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Dutch Thread: "Angry Gulls on a Sideways French Flag" edition

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>Our store list got revamped.
>"Rules are rules and apply to everyone, famous or not."
>FACTS happened and that's about it.
>Holland != The Netherlands.
>The Lidl airbrush kit is actually good.
>Wheelchair creeper at ACC.
>Overly detailed description of the major Dutch cons.
>Minque got a reboot with new owners. Let's hope this time the service won't be shit.
>Why is X getting invited to cons and the importance of networking.
>Are room checks a thing at Dutch con hotels? Not really.
>Viencon started selling tickets; €90 to €140 p.p. for 3 nights of Center Parcs.
>Anon: "Cosplay is about attention so anyone saying they don't care about fans or being invited to things is blatantly lying."
>What workshop or lecture by Prop-Anon do you want to see at Animecon?
>Foreign Anon likes Tully.
>Fancy new WIP items that keep getting better and better.

The five next major events:
>Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition (November 11th & 12th, Utrecht UT), a comic con that has some events to keep you entertained.
>Castlefest Winter Edition (November 25th - 26th, Lisse, ZH), to many known as the lesser edition of Castlefest.
>TomoFair Amsterdam (January 6th & 7th, Amsterdam, NH), a crowd management experiment to see how many people you can fit into a venue without anyone dying.
>DynamicCon (January 21st, Eindhoven NB), the second edition of a smaller convention targetted at cosplay.
>YayCon (February 11th, Amersfoort UT), an anime and fandom con targetted at the LGBT community.

Links and advice:
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ often only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and move on.
>Our con agenda, store list, newcomers guide and more: https://churi.nl/
>Dutch Thread Discord: https://discord.gg/kjQxd4S