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How do I achieve those aesthetics?
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Ita Thread: Bad to Basics

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Let's get some irredeemable itas in here.
Last thread >>10399658
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Angelic Pretty USA

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the uniqlo and daiso in SF got looted and both locations were near AP, anyone know if AP got looted or more likely trashed
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Instagram Thread

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Previous Thread: >>10346664

> Cosplay/lolita/j-fashion accounts to follow
> Advice on posting and increasing engagement
> Instagram updates and algorithm conspiracies

> Self-post if you can't handle concrit
> Shit up the thread and derail it with drama. Take it to the farm/LC
> Vendetta post
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skin/makeup/hair/nails thread

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do you bother during a pandemic?
have you done something to your hair out of boredom?
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Lolita General: Sock and Jewelry Bloodbath Edition

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Do you or have you ever lightly cosplayed in public? i.e wearing an outfit based on a character but adapted more to a modern clothing style, involving similar colors or light leitmotifs.
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Dream Dress Thread

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I got my stimulus edition. Last thread
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CGL Fitness and lifestyle

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I've notice that some of the CGL members have decent bodies and because I want to get healthier I was curious about what you guys do as a healthy routine in fitness and diet. I amd curious as to how you guys look after yourself.
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Canada thread: cancelled events

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Comic con Toronto and other small events in Ontario got cancelled other's could have the same destiny.

>How's your place handling with the coronavirus?

Join us
discord. gg/bFuk5na
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