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Off-Brand Mainstream x J-Fashion

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What are some more "mainstream" or non- jFashion brands you would recommend to wear with J-fashion? Last time we did this topic some people were a bit confused, so here are some reasons why sourcing off-brand is useful;

>Sometimes you can't get stuff shipped from Japan to your home country. (because of literal barriers in trade relations or the shipping&handing is way too damn high)
>Certain brands only make certain size ranges, such as in the case of Lolita shoes which usually don't have Wide or Narrow options.
>Item has sold out and you are looking for something that can stand-in for it. Also sometimes an item might be so rare on the secondhand market that it's better to "move on" with your life and your coord and get something just as good but easier to obtain.
>Sometimes you might want to try on something before buying it, or at least be able to look at it in person.

>And finally... Some of us just want to know if we have a wider pool of options.