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Ita Thread

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Gothic Lolita General - Teacup Bloodbath Edition

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> Newest releases
> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.
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/c(gl)ancelled/ general

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Thread theme

All cancelled con talk, doom talk and speculation shenanigans go here since it’s kinda gone out of hand.

Anime Los Angeles 2021
Katsucon 2021
Seishun Con 2021
Anime Milwaukee 2021
Con Nooga 2021
Anime Crossroads 2021
Arizona Matsuri 2021
Anime Magic! Texas 2021
Eville Con 2021
GalaxyCon Richmond 2021
MidSouthCon 2021
Triad Anime Con 2021
Anime Boston 2021
Anime Detour 2021
Sakura-Con 2021
No Brand Con 2021
Lvl Up Expo 2021
Momo-Con 2021

Pensacon 2021
Unicorn 2021
Anime Houston 2021
Puchi Con! 2021
MegaCon Orlando 2021
Anime Frontier 2021
Fan Expo Dallas 2021
Anime North 2021
Tekko 2021

>it’s a virtual con kek
Arizona Matsuri 2021
Naka-Con 2021
RetrieverCon 2021
Aselia Con 2021
Zenkaikon 2021
Tora Con 2021
Setsucon 2021
Castle Point Anime Convention 2021
AnimeNEXT 2021
FanimeCon 2021

>heard it through the grapevine
Anime Expo 2021

>Press F(?)
Otakon 2021
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2nd Hand Marketplace Chaos: The Audacity Edition

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Lolita general - 3 frill dress is back

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Price Check Thread

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how much for this?
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Lolita & male gaze

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I've just learned more about how women are taught from young age to view themselves through male gaze, for example judging our own attractiveness. But many of us think we only wear lolita fashion for ourselves and not for men.
Do you still find aspects in lolita that you view through male gaze? Or is lolita fashion just magically excluded?
I personally recognize the toxic male gaze in me when dressed in normie clothing. I wonder if me wanting to be skinny and having a pretty make up in lolita is part of male gaze.
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/fa and /cgl paint pics

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hi guys, im looking for these old paint pics showing /fa, /cgl and /fit as characters. if you have any, please post them. thx
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Texas Con General

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Texas conventions are back on the menu, boys. Sure, Akon moved theirs to 2022, but Matsuri is still go. Animefest or San Japan havent cancelled yet, so this year looking good.
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Taobao Thread: finally getting our packages edition

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