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KDE brainstorm thread

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What should KDE add or change to convince you to switch? For me, it's client side decorations.
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/hmg/ Hackerman General

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In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerman.

CompTIA is not beneficial to your career and if you think it will be, you don’t belong here.


>easy beginner bullshit
>prebroken images to work on.
>super secret club

>meme dragon distro but it just werks
>scriptkiddie starting point and swiss army knife

>From zero to OSCP-hero rough outline
>IppSec, video guides for retired HTB VMs.

>CEH, only looks good a resume to non-technical in HR
>OSCP, the big dick swinging exam, 24 hours to own 5 machines and a further 24 hours to write up a report detailing your methods.


>web app hackers handbook.
Thanks IBM!

>OSCP videos


>Advanced Penetration Testing

>learn assembly and C
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I've never been racist at all but at the job I've had for almost a year now I've started working heavily with indian offshore devs and I'm starting to fucking hate indians. they are completely confused all the fucking time, their code is dogshit, they constantly have question after fucking question. the ones we work with have to work late to overlap with us so when I have conference calls i'm constantly hearing little indian kids wailing in the background

i guess this post is half vent and half asking folks who've done this how you've made it work
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Greetings /g/entlemen

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Do any of you use epub readers? I have been downloading a lot of books recently in .epub file and wondering what the best program to view these would be for Windows 10.

I have tried Calibre and Edge, but both seem pretty shit.

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pretends to be /ourguy/

>Use loonix to create shitOS to minimize Microcuck aggression, while not giving a f00k about loonix
>Pretends to care about users, delivers gaming platform to waste their time and fuck their dopamine circuitry
>Can count to 3 million $ but can't count to 3
>Users buy game but can't have them own them cuz muh DRM
>bans loonix users who use PCI passthrough to run valve gaymes with linux host
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Do you remember when FBI was crying about how they cannot hack iPhones? Do you remember Apple bravely refused in public to assist them? ...Yeah, about that:
>FBI lied, to give "bad people" the impression of a false security.
>Apple used this as a marketing ploy, to let the buyers know that their privacy and security is safe with them.

Win-Win, for both teams:
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How do you people do this everyday

Software is so fucking boring, fuck the pay I'd rather be a McDonalds worker than keep on working with a bunch of autistic fucks, god damn.

Someone want to take my job?

Most Bestest Uses

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USB 3 is awesome! Best uses for the bestest blue bus?

>NB4= External HDD

What else?
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How many bots there are no 4chan?
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>tfw your processor is old as shit and you haven't had to upgrade it

hardware really plateaued, damn
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