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Ita Thread

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hanging on for dear life ed.
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Old school thread

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>>10444420 previous
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Artist Alley General

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Old thread >>>>10470586
>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

With Instagram becoming a full-fledged marketing site now with the store tab integration, are you planning on taking advantage?
Christmas and holiday shopping is already starting, are you seeing an uptick in sales recently?
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Older cosplayer thread

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Any cosplayers over 40? The oldest I've met was probably early 30s
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Angelic Pretty General: Fucked up bears edition

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Link to old thread: >>10503529

Bro, these bears
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Dream Dress Thread - Santa Will Not Deliver It Edition

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Old thread >>10464630
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I SO regret for joining this fashion

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I spent a copious amount of money on lolita clothes, but all I got instead was a bunch of idiots trying to manage my dressing habits + a chunk of clothes that look ridiculously juvenile on any adult person, and you don't even start with your "you can wear what you want" bullshit, I had it enough. My stuff is not really hyped besides some pieces, so I'm barely get my money back.
You motherfuckers told me "treat yoself" and I was stupid enough to actually listen to you. Fuck you all!
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Feels Thread

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classic lolita is just fancy normie clothes ed.

we're all adults here. let's all be civil now and not get the thread auto saged
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Manly cosplay thread

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Post manly men. I need inspiration and motivation to cosplay as manly men. No estrogen allowed.
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Big boobed cosplayers Thread #2

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First one hit image limit. Lets see them tatas.
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