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Dear /mu/

I have a story to tell you guys.

>be 16 years old, live in a small town in Illinois, complete 'pleb' who liked Linkin Park, SOAD, etc. You know the deal.
>use /b/ irregularly, one day I click on /mu/, because why not? not weeaboo shit like the other boards
>see a thread on pic related
>download it, become obsessed with it and even buy it on CD
>listen to it time after time
>completely socially retarded, two friends, both of whom are also socially retarded
>go to fucking church every weekend, not because my parents are religious or anything but because it's part
>i'm not an r/atheist either really, just find church interminally boring
>one day a new family shows up in church and sits next to us
>they have a really, really cute daughter my age
>brown hair, blue eyes, around 5' 4'', pretty as all fuck
>"h-hi anon, i'm new to this town, want to show me around?"
>blue eyes open wide and look straight into mine, first time i'd made legit eye contact in two years
>this is love at first sight
>"o-ok... there's really not much"
>i take her around town and show her all the shitty main street stores
>turns out she's from new york and she likes this small town atmosphere
>she goes to my school but we don't have that many classes together, still, she sits with me and my two loser friends and pretends to be interested in our stupid conversations about vidya and shit
>always sits next to me, always
>we have one class together, chemistry, and she asks to come over to my house to study once a week
>"okay" (in my head: FUCK YES OH MY FUCK YES)
>we lie on my floor or bed studying together, all this sexual and romantic tension
>we always listen to her music, which is always 60s pop like The Beatles, The Supremes, or Sam Cooke. shit like that