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Lolita General - half assed halloween carousel edition

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Previous thread: >>10251830
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Most overdone cos of 2019?

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MHA is everywhere.
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Comm thread. What's going on in yours?

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Ita thread: gender snowflake edition

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Larme, is it dead? (At least in the West)

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It seems that the "Don't cry Baby~ Larme-kei worldwide" FB is dead. I don't see Larme pop up on here anymore. What does everyone think?

Before it's mentioned, I understand Larme is a magazine and not a sub group. The general term is probably "sweet girly style" from the annoying NHK video.

I would love to see a comeback. Feel free to post inspo.
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BST: buy sell trade thread

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Previous thread: >>10225722
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Brit/UK thread

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God save our gracious Queen.

Last thread was nuked. Don't bring up literality whoms.
>But anon! Someone is still bringing up literality whoms.
See it, report it, sort it.

>Next big event
Hibanacon | Jury's Inn Milton Keynes 8-10 November 2019

>Cool kids only.
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im thinking about cosplaying as byleth. all the shit on amazon hasent been reviewed yet. any products that you can PERSONALLY recommend that you already bought?
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Stupid questions thread

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Old thread: >>10247890

This thread is for stupid questions about lolita or jfashion.
For cosplay related questions, please use this thread: >>10255573
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Dutch thread: "Post Abunai! 2019 Edition"

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Previous thread >>10203652
I'm dead inside, so pardon the lousy thread recap.
>Maid Cafes; which do you like best?
>HisaFest got announced and happened but none of us went
>Lolita fashion stores
>Aspiring photographer wants to know our photography pet peeves
>Atsusacon happened but none of us went
>Animecon announced Animecon Classic in Almelo 5-7 June.
>Viencon talk
>Dave Rogers (Deja Vu/Initial D) will be in Nl September 2nd. Venue should be announced soon
>Con crunch is real
>Bootleg talk
>Abunai happened and went all out with their theme. Visitors seemed to like the changes made and enjoyed their weekend. Also the airco seems to works properly again now. Long live freshly renovated venues. Also also, I'm dead.

Upcoming major events:
>Viencon (Aug 30th - Sep 2nd, America LB), a long weekend at Center Parks with weebs and friends.
>ACC (Aug 31st - Sep 1st, Amsterdam NH), a comic con in Amsterdam. No really, I mean it.
>Dordtse Matsuri - Aug 31st, Dordrecht NB), a new event with music?
>Elfia Arcen (Sep 21st & 22nd, Arcen LB), the second edition of Elfia this year, now in the beautiful Arcen.
>TomoFair Nijmegen (Sep 28th & 29th, Nijmegen GL), same old, same old.
Full list: https://dutchgulls.nl/en/agenda/

Links and advice:
>If something only takes 5 minutes to do, just do it now instead of postponing it.
>Our site with a store list, newcomers guide and more: https://dutchgulls.nl/
>Our Discord: https://discord.gg/QAYNyfY
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