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Tread cause J-con is dead
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/cgl/ Feels thread

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Family Goals Edition
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F21 let's make anime real.

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For only $18, Forever21 will help you become a real anime with this eyeshadow palette book. Are you hype, anon?
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Armor Thread-huge edition

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Lets start a thread for big armor builds. the bigger the better. Heres my t-60 power armor from fallout 4 standing at 7' 8". ill post another photo with a 6' tall friend for a better sense of scale.
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This is my first time making a tail from yarn. What do you guys think?
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J-fashion discord central

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Post all J-fashion discord servers here.

1) Please add the name of the server, so that we don't end up linking communities twice.
2) Permanent invites are preferred but not mandatory.
3) Add info about the servers (how much active, salty, etc) at your discretion.
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3.5mm EVA foam

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I have quite the stack (around 50 sheets) of 3.5mm A4 sheets I have no clue what to do with them as I'm used to working with a thicker foam and just sanding down whats needed. Anyone have any ideas/characters for armour/masks/props??

AliExpress Thread

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>Brand Week rehab edition
Haven't seen a thread in a hot minute. What did you order, anons?

>Read customer reviews
>Makeup, sex toys, food, and things that go in/on you aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread
>Ask the seller questions and buy at your own risk
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Lolitas with short dresses (who aren't ita)

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Dresses, skirts, anything that isn't ita, but is lolita, and ends a good distance above the knee.

I see a lot of girls complaining about dresses being too short if the dress is above the knee, but often times it does look good.

Peeking bloomers coords are accepted as long as you can definitely tell the dress ends above the knee, but not required. I'm just looking for inspiration as I am a taller girl and most of my AP is mid-thigh on me. I see other girls rocking the look, especially in some old school pictures.

What do you think of shorter skirts/dresses? Is it always ita, or are there exceptions? Underskirts don't really look all too great with a lot of dresses, so what can be done to make shorter skirts/dresses work?
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