Feels thread

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Last thread die. >>9571426

Time to let those feels flow, but try to stay on-topic. Don't fight, and limit yourself to cgl issues.
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CoF Thread: Cheeky Pirate Edition

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Old Thread >>9560787

Starting with anon's dump from the last thread since it was in autosage.
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Another Sumire Uesaka thread

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Continuing from the previous thread.

Is Sumire Uesaka allowed to dress in lolita everyday when her father has enslaved everyone under him?
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Net Idol/Odottemita/Cover Groups

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Old one (>>9553019) is autosaging.

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet:

Last notable event is Hoshi Teruko starting yet another new idol group, "Trickery" under yet another new name, Saya Akahoshi.
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Patreon: Love it or hate it?

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Is it good for allowing fans to provide you income for your content? Or bad because 90% of the donations are for cosplay soft porn?
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I know its normally looked down upon in cgl. But there was a short period of time we were having fursuit threads. So fursuit thread?
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Fairy Kei/Yumekawaii/Decora General - Summer Sales Edition

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Last one reached image limit >>9475238

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite - http://www.lafary.net/english
>Fairy Kei Forum - http://fairykei.proboards.com/
>Fairy Kei Help - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/
>What is Yumekawaii (feat. Spank!)- http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo,make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわいい hashtag.
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Laforet Bazar Edition
>which dress do you wish AP will rerelease?
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Dream Dress Thread

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Last Thread >>9555927
I'd give my right hand for any of the IW x Rozen Maiden OP's.
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Ita Thread

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Old one is maxed. Have something fresh from Amino.
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