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Post tattoo ideas that look good for lolitas. I’m basically looking for something monochromatic for my upper arm.
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Have you ever happened to drastically ruin your brand? For the Halloween eve tell the scariest horror stories that happened to your pretty possessions.
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Previous thread >>9988541

Old thread is on autosage. How was everyone’s con? Let’s hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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Bad makeup thread

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Post the cringy makeup things you have found.
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/cgl/ feels

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previous >>10023653
cgl feels only please.
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Katsucon 2019

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Say goodbye to lobby conners! Now you need a con badge, appointment at the spa, or a Gaylord room key to be on the premises during the convention! i'm glad to see them finally doing something about all the extra people!
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Finland thread!

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What do you guys think of Gamexpo?
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Atmospheric Cosplay Thread

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Post cosplay photoshoots that really work with their setting and theme. No limit on the type of cosplay (show, game, anime, movie, comic, etc.) as long as it looks like it would fit into the source material.
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Didn’t see one in the catalogue so let’s do this, questions you have that don’t deserve a whole thread.

Mine is: what hairspray do you use to style your wigs? The wig I’m styling doesn’t need anything intense or gravity defying but I do need it to hold while I go about my day. Also wondering, what is the best way to wash it out? I’m just styling the bangs and hoping to be able to restyle it for later uses. My wig is from Arda if that matters.
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Angelic Pretty Museum

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Today was the first day of exhibition and some pics have already appeared. What do you think, gulls? Is this the future OTT fans want?
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