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Vincent's review is up.
>Far superior uniformity over the larger 55"+ models
>Sharper image because of better PPI
>98% DCI-P3 & 75% Rec. 2020 color coverage
>Only ~600 Nits peak HDR brightness, however can disable ABL through the service menu now at your own risk
>BFI crushing some shadow detail without separate calibration
Nvidia being too cheap to send him an Ampere card to test drive it at full 4K 120Hz over HDM 2.1 so he had to use a 2060 instead
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/hpg/ - Headphone General

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Redditdynamic edition

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Deleted all my online accounts

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Took a few months to delete/transfer, but I've finally rid of all my accounts including my original Gmail/Google accounts and their services. I have no social media accounts now as well. I use grapheneos on my android phone. I have GDPR to thank for forcing a lot of companies to have deletion portals so most of it was a breeze. Otherwise, I just mass emailed companies requesting my data to be deleted. Wasn't hard just took a while since I signed up for so many things.

It feels good guys. I feel so free. I never have to think about privacy anymore and have no desire to sign up for anything anymore. I don't feel any desire to scroll and can once again read my books without feeling some urge to check anything.

You can do it too. You'll never look back :)
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Is this shit worth it?

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Im a complete retard who needs a simple way to make a wordpress site. Is Divi worth $89 a year?
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/mkg/ Mechanical Keyboards General

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god-tier switch edition
Ask questions about mechanical keyboards, get autistic answers.
/mkg/ Resources:
>Keyboard recommendation template
https://pastebin.com/33S1gVkG (embed)
>/mkg/ FAQ
Missing / Overwritten
>Where to buy keyboards
https://pastebin.com/Rqi24W42 (embed)
Previous thread >>77896002
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Will Linux ever go commercial? I really like the aesthetics of Linux, but Windows has it beat for ease of access. I don't have to jump through hoops just to play a fucking videogame.
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why do people follow this retard?
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Friendly Windows XP leak thread /wxp/

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Older thread hit bump limit >>77927194
Former threads >>77924395 (Cross-thread) 77919698 (Cross-thread) >>77911941 (Cross-thread) >>77908658 (Cross-thread) >>77906309 (Cross-thread) >>77902963 (Cross-thread) >>77902963 (Cross-thread)

Tutors for C

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I am struggling in college right now and am looking for help and recommendation on good places to find help with coding in c and c++.
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