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Lolita General - Quiet Toys Room Edition

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Previous thread:
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Capsule Wardrobes - Request Fulfilment Edition

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Post capsules, request capsules, talk about capsules and so on.

Last thread >>10438807
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Stupid J fashion Questions Thread

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Previous thread: >>10469844

For cosplay questions, go to the cosplay thread: >>10451980
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Shoes thread

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How important are shoes to your outfits? What are some of your shoe reccomendations, tips or faux pas.
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Ita Thread

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Direct to the point: is it necessary a wig to get an ahoge?

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I have short make hair and I want my tiktok videos to go crossplaying, but I've never even done cosplay.
Wanna make Konata references, but I get the need for an ahoge at least. So...
Is it really necessary a wig to get an ahoge, or can I do it other way?
If it is necessary a wig, how much do cosplay wig cost? And what's the right sentence to search cosplay wigs online?

Feels Thread

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Stop posting weird things so this one doesn’t get deleted edition
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Halloween cosplay thread

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Will you guys be cosplaying this halloween? I dont know about you guys but im pretty excited this year
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Gaylord National Harbor just laid off its entire staff.(RIP Katsucon and Magfest)

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>The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor filed a layoff notice June 15 affecting its 2,077 employees as the coronavirus pandemic continues to pummel the hospitality industry.

>The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) filed with the Maryland Department of Labor lists an effective date of March 11. The Gaylord, Greater Washington's largest hotel at 1,996 rooms, has been closed since March 24, when the owner of all seven Gaylord resort properties across the country suspended operations.

So much for those cons coming back anytime soon.
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Handmade Lolita Thread

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Wanted to make a new one since the last one was pretty interesting and got me into possibly making some dresses of my own. I’ll do a little dump from different SMs that I think are pretty good/decent.

Discussion and posts on projects that you think are good, bad or need some work are welcome.
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