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How do I contact you?

I spend most of time on IRCnet and rizon (+ some other networks) using nick anounyym1. I am using shell, so I will see your message later even if I am away.

What is difference between rbt.asia and archive.rebeccablacktech.com?

However archive.rebeccablacktech.com is main domain for archive, while originally rbt.asia was only for testing.

Help, search queries I used to be able to run just fine aren't working anymore!

The entire search backend was redone so searching wasn't slow as molasses. Matching posts that contain all of the words you inputted is now the default (no need to add + before each word). If you want the old OR behavior (eg: getting posts that match any of the words you put in), use a | (that's a pipe) between expressions (eg: one|two|three).

In addition, if you used a name that was made only of symbols (that is, no actual words in them), you'll probably find that searching for posts made with that name doesn't work anymore. For those names, your best bet is to search for tripcode. If that person didn't use a trip, you're kind of out of luck, sorry.

I still don't know how to use search!

Let me explain again, then.

- Use "" to search for exact matches.
=> "I fucked you're Touhou" will search for posts that include that exact sentence.

- Searching for multiple words will make it so all posts returned must have that word.
=> sanae whore will return posts that contain both "sanae" AND "whore."

- Using | in between words, quoted sentence or other expressions will make it return posts that contain any of those expressions.
=> sanae | whore will return posts that contain either "sanae" OR "whore."
=> "i fucked you're" | "i fucked your" will return posts that contain either the snippet "I fucked you're" OR the snippet "i fucked your."

- Using - before a word or quoted sentence will remove that from the search results.
=> +"i fucked you're" -touhou will return posts that contain the snipped "i fucked you're" that don't contain the word "touhou."
=> whore slut -sanae -sakura will return posts that contain both "whore" AND "slut" but that don't have neither "sanae" NOR "sakura."
=> whore slut -sanae -sakura will return posts that contain either "whore" OR "slut" but that don't have neither "sanae" NOR "sakura."

- Using * as a suffix gives you partial matches. It only works at the end of words, not at the beginning or middle.
=> toh* will return posts that contain stuff like "toho," "tohno", etc.
=> *ouhou and to*hou WILL NOT give out the expected result.

I'm part of the law enforcement and I'm investigating something, I need IP addresses for posts you have on your website.

RebeccaBlackTech is an archive, not a forum. The threads, thumbnails and posts here were originally posted on 4chan.org's boards. Due to the fact that content in 4chan boards is volatile and will usually disappear in a few hours, depending on the posting speed of each board, I run a service that automatically retrieves and archives posts and images from 4chan's Technology board and makes them available permanently.

As such, I do not have the IP addresses of the users whose posts I archive, since 4chan does not make that information available to its users. You may contact 4chan's owner (moot@4chan.org) for more information.

Thank you Eksopl for a copy of your FAQ's.