure. That comment made it very clear.

>> No. 33549267

i swear i fucking fell off my chair damn. i kept laughing even though my tailbone got a pretty hard hit.

>> No. 33549268

programmers solve complex problems with a simple language, english majors simple problems with a complex language.

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From the autistic point of view, the all forms of feminism serve no purpose and are actually self harming, especially those that claim that any sexual intercourse is a form of rape.

Defining rape as any form of forced sexual intercourse the statistics show:
1)Men are the majority of rapists.
2)Men are the majority of rape victims.

Furthermore, women actually have the power in western cultures, they spend more money than anyone else, showing that they have more economic power despite not working as much. Women also are only 4% of the fatal accidents at work. Women have a longer life expectancy by 6 years than their male counterparts regardless of ethnicity.

Feminism only helps 2 groups of women.
1) Lesbians
2) Single women

Non-feminist women have sons, brothers, fathers, uncles who are all victims of the current system and as such in familial obligation feel the sting of a lack of prostate cancer research, lack of work safety standards, etc. that their male family feel.

>> No. 33549278

Glad to see all the /pol/tards getting completely riled by such a shitty thread. It makes me feel bad about the world knowing they are this retarded to find humor in sexism like this.

>> No. 33549280

caress the tailbone

>> No. 33549283

English is also my natural language.

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It must frustrate you that I can make so much money every year having next to no social skills simply doing something that is nearly an innate ability.

>> No. 33549314

You're typing is obnoxious.

>> No. 33549319

It does frustrate me a little, since I'm a social autist without the savant tier skills. At least I got a gf though.

>> No. 33549323

Would you believe me if I said it doesn't really bother me? I think I am actually happy for you.

>> No. 33549330

I am married with a postnup.

>> No. 33549340

pretend that is google *.com
copy this to that
tweet "tweet! "

>> No. 33549364

run in "C";

printf("This is now in C, motherfucker");

>> No. 33549377

What about the compile errors and warnings or we don't do that because is to critical and discourage woman?

>> No. 33549431

I made an observation not long ago while at the zoo.

There was this monkey that would hoot, and passersby would sit and watch it when it was hooting. Typically it would hoot when it saw someone walking by.

Being autistic, I decided to observe the NTs reaction to the hooting monkey.

Now clearly this monkey was trying to communicate something to the passersby, but being different species obviously there was no successful communication between man and monkey.

Now there were 2 reactions that I saw when the monkey was communicating with the humans.

The first reaction was that of curiosity, possible empathy, wishing they could understand what the monkey was trying to say, these people were middle class, well educated and were mostly knowledgeable about the animals at the zoo.

The second reaction was that of contempt, and I often heard them call the monkey stupid. Now these people were uneducated, calling many of the animals by the wrong species.

The reaction you just had to me was the second.

Please reevaluate the direction your life is going.

>> No. 33549456

Did anyone try hooting back at the monkey?

>> No. 33549458

Ha! that is pretty typical. The stupidest people react the worst to people with special needs.

>> No. 33549461


Who the fuck majors in "programming"?

>> No. 33549463

You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.

>> No. 33549473

Young children did. I left that out of the example as it was superfluous to my point.

>> No. 33549476

idk i never been to collage

>> No. 33549478

Thank you, I just wanted to know where I fit in the social strata.

>> No. 33549483

Excellent film reference to support my claim, anon.

>> No. 33549486

special needs =/= smart

>> No. 33549495

I have special needs in my pants. Does that mean I am dumb?

>> No. 33549497

Adolescence lasts until your mid 20's. Basically it's like going through the terrible twos a second time

>> No. 33549507

I don't understand now why they say that women are more "moral" or other bullshit when there are actually more female than male abusers of kids

Fuck that shit

>> No. 33549509

Bro, he was saying that stupid people react like a douchebag when someone who isn't the same joins the conversation.

And by missing his point by that much, you only proved how stupid you are.

>> No. 33549516


I am 26, by the way. I am not entirely sure I would hoot back, but that was my first whim, and I tend to be pretty indulgent about those when they're harmless.

>> No. 33549531

My assumption from my observation is that the children were oblivious to proper social etiquette. It wouldn't surprise me if I were to find out each of the curious adults first instinct was hoot at the monkeys. That is basically attempting to show them that they are trying to be receptive to their communication.

>> No. 33549553

I'm not oblivious to etiquette, but I do try to think critically about what purpose it serves and whether or not i agree with it before i let it dictate my behavior

>> No. 33549558

Just how smart are you?

>> No. 33549568

Not really, it's just a really pointless statement to make. If you want to believe that having special needs makes you somewhat better in terms of morality, do continue to believe so.

(I bet you've never worked with special needs adults too)

>> No. 33549575

define 'smart'

>> No. 33549578


>> No. 33549585

>guys look over here i am going to make fun of retards instead of addressing the actual topics being discussed

>> No. 33549612

Who cares, he didn't really mention anything of value, I was just replying to his statement when you butted in.

>> No. 33549622

no i was just butting in when you butted in

>> No. 33549628


I actually work in special ed. I used to work with children with autism, helping mainstream them now I work with adults with severe autism.

The people who have negative experiences with people with special needs are all mental midgets but still qualify as being normal.

Everyone else around them is smarter than them and finally they can lord their superior intellect over someone.

His example with the monkeys is quite apt. Also you seem to think he is making a moral judgement but it is pretty clear that he is just predicting the intellect based on the reaction he got after outing himself as being less than normal.

I would agree with him, you are an idiot and you keep missing the point by about a mile

>> No. 33549629


>> No. 33549631



>> No. 33549636

Now obviously this is a troll attempt, but throw out the entire "woman" part of the idea. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Unless it actually hurts performance or limits possibilities, would it be a bad thing if programming was easier to understand? If a non-programmer could see a program's language and decipher what 90% of what it means, wouldn't that be good?

>> No. 33549637

My IQ was 152 when I was tested last, but that really does almost nothing for me.

>> No. 33549653


>> No. 33549656

I don't think you know how stupid you look to everyone in this thread, I know you think you are being edgy or rebellious, but normal people just see you as the guy that pushes the kid wearing a helmet into a puddle.

>> No. 33549661

I'm sorry do you have street smarts that IQ tests don't consider?

>> No. 33549666

yea, I got 192 but who gives a shit

>> No. 33549668

>The people who have negative experiences with people with special needs are all mental midgets

Okay, I guess I'll go back to helping octogenarians in diapers because apparently you're hung up about making some sort of moral distinction about your job, also it makes you some sort of saint apparently?

>> No. 33549669
File: 635 KB, 780x623, 1360088070244.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>> No. 33549673

it would be a good thing, not the whole "tweet" bullshit, but having the languages make more sense like python, javascript, php, would help significantly

>> No. 33549674

Welp, don't meet many people with ones that high.

>> No. 33549683

>I know you think you are being edgy or rebellious,

I know you would presume that, thanks. Is there anything else you would like to contribute to the thread aside from your presumptions?

>> No. 33549686

>gets called stupid
>thinks people are calling him evil

>> No. 33549691

IQ is only good for determining whether you're a retard or not. If you're not retarded, then it doesn't matter.

>> No. 33549695

>helping octogenarians in diapers because it makes you some sort of saint

i think there is a word for this. it's like displaying or something?

>> No. 33549700

I would like to add that you got caught the stupid flu when you were a child and you didn't make it out alive.

>> No. 33549704

People with 150-160 are far smarter than me having met them.

>> No. 33549710

objectively speaking, they are just far better at taking iq tests

>> No. 33549715

I like this.

>> No. 33549720

Meh, I memorize almost everything I see instantly. So I would take mutliple choice tests very quickly (less than 1/5 the time of everyone else), but then I had to sit down and puzzle out overly verbose word problems which takes forever and is very frustrating

>> No. 33549722

>you got caught


>> No. 33549737

Yes, and better at most other things. I'm aware that some people must exist that are only better at the tests but that number must be small.

>> No. 33549741

why would you nest the tables like that with nothing at all in the outside table?

>> No. 33549742

I'm a girl and I am offended by this thread.

>> No. 33549744

Go help out at your local old folks home and then come back to me and maybe we can compare?

>> No. 33549756


>> No. 33549759

>picking out an obvious type implying that means the person is stupid.

>> No. 33549768

You can help out all you want at an old folks home but it doesn't make you any less stupid.

>> No. 33549775

No I am utterly convinced that you are intelligent.

>> No. 33549776

>Didn't read any of the autism/stupid/intelligence offtopic posts.

>> No. 33549780
File: 28 KB, 300x272, ok.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>missing the secret communication from poster a telling the troll he got caught and the troll saying ok.jpg as an apology for being so obvious

>> No. 33549782

>I'm a girl
I doubt it, it would please me to see a woman's reaction to this thread though.

>> No. 33549784

I'm sure it helps ease your conscience with your superiority.

>> No. 33549788

>thinking that he can sneak obvious sarcasm past an autistic

>> No. 33549792

>about half of people are women
>no girls on /g/ lolol

pick one

>> No. 33549799


>> No. 33549801

>5 star observation

>> No. 33549806

>Thinking your trolling is pretending to argue a different point.

>> No. 33549817

>So much implicating

>> No. 33549820

I am sure it would never have had passed muster against your autism.

>> No. 33549825

My physics class is all male, females in /g/ is even less likely.

Fuck you.

>> No. 33549827

Are there other autistics in this thread beside me? There is someone else speaking as if he is on the spectrum.

>> No. 33549830

these are the sorts of complicated and subtle narratives i have to invent/observe in order to not lose faith completely in humanity

>> No. 33549835

My child development class is all female, with the exception of me.

>> No. 33549853

There is no faith to have in humanity because there is proof all around you and faith requires that there be no proof.

>> No. 33549862

Nobody cares if you're autistic as long as you're not a sperglord.

>> No. 33549863

you gonna tap that?

>> No. 33549868
File: 570 KB, 360x246, Cat having a seizure.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>Physics is all male
>Child Development is all female
Le gender role face

>> No. 33549873

pretend counter is 1
pretend toohigh is 101

begin upload

split counter into 3 meals for breakfast
if there are no leftovers
split counter into 5 meals for lunch
if there are no leftovers from lunch
tweet "Fizzbuzz"
else if there are leftovers from lunch
tweet "Fizz"
else if there are leftovers from breakfast
split counter into 5 meals for dinner
if there are no leftovers from dinner
tweet "Buzz"
else if there are leftovers from lunch
tweet what counter is pretending to be

like counter

if counter is not toohigh

>> No. 33549876

>and this is why women will continue to be discouraged from the field
>meanwhile everybody says that there totally isn't sexism in the tech industry and wimmin are just making shit up

I'm not even a feminist but damn guys. do you not see how you're contributing to the problem?

polite sage.

>> No. 33549880


>> No. 33549887

how do loops look like?
also it looks like you are creating a dialect of python -_-

>> No. 33549889

there is proof all around me that i should stop hoping. have you watched mtv lately? i have, and when i think about who that is made to appeal to i feel a little bad. i mean holy shit, a fucking u.s. senator asked someone if an island would capsize and flip over if too many people were on it. i want to believe that we're not living in a retarded and frightening future and sometimes things like computers remind me of that, but then i look at who is driving this spaceship and i start to feel dizzy and scared.

>> No. 33549892

I don't see the problem. Women are shitty developers. We don't need them in the tech industry.

>> No. 33549893

>Child development

Don't have this class where I study, what exactly is it?

>> No. 33549895

They are all the female version of neckbeards, so no.

I am starting to rethink my career in early childhood education, they are extremely bigoted against men.

>> No. 33549903

>still white-knighting on the internet

>> No. 33549912

elaborate on your point for an autistic that can't read between the lines.

>> No. 33549915

This must be the most autistic post in this thread that I've read.

>> No. 33549918

nice. now make up an equivalent dongle joke

>> No. 33549927

It's what you take if you want to teach children under the age of 8.

>> No. 33549941

>wants to teach young children
>on /g/

please dear god do not be one of the pedos from desktop threads

>> No. 33549946

ur autistic

>> No. 33549947

Interestingly enough they make vibrator jokes a lot. One time someone asked for batteries and I had some extra for my wireless mouse on my laptop. They then spent the next five minutes joking about why I shouldn't need batteries(all implying vibrators)

>> No. 33549959


Well first off, women are more likely to be pedophiles, they just aren't seen as dangerous.

Secondly I use technology to teach children.

>> No. 33549960

>making more sense

What the fuck?

>> No. 33549961

u rape children

>> No. 33549966

they are actually humans and so have kind of the same sense of humor

>> No. 33549972

Are you autistic, or just retarded?

>> No. 33549976

>not raping children
I shiggle diggle

>> No. 33549978

>child development
>all of them hate men
>constantly making sex jokes cause they can't get any themselves
This is not what we should be letting teach our children.

>> No. 33549986

Please desist from acting in an autistic manner, it is harmful to mankind.

>> No. 33549992

>and this is why women will continue to be discouraged from the field
Yes aspiring female computer scientists come on /g/ all the time and this thread will have an actual impact on whether they decide to actually go in the field.

>Oh no they're making fun of me on the internet!
Better stop liking Touhou and anime then so I don't get laughed at by others on an image board.

>> No. 33549994

it's either that or men who will rape them. i vote for the lesser evil

>> No. 33549996

I just find it amusing that he's in a class of 99% females and he still can't get laid

>> No. 33549997
File: 192 KB, 551x387, FBI.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 33550000

Yes but it is only bad when men do it.

>> No. 33550002

Most women naturally aren't very interested in technology. That is why most of them don't go into technology fields. Not because "MUH FEELINGS" or "MUH OPPRESSION".

>> No. 33550008

Your autism is showing.

>> No. 33550009

They're probably all single mothers who resent men for their own bad choices in life.

>> No. 33550010

>going straight to ad hom
>Not providing any argument

>> No. 33550014

I can't help it if you're autistic enough to miss the point.

>> No. 33550023

Actually he is acting sociopathically. Autistic would be reciting pi.

>> No. 33550028

i'm not a sociopath wtf

>> No. 33550036

>pointing out autism when an autistic said he was posting in this thread

>> No. 33550037

Now you're being autistic.

>> No. 33550042

>surely the autist would not care since he is an autist thus validating his autism?

>> No. 33550046

yeah, i wish that guy would go back to his volunteer work at the old folks home.

>> No. 33550054
File: 160 KB, 768x614, 33330208.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

eww, i hoped this thread would be actually about the new language and it's about autistic muh opression vs muh feminism bullshit


dude, php and javascript have c-like syntax

>> No. 33550058

Which autist was that?

>> No. 33550059

I am autistic.

>> No. 33550063

Then carry on and continue to be autistic, autist.

>> No. 33550064

We actually prefer to be called autistic, not autist or person with autism.

>> No. 33550066

I am schizophrenic, I'm like your older brother.

>> No. 33550070

Just plain autistic works, we don't use the term autist.

>> No. 33550073

i'm sociopathic and both of you need to get back to work

>> No. 33550077

That is a abortion of a webpage. And she's learning html.
>Internal CSS
>Didn't close second table
>Nested tables...wat
>Doesn't even have a head tag
><!DOCTYPE anyone>
I can't even express what I'm feeling.
I don't give a fuck that she's a girl, she's attention whoring and trying to look cool on the internet.

>> No. 33550082

it is more efficient by two letters and an entire syllable

>> No. 33550083

Why is the distinction important?

>> No. 33550086

I am behind 7 proxies, good luck finding me

>> No. 33550102

>asking an autist why a slight difference is so important

Because it rustles his autism, obviously.

>> No. 33550113

Because being autistic is what we are to our core, it defines us as people. Calling us autists or people with autism implies less ownership of the term.

>> No. 33550116

And you didn't notice <style> isn't in <head> or <body>.

>> No. 33550124

Ah, but I would like to know why it is important to him.

>> No. 33550135

1. What's wrong with in-line CSS?
2. Agree
3. Agree
4. Agree
5. Eh, who cares?

>> No. 33550136

Can you provide a better definition?

How does it imply less ownership of the term?

>> No. 33550140

Also that is plain html so no programming at all

>> No. 33550153

i think it's like calling a jewish as a jew

>> No. 33550166

I don't think we have a real autist here.

>> No. 33550177

Well for instance, 'whatever' with autism, makes it so the autism is not the primary trait. However, autistics feel that the autism is our primary trait. We are also essentially immune to PC bullshit. So while NTs feel all negatively about the term we embrace it because it is who we are.

Autist is relatively new to the scene, and it feels like a title we are occupying, not really the core of who we are.

We are autistic and we call ourselves as such.

>> No. 33550191

Don't forget that Aspies want to be called autistics too now.

>> No. 33550201

I dunno, I think it looks really cluttered when CSS is included in the html.
Also if you are making more than one webpage and want to apply the same CSS to it, well, you can't.

>> No. 33550202

How do you cope with an autist that doesn't believe so?

>> No. 33550217

Ah yes, I'd say that is because of the lack of understand of what aspberger's syndrome is, with a lot of anti social neckbeards essentially stealing the term from aspies. And since aspberger's is autism, may as well go back to the roots.

>> No. 33550227


Does it annoy you when you make typos?

>> No. 33550228

I tell them to stop letting their NT parents tell them what to call themselves.

>> No. 33550234

>implying being NT is bad

>> No. 33550239

Let's say you have 10 HTML pages running off one style sheet. For whatever reason, you need different style rules for that one page. Just throw in a few in-line commands to override it.

>> No. 33550253

>tfw neckbeards are so undesirable that aspies change their name to not be associated with them

>> No. 33550255

>implying it isn't

How does it feel being lower in the evolutionary ladder?

>> No. 33550258

Tis a good point.

>> No. 33550263

but assburgers doesn't exists

>> No. 33550264

this is COBOL, right?

>> No. 33550270

>i didnt want the whole screen?
That's a statement, not a question.

Fucking really



>> No. 33550277

It's been merged in the autism spectrum.

>> No. 33550278

Yeah, aspies just went back to being called autistic because too many idiots were self diagnosing as an aspie.

>> No. 33550281

Why is the autist the victim?

>> No. 33550297

You're right, it does look like it, but it does make sense, at the time programming was seen as a job for women.

>> No. 33550298

Define NT please. Thinking they are bad you probably are autist, and as an autist you probably have a wall of text for the definition of NT.

>> No. 33550303

An interesting thing is going on in the autism community. Autistic adults are now taking over the autism awareness movement from the NTs because a bunch of try hard parents were trying to fit their square peg children into round holes.

9 times out of 10 the worst enemy of an autistic is their parents.

>> No. 33550306

I'm interested too.

>> No. 33550307

NT = Neurotypical.

>> No. 33550311

To the autistic anon:
How does it feels like? I see you talking with us and as far as I can tell you seem normal, what prevents you joining the rest of society?

>> No. 33550328

How does being autistic help you in society?

Why is it wrong to treat autism as a brain disorder?

>> No. 33550331
File: 56 KB, 720x432, autism_forever_by_sweetxtea-d5ryxn9.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>implying useful for the real world
>implying not destined to be a 30 neet kissless wizard

>still being proud of it

>> No. 33550333

Their autism.

>> No. 33550339

I have joined society. I am married and have a job working in IT making a lot of money. I was the designated driver tonight, and drank some sodas and the caffeine is keeping me awake, normally I would have gone to sleep about 3 hours ago.

None of that changes how my brain works, which is completely different from the way a brain of an NT works

>> No. 33550341

No it's not. Slavery was a common practice throughout human history. If a black person thinks the master/slave analogy is racist, you should call the arrogant.

>> No. 33550347

Why isn't autism more common if it is considered evolutionarily superior/beneficial?

>> No. 33550357


I would consider it a brain disorder if it didn't actually allow me to solve more complex problems than every NT around me. The only problem I have is when people make nuanced social cues.

>> No. 33550364

This. It's a markup language not a programming language.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

>> No. 33550366

So you just pretty much lie your way through life.
Why is that so fucking hard for the rest of the people with autism?

And since you are autistic and will go in great detail What sex feels like? and touching a boob?

>> No. 33550370

because most women do not realize it is genetically beneficial to fuck an autism, and most autisms don't seem to care about passing the future genes on

>> No. 33550377

I would go as far as to say that every thread has an autist. I think the autism rates are very high and it's hard to even be in a room without someone being autistic.

>> No. 33550379
File: 167 KB, 500x331, 1366314601141.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

A programming language designed for women?
You must be kidding.
You part of the reason why people make a big deal out of one's genitals and somehow relate that TO EVERY OTHER THING.
OP is a fag.
Install Gentoo

>> No. 33550386

Explain what you mean by "lie your way through life".

Also sex feels awesome, you should try it sometime.

>> No. 33550391

Because it is not considered that way. Spergs and autisms have severely degenerated social skills. These skills are essential for human survival. I suggest you to do a study on group behavior of autisms in the wild, then report back their survival rate.

>> No. 33550400

No shit faggot.

>> No. 33550406

Society is deprecated, it might be essential for NTs, but they're deprecated too.

Accept your doom.

>> No. 33550418


>> No. 33550424

made me laugh :)

>> No. 33550426

I tend to not believe in the existence of most mental issues like bi-polar disorder and ADD/ADHD because they're so easy to fake and as far as I know impossible to truly test for. However I've met some people that I sort of "sensed" to be autistic based on fucking weird as shit habits and they usually say later that they have Asperger's

>> No. 33550428

Autistic here, I am married to an NT woman with a Master's Degree in child development. She works as a preschool teacher. I volunteer at her school occasionally assisting with the autistic child being mainstreamed in her class.

>> No. 33550429

I've only seen girls do this. It's really common too.

>> No. 33550432

>most women do not realize it is genetically beneficial to fuck an autism
>most autisms don't seem to care about passing the future genes on

Then it would seem that the autism gene does not present itself in an evolutionarily beneficial manner.

>> No. 33550440

Fuck you I wanted specifics. Because I'm a virgin in my sex dreams I always come close to fucking someone (rubbing and shit) but never put it in because I don't have the specs of the feel.

"lie your way through life": I meant that sometimes you probably want to go full assburger in a social situation but then you realize it and behave like a normal person.

>> No. 33550441

How so? After NT comes you.

And I would add that you're doubly doomed in that case if you lack the ability to work in social groups.

>> No. 33550443

Oh woa, so let me get this right, do autists honestly believe they are superior to what they call neurotypicals?

>> No. 33550447

Autistic humor at its finest. Spend all thread explaining everything in excruciating detail, then when it is expected, short and concise.

>> No. 33550450

it might result in having money which seems to be the single largest selective pressure we face right now. autismbux could lead to more autismbabies

>> No. 33550459


For one successful autistic, I could provide you with ten failed examples.

>> No. 33550463

Except it is being presented more and more often now. there is a hypothesis going around that it is a sex linked trait, which is why so many more boys get it than girls

>> No. 33550466

>After NT comes you.

What do you mean?

There's no advantage in working in social groups.

>> No. 33550467

Fact: autism is only good for autism bux. Prove me wrong.

>> No. 33550468

No, we're just sort of trolling back and forth, no one really believes this autist except in the pejorative form.

>> No. 33550470

Women are deprecated.

>> No. 33550477

No, you won't be.

>> No. 33550486


That aside, are any of the aspects of autism attractive to the opposite sex that cannot be mistaken for other factors?

>> No. 33550491

Just go find a woman and tell her you would like to start a relationship with her. If an autistic can do it, I don't even know what could be wrong with you that you can't.

In regards to what you call lying through life, I actually call that "emulate being human" similar connotation too I suppose.

It is just a lot of effort. Although my wife watches out for missed social cues for me when we are together so I can relax then.

>> No. 33550497

Ah right, I should have realized that I was still talking to an autist.

>> No. 33550508

>implying autistics can't work in social groups.

We can, we do it all the time, and we are better at it than most NTs because we have formal training in how to do it.

>> No. 33550511

If your wife has to help you with someone that could be done by oneself, isn't that a disability?

>> No. 33550513

Not believe, know.

>> No. 33550518

It's also good for hacking.

>> No. 33550521

survival of the fittest

>> No. 33550527

>we have formal training in how to do it.

You mean you have to be taught how to work in groups? How is it better or different from what NTs do?

Also, I am sorry, I don't think you're autistic, you're either good with working with people, or you aren't, please pick one.

>> No. 33550528

Autistic males are not abusive, are totally loyal, 100% predictable and make a fuck load of cash.

>> No. 33550535

anyone have that 420 blaze it comic with the mom asking her daughter why she hasn't cut her penis off yet, don't trigger me, etc

>> No. 33550545
File: 147 KB, 646x960, 2012.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>implying I don't own my own business
>implying I haven't had steady relationship w/ girl for 7 years
>implying I have autism and don't just pretend

>> No. 33550549

>this is what autistics actually believe

>> No. 33550556
File: 387 KB, 1306x684, Girls_ProgrammingLanguage.png [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Top level lel.
> Pic related: Screen Cap

>> No. 33550557

I can do it, but I choose not to when she is around because she is an extremely social person.

That's like asking if she has a disability when she doesn't lift heavy things when I am around.

>> No. 33550559

NTs still outnumber you one to a few hundred thousand.

Your mating/survival strategy is very dubious at best.

>> No. 33550564

Prove it.

>> No. 33550565

Autism doesn't mean bad at working with people.

You have presented a false dichotomy.

>> No. 33550567

Thanks. Was gonna take one but I kept getting distracted.

>> No. 33550574

all good in da hood fellow anon

>> No. 33550579

>asking for proof on an anonymous imageboard

>> No. 33550581

Give it time, it's happening.

>> No. 33550586

So, she's basically your crutch then?

>> No. 33550589

google it you nigger.

I am not going to provide you with my research papers over the course of earning a bachelor's and master's degree.

>> No. 33550592

Far too long I'm afraid.

(lol incase I miss the sarcasm)

>> No. 33550597

There are female with autism?

Side note, once I meet a woman that teaches to autistic children and the moment she said that 100 autism jokes crossed my mind, I almost laugh. Fucking /g/

>> No. 33550603

Prove you have a research paper.

>> No. 33550608

The point of being married is creating something that is more than the sum of its parts.

there would be no point in being married if I didn't utilize aspects she has that are superior to mine or vice versa.

>> No. 33550614

I am sorry, I am merely working with the definitions provided by these fellow autists. I can't help it if they can't decide together on how to define themselves.

>> No. 33550627

Yes, but they are significantly different. For instance male autistics are very hygienic and the females are not.

>> No. 33550628
File: 27 KB, 500x500, 1367392181619.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

To the autist anon, I think its clear that most people have a different definition of autism, like antisocial, fat, anime pro or brony, etc. Can you tell me what is autism? Sure, I could go to wikipedia but I want to hear your own words.

Also, Can you give me your definition of neurotypical? You assum being NT is a bad thing, so you must have a reason...

>> No. 33550634

>going through boxes in the attic to win an internet arguement

>> No. 33550639

Ah, so how about this.

Does your autism provide or supplement her(in a positive manner) in a way that isn't monetary(as that can be achieved in any other manner), just as a parallel to her having helped you?

>> No. 33550646

You are just misunderstanding them. the symptoms that are presented from the underlying cause are not the same for any 2 autistics

>> No. 33550655

Well then I'm afraid you don't win.

I thought to make it easier on you to prove you had a paper instead of having to prove the statement you spouted. Alas, disappointment.

>> No. 33550665
File: 509 KB, 255x287, 1367120456860.gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

>SRS succesfully derailing into autism thread
>pic semi related

>> No. 33550677

(jokes about autists working in a social manner to decide on a formal definition aside)

If a fellow autist does not agree with another fellow autist, how is that useful?

>> No. 33550682

I have perfect recollection of everything that ever occurs around me. So she never needs to try and figure out if someone said something to her when I am around.

She also says that she loves me and she really likes to watch me "do the autism thing" which is what she calls what I do when I solve any math problem or can answer any fact bast question.

>> No. 33550686

I though autistics weren't very hygienic in general.

What does RMS has then?

>> No. 33550689

it makes more sense to use != than to use =/=

>> No. 33550696

We can always make new threads, it won't matter.

>> No. 33550703

>script kiddies
FTFY autist.

>> No. 33550710

>"do the autism thing"
That sounds like a dace.

Are Russel Crowe btw?

>> No. 33550711

Autist, please respond :(

>> No. 33550712

ITT: autistic faggot with flawed logic samefags like crazy.

>> No. 33550713

Typically they only disagree because they have not connected with the greater autism community. they will only develop these opinions being entirely surrounded by NTs.

>> No. 33550725

Not autism. Autistics are very sensitive to sensory inputs, which includes feeling and smelling.

Feeling dirty is a terrible thing to an autistic, so is smelling bad.

>> No. 33550728
File: 22 KB, 170x213, 132668308198.jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]


>> No. 33550737

Going to defcon, every script kid that I have found there has been an NT, there are quite a few autistic hackers though

>> No. 33550739

Aren't those traits found in NTs too?

>> No. 33550758

Thinking autism is benefical is like the bullied kid who believes the bully will clean his pool when they grow up, while he becomes the next Bill Gates, reality always hits hard then.

>> No. 33550773

Ah, how is this different from indoctrination?

>> No. 33550786

I know, I'm just having fun at this point, and no one gets hurt, because they're autistic, so it's alright, right?

>> No. 33550811

You are describing people who have been socialized improperly. they often exhibit the same traits of autism but they do things that aren't autistic at all, like become fat or smell bad.

Also every autistic that I have ever met up with has shared a very strong desire to be social, like myself.

The problem is the way our brain works we don't pick on social cues the way NTs do, it has nothing to do with not wanting to be social.

In middle school I had a friend that was the equivalent of a brony/anime nerd, he frustrated me to no end because he very well could have had a normal social life but he chose to be an outcast.

I have found that NTs enjoy my company unless something happens and I miss significant social cues that gets taken as being callous or incredibly rude.

>> No. 33550817

Those things aren't what make me autistic, my autism unlocks those abilities.

>> No. 33550819

All of you who are making broad generalizations about austic people are dumb. Autism has many possible symptoms and a person only needs to exhibit a certain number of symptoms from each category to be diagnosed. There is no one single symptom you can point to and say that all autistic people have it.

>> No. 33550828

Eh, lets get back to the misogyny, I'm getting tired of all this autist talk.

>> No. 33550838

How did you come to that conclusion?

>> No. 33550843

>implying the autistics didn't derail this on purpose

>> No. 33550851

Exactly what women hate in the real world except for the money thing.

>> No. 33550852

Yeah, I'll make a new misogyny thread later, when the australians are asleep.

>> No. 33550865

There have been studies. Autistics display savant abilities at an incredibly disproportionate rate.

>> No. 33550876

you mean girls.

>> No. 33550893

Also neurotypical is just someone that has a normal functioning brain.

Most autistics use NT as a pejorative.

>> No. 33550894

The estimates range from "exceedingly rare"[15] to one in ten people with autism having savant skills in varying degrees.

Eh, 10% isn't that impressive.

>> No. 33550906

If NTs had savant capabilities at the same rate as autistics, then there would be 700 million savants

>> No. 33550908

>She also says that she loves me
Poor boy...

>> No. 33550912

They are also usually underdeveloped in as many or more areas as they are overdeveloped

>> No. 33550923

All I can tell you is how she behaves and what she says. Being autistic I have no clue what is going on in other people's minds.

>> No. 33550927

And also 700 million autists.

Are you trying to rustle me?

>> No. 33550934

Neither do we.

>> No. 33550945

I am saying that 10% is a huge portion.

Also savant and autistic are not the same thing and you do not need one to get the other.

>> No. 33550950

Yeah, its not like /pol/s 'friends' are 'working' on other boards...

>> No. 33550955

Yes, but I can't even imagine it. I have zero empathy.

>> No. 33550976

With that many savants every scientific question today would have already been answered.

>> No. 33550980

We can go back and forth about what constitutes a large sum of (potential) autists, or you can just accept that the NTs greatly outnumber the autists.

I guess, to be honest, in the previous story of the zoo, maybe you weren't the observer, but the ape.

>> No. 33550989

You have to have empathy, then why do you know that hitting someone is bad?

>> No. 33550992


How do you even put your clothes on without setting yourself on fire?

>> No. 33551004

They can operate on moral/social rules without knowing the context/meaning of those rules. It doesn't mean anything when they say it's "bad", it's more of a sort of coping/social mechanism that something that is inherently understood.

>> No. 33551007

>Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another person.

>> No. 33551011

Simple, I am not an autist.

>> No. 33551016

I almost sort of giggled to myself when I briefly though that I managed to get an autist to type that.

>> No. 33551021

I kinda can. Is there a middle term between NT and autist? I havent gone with a professional but most tests ive done online basically put me in the middle or the like.

Thats why I said poor boy, you literally know shit about what she's thinking. Women are 'complex'.

>> No. 33551058

The implication was that you are so stupid that you aren't giving relevant replies to the conversation you are having, but some imaginary conversation.

The argument was made that 10% is a large portion of a population to display extraordinary abilities, in order to demonstrate how large it could be it was applies to NTs. Imagine a world where 700 million neurotypicals had some incredible intellectual ability.

As it stands now essentially any NT that does show savant abilities becomes immediately famous. 700 million savant NTs would have the human race colonizing space already

>> No. 33551070

From my understanding most women do not even understand themselves.

>> No. 33551079

Oh please, you don't have to behave this way if a conversation isn't going the way you want.

Did you pick up on my social cues yet?

>> No. 33551091

I am sorry if it was rather cruel of me to tease a master autist like yourself, sir.

>> No. 33551093

You are either stupid or a bad troll. Never attribute to malice what can be applied to stupidity.

>> No. 33551101

2 stupid NTs pretending to be 1 stupid NT

>> No. 33551118

I guess even autists make use of coping mechanisms too. Interesting.

>> No. 33551129

Explain to me how it isn't you being an idiot.

>> No. 33551147

Please don't pretend to be hurt?

Social cues aren't your best suit right now.

>> No. 33551159

There are no social cues on the internet.

>> No. 33551179

To an autist, yes.

I don't want to take up the task of explaining how colors work to the colorblind, so excuse me if I don't want to spend the time to do so.

>> No. 33551190

That's selfish of you.

>> No. 33551193

she only claim it was code...

>> No. 33551197

>I don't know what I am talking about.

>> No. 33551206

It would be selfish if he actually had a valid point to make

>> No. 33551219


>> No. 33551240

I was talking about the colorblind thing.

>> No. 33551241

>Yes aspiring female computer scientists come on /g/ all the time and this thread will have an actual impact on whether they decide to actually go in the field.
Thank God for that!

>> No. 33551269

Bro, he was using that as an analogy.

>> No. 33551279

They're still humans after all, they have feelings too.

>> No. 33551288

Welp autistic signing out, my caffeine wore off, so I am sleepy.

try not to hate women too much, just stop being so physically repulsive and they will respond better to you.

>> No. 33551322


>> No. 33551326

From this thread I conclude autists are everything wrong with 4chan, what could have been a great thread derailed into autists with special snowflake syndrome. They also probably derail other threads for shit like a typo or similar.

>> No. 33551348

I think that was the purpose. Misogyny threads are about as interesting as srs, which is not at all.

I'd rather read about autism from the perspective of an autistic.

>> No. 33551356

I know.

>> No. 33551389
File: 45 KB, 326x500, 51jiwQhmgqL[1].jpg [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

Can't get more intimate with autism than this.

>> No. 33551417

yeah but he is just a neckbeard not autisitic

>> No. 33551437

>just stop being so physically repulsive and they will respond better to you.
Fuck, confirmed for SRS.

I somewhat agree, derailing them into this kind of shit with minimum whiteknighting is better than with full whiteknights. But mysoginy threads are like an obligatory evil, if the autist here was really an autist he probably cant understand why I said that.

>> No. 33551542
File: 52 KB, 400x400, dennis-ritchie[1].gif [Show reposts] Image search: [google] [iqdb]

pic related. a real neckbeard.
And no, by itself, is not a pejorative.

>> No. 33551542,1 (Internal) 


Yes. in 98% of modern females

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