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So this shithole finally got unlimited mobile data. You know how the kikes did it? Unlimited data at 1.5mbs. Of course you can get higher tier plans with an allocation of "full speed data".

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Wish we could turn back time... to the good old days....
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.src files / screen saver

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Someone here connected his phone to one of the PCs and messed everything up. Folders suddenly had its extensions changed to .src or screen saver. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to recover it. What do?

/csg/ - chinkshit general

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We love China edition

In /csg/ we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Aliexpress price tracker, don't get (((chinked)))!
>(Do not install the browser extensions, they're botnet.)

>Old thread

>>74433507 Anon acquires chink shit for his drug dealing enterprise
>>74433555 ATF has been notified of Anon's illegal firearm modification
>>74433961 Gay anon asks for fashion tips
>>74434345 Anon acquires various chink shit
>>74434530 Snowman not chink shit enough for Anon
>>74435697 Anon too poor for Porta Pros
>>74436504 Anon considers LRGBT CPU cooler
>>74440007 Dear please send social security number
>>74440405 Anon starves entire chink family to death for 2 cent thermometers
>>74440472 Anon cooks with chink shit
>>74441895 Anon plays fighting games
>>74442888 Reminder to stay warm this winter with chink shit pyjamas
>>74443810 Anon spends 120 NZD on a 4c/8t Xeon
>>74443888 FBI agent enquires into gay anon's IED
>>74444366 Anon does not negotiate with terrorists or chink shit sellers
>>74444640 Anon notices (((5 star reviews)))
>>74445200 Anon's dream career of drawing furry commissions delayed by shipping
>>74445481 Anon insists his hands are not small and that it does not correlate with other parts of the body
>>74445769 Slav sage offers his chink shit wisdom
>>74445774 Anon wants to end his consumerism through more consumption
>>74446250 Anon researches gay screwdrivers
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Would hitler won ww2 if he had thinkpad t420?
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Let's say thanks to AMD for the sane competition they bring.

Also, daily reminder that INCEL and NviShit only care about your money and would rape your ass on price if AMD wasn't there.

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basic phones are already infected by google botnet. you can't manually turn off gprs nor can you make sure it's not accessing the internet and sending small bytes of data alongside your normal data consumption

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I leave my phone without a case. Is this a bad idea?
I like the look and feeling of a naked phone.
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Mozilla Fires 70 Employees, Apple Offers New Jobs

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Mozilla just fired 70 skilled programmers to save money. The leadership and diversity hires are, of course, not fired.

Mozilla hopes to make up for its dwindling revenue by selling VPN subscriptions.

Is this the end of Mozilla as a viable alternative to Google-controlled Chrome/Chromium?

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