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Why aren't you working at Google yet?
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>"why would anyone use anything other than Windows? It just works, anything else is a waste of time"
>meanwhile I'm struggling to install audio drivers on fresh Windows 10
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Why is Lincux so badly designed that you can delete all your data accidentally without so much as a warning or confirmation prompt?

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Somebody sell me on not buying 3 yrs of NordVPN as an American who just wants to do general privacy, daily illegal streams, and only very occasional torrenting.
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Knowing what you know about internet browsing habits growing up, what and how will you monitor your kid as they grow up online?
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/BFG/ - Black Friday General

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ITT: Share and discuss Black Friday deals. (For both US and EU)
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Is Linux still CuCked?
Why are you using an OS that favors right opinions over good code?
Pic related is the future of linux devs
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Stop the bloat. Install Arch + Suckless Now!
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What did I miss? Why is Hiro doing this?
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How did we go from this
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