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Moi Meme Moitie

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Old thread expired, new thread acquired!
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Ita Thread

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Post itas, last thread >>10281848
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Does anyone here have patreon?

How do I run one? Do famous cosplayers have other people doing it for them?
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Lolita General - Spent ¥100000 On Burando Edition

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Previous thread: >>10282395
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western cosplayers only ruin Anime and hurt Anime fans

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The 2nd girl you see on the pic is a western girl who try very hard to look as much Asian as possible on her fail Cosplay pic by using filters. As you can see she still not look like the Anime character she imitate just like all the racist western cosplayers out there who Cosplay Anime characters, that is because Anime characters are based on Asians whic what Japanese also believes whic been proven on www.antiwesterncosplayers.asia
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Brit thread UK round 2 version

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Brexit delayed again.
MCM just been
Hibana soon
Winter of our discontent up coming.
Reddit spacing
Lolcow drama goes on lolcow.
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Things You Hate About Conventions Thread:

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Hey, can we get a things you hate about cons thread? One thing I hate about going to cons is the loud unfunny people spouting dead memes or screaming. Literally had someone who cosplayed filthy frank every year and theyd play "i turned a bad copypasta into a rap" thing on speakers.
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Roast and Toast, without Lor edition

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So Lor asked for photos for her new "roast and toast" video. Since she got so many entries we should help her.
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So how do your parents feel about your love of lolita/cosplay?

Are they supportive? Quietly embarrassed? Openly opposed?
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Dream Dress Thread

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>>10206230 Old thread

Was too broke to get this when it came out, now I’m not and would pay next to anything for the black or red.
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