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Price Check - Whimsical Vanilla-Chan JSK in Lavender

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Has anyone seen this for sale recently? Thanks CGL!
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Zelda thread

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Zelda cosplay thread. All Zelda games welcome.
I want to see a finished Paya.
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Old School Thread

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Old thread here >>9425947

Velveteen season is just about over for most of us. Now that it's starting to get warner, what are you planning on wearing?
Do you plan on wearing old school for ILD?
Do you wear old school exclusively?
Do you feel like prices for old school pieces has gone up due to popularity?
What do you think about the general new interest that's been going on for a while with old school, does it annoy or excite you?
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Resin and indie crafts general

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Old one is long gone. Resin crafts, needlefelting, metal clays, other clay crafts, decoden, and other similar crafts welcome
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Feels thread

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Last thread >>9446702

How are you feeling, gulls? Keep the answers cgl-related, please.

Brit fag/ UK Thread - No Pedophiles Edition

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MCM coming up soon. Everyone ready? what are you working on? The two international competition qualifiers at the event should be interesting.

try not to shit up the thread with Nonces this time please.
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Anyone else skip their ita phase altogether? (at least dressing it)

>got into the fashion because two older girls in hs who were bffs when I was 14
>most cringey tryhard weebs to cringey tryhard weeb
>at the time, thought they were the coolest people ever and wanted to be just like them
>they ended up being really shitty to me and would always flex how much more about anime and lolita they knew than me in a really mocky way
>make fun of me for being ita because there's a couple abominations in my wish list
>don't even explain how it's ita, just make fun of me for it really intensely for like a month
>snap and actively decide I'm going to be far superior of a Lolita than them
>do hours worth of research every day for months and stalk LJ
>realize that for all their shitting on me they're actually not that good at Lolita themselves
>their wardrobes consist of an AP replica, two handmade abominations (years later I saw one of them on tumblr taking a pic of one of said handmade atrocities, claiming she made it in 8th grade... I was there, she made it in 12th), a $150 Meta dress, a $100 ugly ass old AP dress, and a waaay too short Offbrand Gothic skirt between the two of them
>time comes to start buying dresses, only buy brand just to feel superior to them, soon have 3 really popular (at least at the time) AP pieces
>it works and they're butthurt for the rest of our friendship until I stop talking to them

I know I was really petty and stupid, but the lack of itatastic photos of me makes it worth it
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Australia Thread

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Old one saged >>9420260

Melb Supanova this weekend, are you going? Plans? Last minute rushes?
>obligatory anime koala
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Plus Lolita Coords

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Old thread: >>9448953
good plus sized coords, nitpicks welcome

shitposters, try to keep it minimal.

I genuinely like seeing the cute chubby girls posted because it's rare to see them on cgl so you can bet I'll try to keep one of these threads up regularly.
keep it cute, gulls
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Shit itas say

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Post caps and share stories of itas or new lolitas saying dumb shit that makes you roll your eyes

This is a gothic dress that she called classic. Why can't new-litas tell the difference?
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