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Whats holding rust back from replacing c++
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Why aren't you using this yet, /g/?
It's basically ublock that doesn't just hide, but also clicks on the ads that track you.
If you want to fuck over Google and other ad networks, this is one of the best ways.
Google even banned them from the Chrome Store.
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Future of networking

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New to the networking world, just getting my college degree atm, all i hear is cisco and was hoping to hear if any other fellow networkers are here who could put their opinion on cisco dominating the market.

And what is it like being a network engineer?
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Microsoft Intellimouse

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Why is the microsoft intellimouse (and to a lesser extent, the wheel mouse optical), such a meme in the gaming/tech community? What is so special about it?
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>Intel said its new processors are going to deliver the biggest bump in performance that personal computer users have experienced in years.
>The eighth generation of its Core line will provide as much as a 40 per cent jump over its predecessor, according to the company.
>That's a leap in performance that arguably happens only once in a decade, Intel said.
What did they mean by this?
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>1.3 GB
>A:10 V:10
How does he do it? Is it magic?
Thanks, yify.
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Speakers are better than Headphones

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You literally cant dispute this

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How many Linux fanboys actually use Linux as their primary OS?
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>how to spot a cuck
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