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>proprietary shit
>botnets everywhere
>FOSS shit
>SJW devs everywhere
Pick your poison, there's no way out.
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>let's make a performant text editor
>uses Electron
>still a bloated, battery sucking piece of shit
>hailed as one of the best Electron applications out there
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Why you don't own a Nvidia Titan RTX?

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Poorfags will never learn
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uBlock Origin BTFO!

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>While most content-blockers are indeed efficient, they are not equivalent and we observed that Ghostery performs consistently as well or better across all dimensions, often surpassing other libraries.
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Purism Librem 5

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How hard will it fail /g/?
Will it be the new ubuntu phone?

I hope not, but the normies will ignore it.
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Why do programmers create meme languages like SASS and LESS when CSS itself is already so elegant, readable, and concise?
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Delta Touch

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Hello, 4ch. There is one very wonderful application. This is an emulator of doom. It emulates not only thoughts, but also all games made on its engine. This miracle is called "Delta Touch". Unfortunately, this open source software is distributed for a fee. Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opentouchgaming.deltatouch
On the same 4pda, in the "Modification of the APK" section, you can find a version with a remote license check, but the developers do not want to give up so much that the modification simply breaks control. So, is there anyone here who can either fix the broken version or just break the clean one? Also request English analogues 4pda. picrandom
P.S txh Google translate
P.P.S 4pda .ru russian analog mobilism.org

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I am convinced that there are more trans women in programming than cis women. what can be done about this?

/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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What are you working on, /g/?

Last thread: >>69811971
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fucking FOUC

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I have my web app to change the background color if a certain cookie is present. but every time I reload, it flashbangs me for a quick second and then loads the right background color. Even though everything is in cache. Is there an even a fix to this, besides making everything lighter?
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