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Feels thread

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>tfw STILL no Jupiter gf edition
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>Tf when no lolita gf and cgl is heading over to 4channel

Last thread: >>10036156

Room thread

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I need motivation to get my shit together and these threads motivate me to get my stuff clean.
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ALA 2019

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3 months left, let's get this party started

What cosplays are you working on right now?
What are your ribbons looking like right now?
What guest are you hoping for?

What are you looking forward to most from the con?
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Small Cons thread

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Anyone here fond of attending the smaller cons closer to home? I'm personally going to Daisho Con this coming weekend and I'm pretty psyched, they've got a decently sized cosplay contest and the vendors are usually pretty solid. Anyone else?
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Rumors about the cosplay scene

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I'm a complete outsider who has only attended AX for the AA stuff. But I'm curious, because you hear rumors and stereotypes. Most prominently:

>Cosplayers are slutty, generally. At least, the ones who do lots of cosplays for every major con every year are.
>There's tons of drugs in the scene. Especially at the raves.
>Lots of "room parties" that end up with underage chicks getting shitfaced drunk, and getting raped a lot too.
>Most of the girls at the raves hook up with random guys.
>Photographers are shady and creepy as fuck. Especially the notable west coast ones.
>Most cosplayers have BPD or some other sort of cluster B mental illness, and daddy issues are the norm rather than the exception.
>Lots of cosplayers end up doing porn, or at least camming/sex work.
>STDs are rampant in the scene as a result of some of this stuff.

I'm asking because as an outsider, the cosplay scene - I mean the incestuous side of it where everyone knows everyone else who regularly attends cons in their area - seems impenetrable to me. It's like a parallel society.
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Looks like its time for another cosplay HELP thread. Old one here: >>9996169

Post problems you are having. And, for the love of god, someone post solutions or advice too.
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Changing trends edition
Previous thread>>10003735

>>What do you like/not like about what school uniforms are becoming today?

>>What’s your favourite style? Blazer/Vest, Cardigan/Blouse,Polo Shirt, Sailor?

>>Where do you wear nanchatte?

>>What does your family/friends think about dressing in nanchatte?

>>What “era” of uniforms do you like best?

>>Favourite places to get your nanchatte supplies?
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