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raising the cosplay skill

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this applies to male cosplayers as well. They are lacking in this even more so than women

why cant the picture attached represent the average cosplayer? it just seems like most cosplayers suck at their craft

>12% of cosplayers at a convention are "good"
>out of that 12%, 90%+ are women

>out of those women, 85% are e-girls (not genuine and an overall negative contribution to the community)

>out of men, 50% of them have a good cosplay because their armor was professionally done by someone
>with the exception of like 2 dozen men in Asia, virtually no man can pull off a good cosplay as a female character

it might be because I'm sick of fat hook-nosed slobs thinking they're the shit, but we really need to raise the standards of cosplay. this can be done through proper education (offer more instructional resources, host more panels related to the subject) as well as fostering an environment that can create better cosplayers .similar to how anime fans are also likely into video games, we can also get them into anime/Japanese related fitness/healthy eating. (these 2 exist to some extent but are still quite niche.)

just as we can make an economy better by making its citizens richer, we can do something similar with the cosplay/egl community.
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Too much photoshop

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Recently witnessed some drama between a cosplayer I follow and an IG account that posted comparisons between photos of her irl versus the photos she posts.

Drastic difference and it got me thinking how much photoshop is too much?
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Can we get a god awful thread
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New god-awful thread. Weebs, cosplays, lolitas, congoers, no drama, just pictures and laughter.

Old thread image-maxed here
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Sexpo Cosplay

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Guess who won. What a fine cosplay.
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Period Problems

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Have you ever been so excited for a meetup or con only to wake up and discover it's that time of the month?
Have you ever started while at a con or meetup?
Do you still go dressed up and risk it, or do you just not bother?
Any horror stories? Any solutions?
Haven't seen a thread like this so why not
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Old one is autosaging >>6802860
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Feels thread

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"My petticoat won't stay inflated in this heat" edition
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Whats wrong with my cosplay?

Why can't I look like a kawaii trap?
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New mail thread, last one is in autosage
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