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About to build a new PC, is there any reason at all I should even consider an Intel processor?

/pcbg/ - PC Building General

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ATTENTION: Many components are heavily overpriced because of CoV related disruptions

>Assemble a part list
>How to non-technically assemble a PC

Want help?
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your USES (e.g., gaming, editing, VM work)
>For monitors, include purpose and GPU pairing if gaming

>Athlon 3000G / R3 3200G - HTPC, web browsing
>R5 1600AF (12nm) - Excellent value
>R5 3600 - Recommended gaming
>i5 10600KF or i7 10700KF - max FPS
>R9 3900X / 3950X - Professional tasks

>AM4 mobos - https://imgur.com/JS5OHFH

>Always choose at least a two stick kit; 2x 8GB is standard
>RAM speeds of 3200CL16 or more recommended
>AMD B, X, Intel Z chipsets support XMP

Consider power consumption, driver quality, and game codes
>USED RX570/RX580 - budget 1080p
>GTX1650 Super - budget 1080p
>GTX1660 Super - budget 1080p 144Hz
>RX5600XT 14Gb/s VRAM - 1080p 144Hz; good value, but beware: drivers
>RTX2060 6GB - 1080p 144Hz or budget 1440p
>RTX2070 Super - mediocre 1440p
>RTX2080 Ti - 1440p 144Hz or 2160p; expensive, next gen high end rumored for late Fall

Case and cooling
>Many AIOs do not outperform large air coolers
>Mesh fronts typically improve airflow and temperature
>Static pressure fans recommended for poorly ventilated cases

>A 250GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider m.2 form factor
>Avoid DRAM-less SSDs

>Don't bother buying a new monitor for gaming unless it's high refresh with adaptive sync

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/csg/ Chink Shit General

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.
New guide under construction

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon


>Aliexpress price tracker, don't get (((chinked)))!
>(Do not install the browser extensions, they're botnet.)

• Anon received some no name airpod clones >>76573085
• The masks promoted by AliExpress to US users are confirmed good (for now) >>76572995
• Anon receives Switch wireless USB thingy so he can use other controllers with his Switch >>76573447 >>76573458
• Anon bought a Rapoo keyboard >>76575319
• Louis Rossman tries out some Chinese headlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxDvnZCj4ro
• EU anons can soon expect to be taxed for items yes >>76576319
• Anon wants plant lights for his tiny mango plant >>76577183 >>76577250
• Anon buys 10 usb C ports receives pink spatulas instead >>76577933
• Anon receives two Hatsune Miku cups >>76579208
• Anon reviews Xiaomi shoes >>76582513
• Anon reviews the Jinhao 51A pen >>76584675
• Anon orders some parts to upgrade his T430 off Taobao >>76589302
• Anon details his dispute with Gearbest >>76588907 >>76596131 tl;dr lol
• Anon is surprised he got something he ordered a week ago >>76601037

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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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>Read the sticky:

>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

>How to activate any version of Windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?

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tech for dating

Let's say I made a facebook page, a new one totally unrelated to mine. And I put up some pics of me that did not show my face but showed my interests and hobbies and stuff, and I went and messaged tons of girls in my city looking for a date saying someting nice about their profile and I would like to meet them and buy them lunch or something.

Would I get banned? would facebook find my real account somehow and ban me?

>nb4 that's creepy

i don't give a fuck, in a few weeks I could message 1000+ girls with something unique said about their profile and I bet a handful would go for it and not see that I was bulk messaging everyone on earth. When girls join daiting sites they get literally two dozen messages a day, I bet a girl who is single but not on dating sites does not get very many random messages out of the blue.
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Something I've been thinking about. With the amount of packets sent over the internet, why is it that we don't occassionally see corrupted posts on social media, missing letters, merged with other packets, etc?

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>tfw fallen for the SSD meme
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Europoors Crack Underworld Encryption Service

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Where were you when encryption was kill?

20+ million encrypted message by criminals got intercepted by French police hacking Encrochat server. Police are now looking for cases to match the shitload of evidence they collected , regarding drug trafficking , assassinations, torture, weapon deals, money laundering and corruption etc..

So far 100 arrests made in Netherlands based on 7 million decrypted messages.

746 Bongs also got arrested

Encrochat had 50.000 users worldwide.
Crimitards were sure their encryption was uncrackable and talked openly about everything they were doing.
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[4K/60FPS/Colorized] The automatic weapons of the US and Germany in WW2

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When was the last time you upgraded anything in your desktop?
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