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Worst connector of all time?
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/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #17

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Judge Dredd for the SNES edition

Previous thread: >>63828369
>Advent of Code is a series of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill levels. They are self-contained and are just as appropriate for an expert who wants to stay sharp as they are for a beginner who is just learning to code. Each puzzle calls upon different skills and has two parts that build on a theme.
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Comcast changes net neutrality page, removes 3 promises

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Comcast no longer promises to:

-Not throttle back the speed at which content comes to you
-Not prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes
-Make internet accessible to low income families
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What are your thoughts on this magnificent protocol?

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I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times, but I'm really not understanding something here. What exactly can you do with c++ at the absolute highest levels? Assuming you have tons of time to teach yourself and you're highly motivated. Are there even JOBS for c++? Most listings I see hardly even bring up c++. Seems like it's mainly java and web dev shit if you have no experience. So can someone redpill me on c++, is it a waste of time to learn or is it a valuable skill?
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Your distributions are shit.
Filled with bugs, instabilities, without drivers.
You are virgins who strip by putting 3 years to do, in command line, one thing that I do in three graphic clicks.
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Ryzen Sucks

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Why does Ryzen suck so much? I got two of these for free from work with motherboards but I'm thinking about buying a 7700k because the only obvious performance differences are in gaming where the 7700k is FAR better. Pretty sad desu.
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I'm anti net neutrality

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I don't agree with anyone and I believe that ISPs could profit a lot by putting net neutrality aside. It could increase the rate and quality of researching new technologies which could benefit everyone in the future.

Why would you want to stagnate development /g/?
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guys I'm about to be a senior CS major and i have absolutely no fucking clue what i want to do when i graduate.

Data Hoarding General

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With the repeal of net neutrality, I want to prepare as much as possible for the worst scenarios where it's no longer possible or economical to access lots of information. What are some easily ingestible sources of data we can archive amongst ourselves? Wikipedia archives, image collections, full site rips, torrents, etc.

Any and all links are appreciated. Let's help each other expand our collections.
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