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In /csg/ we discuss chink websites and their awful products such as Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay etc.

11.11 is here, but your orders won't be for another 6 months (specially since you didn't buy anything, poorfag)

>/csg/ Gift ideas for 2020
https://imgur.com/a/1YSmYtI (needs work, please understand)

#/csg/ on rizon

who even cares lol

>Aliexpress price tracker, don't get <<<chinked>>>!

>Last thread

>>73539722 has delusions of grandeur
>>73539853 dear, send more money if you want faster shipping
>>73540953 chink outsmarts anon with fake tracking
>>73541224 chinks offer home help
>>73541342 gets played by /csg/, spends all life savings
>>73542473 thinks this can work, please understand
>>73543329 anon has a healthy family relationship
>>73544768 chink does charity
>>73544915 >>73544950 >>73545071 anons discover russian thots and russian traps then probably buy lingerie "accidentally"
>>73545200 chink shit blows up, as usual, but this time they want western customers to pay the bill
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new intel vulns

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How does /g/ feel about DuckDNS?
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didn't see one
>what do you have
>what do you want
>why did you have to buy a keyboard with browns because you couldnt use one with blues since you still live at your basement
>why is this placebo
>why are you poor and you have to chose a keyboard with outemu hotswap sockets
>why do you type faster at your rubber dome $5 keyboard
>why did you spent your paycheck on those fancy keycaps
>why did you spent $200 in a keyboard and you aren't able to touchtype

Also, General mechanical keyboard thread.
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Has anyone found a good shaving machine from the chink sites?

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Razor faggots, fuck off, I'm doing it to save time.

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How come every single product they shit out has massive defects and design flaws?
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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Old thread: >>73546058

What are you working on, /g/
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/sqt/ Stupid questions thread

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It wasn't on the catalog yet.

Previous thread:


>GNU/Linux questions?

>BSD questions?

>Windows questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

>How to activate any version of Windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?
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It never ends, intelbros...

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>New ZombieLoad variant
>Cascade Lake is already compromised
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>building a modern high-end gaming rig fit to play the latest games
>overclock it
>only play 1990s and early 2000s games on it