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Sewing/needlecraft thread

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Can we have a thread to specifically discuss sewing and needlecraft in the context of j-fash and cosplay? Pattern making, machine discussion, garment construction, embroidery, etc. Other needlecrafts such as crochet, knitting, felting, etc are welcome too.
Question to get us started: Have any of you all bought older, heavier duty machines or invested in an industrial machine? It's been something I've been considering for a while because I like to sew some heavier materials and my machine struggles to keep up sometimes
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Australia Thread

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Anyone attending supanova? Last round of cosplay odyssey is this weekend.
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Verbal harassment at cons

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Realistically, what can you do if you get "subtle" verbal abuse at cons? A couple of guys at AX walking past me loudly said "she looks like a slut" and laughed to themselves :/
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C96 Chinese cosplayer incident

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Who was in the wrong? Chinese cosplayers first time at C96 got swarmed by cameraman and someone put the camera right under her skirt, she started crying still being surrounded by the photographers until staff escorted her away.

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Nanchatte General - New School Year Edition

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Old thread >>10013935

It's the dawn of the new school year and Sakura. Discussion of nanchatte fashion goes here.
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Otakuthon 2019

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Post your lineups
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Is there any seagull bad enough to pull off a buttwitch? Is there anyone even interested? Are these measurements even realistic for human women?
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Lolita General - live edition

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Previous thread: >>10233318
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Can we have a general improvement thread
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Ita Thread

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