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/g/ pill me on UE4

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Anybody using it here? How long did it take to learn? Things to watch out for?
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>still can't edit 4chan posts to correct typos and accidentally malformed URLs
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Best Mic for under $100 CAN

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Hey /g/ I'm looking for a good studio mic for under $100 Canadian. Looking for solid sound range, and clear voice. Any ideas?


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EternalBlue + WMIC + PSEXEC = Petya Ransomware

According to multiple sources, a new variant of Petya ransomware, also known as Petwrap, is spreading rapidly with the help of same Windows SMBv1 vulnerability that the WannaCry ransomware abused to infect 300,000 systems and servers worldwide in just 72 hours last month.

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Yo /g/, got a question for you nerds, its regarding reformatting a laptop, is it the exactly same procedure as reformatting a normal gaming stationary PC? Because I have a memory, that its not the same, but it should be, right? - We are talking, illegal windows 7, by flashdrive. Help plx
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Why social media platform respect privacy the most?
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Broke my old headset and looking for a cheap alternative. I have sades SA902 or Xiberia R9 to choose from, or should I just get a good set of headphones and a clip on mic. If i do this I would need a 3.5mm extension.

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What are some cool things /g/ has done with their Raspberry Pi's? Any major issues you encountered
Currently just using one for emulating. But interested in other ideas.
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Would transferring game files and such work through dropbox?
Going on vacation in a couple weeks, and wondering if i should bother installing everything individually on the laptop im taking or if unloading them through dropbox would work.
Dont bother asking why im taking a laptop on vacation.
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doom + vulcan

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I finally arrived to the point of playing Doom in my backlog. I pirated it to try and holy shit, the Vulkan performance really is impressive. I never thought I could max out that level of graphics on my mid tier rig. It's always between 90-125 fps, not even dips below 60. It just doesn't go below 60 no matter what I do.

Add to this "+set m_smooth 0" and it so fucking smooth. I didn't benchmark it but I feel dem stable low frame times. So fuken fluid. I never ever experienced that level of fluidness at that level of graphics. I may throw money at this as an applause of technical merit alone.

I'm now convinced Vulkan will make graphics great again. We can't lose this greatness because of bunch of kikes want their walled garden status quo. Vulcan Volunteer Shill Forces when?
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