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How to make it

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23 yrs old I am making $3k doing warehouse work, $10k savings $10k 401k.

I want to make it.

living in california.

any suggestions biz?

CoF Thread - Halloween Hangover Edition

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Previous thread: >>10022331
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DiY Leather Jacket

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hi, DiY said I should try it here. I Hope you guys can help me getting started.

I want to make a bespoke Leather Jacket for myself. This will be a longer project. Does anyone here know this craft or has done something with leather in the past?

Which Leather should I use in your opinion? Price doesn't matter. Quality is most important to me. I might be using calfskin.

Where should I start? Should I make a prototype with cloth first?

Are there any must have techniques or tools you can recommend?
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Saló del Manga 2018. Barcelona
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Canada General

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Last thread is kill

Okay, so con season is about half over. We've got AniRevo and Otakuthon next, then there's AnimeThon and this Kimi-con thing that's in its first year (and seems to be about Sakimichan the artist???), and FanEx.

Who's doing what and when?
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Brit/UK thread

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This quiet spell is hell.

Hibanacon 2-4 Nov
HyperJapan 16-18 Nov
Mcm London 26-28 Oct
Britgulls Eva marathon - DELAYED

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Haven't seen this thread up in a while!
Let's see it cgl,
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hello /cgl/, new poster here

i need your help to find where i can buy a cosplay for my girl, like in pic related

the thing is that she is into cosplay, but her proportions are a little too dificult for a lot of costumes to fit,thats why im helping her search for an alternative

i fucking love her curves, and given that she has a similar body i would like to fuck mrs. incredible all day long

so please help a brother out
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