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I fell for the ltsb meme.

>slow as shit
>anything slightly related to gaming wont work
>tries to install old amd drivers even tho i just installed new ones
>the shitty razer synpase program wont even download ghe drivers
>slow as fuck

just stay on pro and use Destroy windows spy desu.
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/sqt/ stupid questions thread

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Stupid questions thread. Go.
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/g/ WTF?
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/cyb/ + /sec/

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"I'm In" Edition

/cyb/ + /sec/ is for discussion of all things Cyberpunk, from movies, TV, websites, games, current events, computer security, networks, exploits, reverse engineering, social engineering, hacking, tricks, etc. Related topics range from fashion, to personal security and anonymity, to alternative and creative hardware, and much more.

>What is cyberpunk?
Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.

>>> Resources <<<
>> /cyb/
"Dead" Links: (embed)
Organized Links: (embed)
How To Into Cyberpunk: (embed) (NEW!)

>> /sec/
Other useful stuff:
Essentials Pastebin:
/sec/'s guide into security soon™

Suggestions for new resources are welcome. /sec/ looking for CTF team members, contact at IRC channel.
Currently running

> #/g/punk @ Rizon
> #/g/sec @ Rizon

previously on LOST >>60069750
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How does WiFi on bus work?
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Laptop war is over: the MacBook Air won

>official Linux laptop
>all day battery life
>solid metal unibody
>still produced
>most popular Mac by wide margins
>fluent Windows and Linux support
>can game
>razor thin
>costs practically nothing
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Not working sound of Windows 10 installed on iMac

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Recenty I installed Windows 10 on my iMac 14.1 . Later I found out that the sound and microphone are not working at all, but displayed as active and Windows thinks that they are working. I tried installing drivers for my version of imac but nothing happened. Had anyone the same problem? Can you help me somehow?
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>lol that guy has a corded mouse
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Spring 2017 Edition
Why is one better or worse than the other?
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>linux will never look this good
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