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What are you getting for BLACKED friday?
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Wheres the YT replys gone?

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In the old times I remember how much I was interacting with people in the youtube comment section, it was fun and it was a big if not the biggest thing I liked about youtube.

Today, I keep giving feedbacks/comments just like before, but people dont reply(or they dont see my comments).
The notifications now are always 0

I was wondering, do you guys have the same problem? or is it only me?
Is it just a coincidence or a possible shadowban? if so, how to fix it?

Lisp thread

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What are the best resources for learning Lisp?
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so how do i play midi files on mpv player

sorry for dum
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Why is watching old timey math lectures so comfy /sci/

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Any advice on this build?
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If my ISP is slamming me due to torrenting, should I get a VPN or something? I'm a fucking poorfag. Send help.
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Why are solid state drives marketed as having no moving parts? Don't electrons move?
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I don't understand how Con Kolivas works as an anesthesiologist, but was able to make significant contributions to the Linux kernel.
Is this a common thing in free software? It's just people who enjoy it as a hobby?
Also, why does he sign off his blog posts with Japanese? Are weebs that prevalent in Linux development?
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