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J-Fashion Trend Forecasting

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>What styles will make a comeback?
>What styles would you like to see become popular?
>Will masks as coord accessories continue in the West?
>What releases do you expect through 2020 and into next year?
>Will sweet lolita continue to see the 2010-era AP resurgence or
move onto another trend?
>Will Virgin Mary crowns finally fade into obscurity?
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Ita thread

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Nightmare meet edition
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Gothic Lolita General

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Last Thread: >>10439028

> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.
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ITT: Characters you've always wanted to cosplay, but know you wouldn't be able to pull off.

Also, that's a lot of cleavage for me.
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Only post here cosplays that are perfect.

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Hair is perfectly done - Check
Girl has a cute fate - Check
Tits have a similar or greater size - Check
Body is fit and slim - Check
Outfit is good too - Check
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Is it ok to go barefoot to a con?
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Best Cosplay Photoshoots (No hall photos allowed)

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I like to have this thread filled with some of the best cosplay photoshoots around the world. No shitty hall shots , professional photos only dont care if it has alot of photoshop as long as it looks good.

Here is a start

Cosplayer : Lunatis

Photographer: Kishun

Series : Jojo Bizaree Adventure Golden Wind

Character : Abbacchio
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What are the ways to make lolita more sustainable?

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I guess the most sustainable practices are making your own clothes and shopping from smaller brand you're aware of working conditions in.
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EGL Youtube thread part 2

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>discuss new videos
>share your favorite lolita youtuber
>links to egl related content
>spill some tea

Sharing some active but smaller lolita youtubers, feel free to discuss what you think of their videos or share your own favourites

Candy Carnival
Fallen Princess
Sparkly Gutz
Airy Michelle
Unicorn Princess
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Angelic Pretty General: More Ice Cream edition

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Previous: >>10443746
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