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Are there any other mice in this style? The shape is perfect for me but my Xornet II broke and there are no more around.
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Privacy thread. How do you stay anonymous online?
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Net neutrality is kill edition.

Talk about:
>finding friends to link with
>linking meshes over VPN
>decentralisation/distribution of all layers of protocol, from network itself to end-user applications

DO NOT talk about:
>logos or names (use the Git issues for that)
>meme shit like lasers, HAM, or satellites. We already said that shit won't work right now
>monetisation. If we need money we can ask friends or stop being poor. We don't need crowdsourcing really

>Map (mark yourself):
>IRC (join): SSL port 9999, channel #gternet
>Wiki (read and edit it):
>Git (sign up and contribute):
>Last thread: >>63781101

What is /g/ternet?

Protocol: BATMAN-adv for now using IPv6

Every well-intentioned contribution is valuable! Get your friends and neighbours in on this
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>Buy an old laptop,
>5cm thick, just in size for a mini-itx and fans and shit, cool case features
>Open it,
>Inside is all plastic, most of the plastic parts are broken off, what's worse space for possible mobo is much smaller than it looks outside (16cm, too small) and laptop is divided in half to support the keyboard
I'm sort of sad. I was hoping for a cool retro build. The only thing that is worth saving is keyboard but it has 27 pin ribbon and I can't find a controller for it.
Now the best I could do out of that case is a weird phone holder.

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What will happen after AI will remove all useless (non-white) people?

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Help. I installed a new motherboard, power supply, and CPU to my tower, and I'm having issues.

It powered up after everything was put in. But the screen stayed black for a long time.
So I shut it down with a long press on the power button.

Thinking it was a fluke I turned it on again, to have it happen again.
No idea Wat to do I shut it down again.
Now it doesn't power on, but I can see the lights on the mobo light up wen the power cable is connected.
Idk Wat it means. I watched several videos of people replacing their mobos and it always booted right away with no black screen.

I need help. I currently set the cmos aside to reset whatever errors there might b. Aside from that Idk what to try or how to even test Wat the problem could be.
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Programming is a terrible profession. For one, you are not respected at any normal company. You're known as 'IT' or 'tech' and everyone gossips about how disgusting everyone is in the department. Every day, some Alpha who probably does nothing at his job except get his secretary to suck his dick in his corner office cucks you into doing random bitch work, and then yells at you when it's not done by the deadline despite it being impossible to complete the work requested. Not only that, the code rarely works, your co-workers are smelly Indians brought in by Tata Consultancy and connive to replace your job at all times for half the salary, and the work never, ever ends. You pollute your body with sugar and toxins, deprive it of sleep, and let it rot while you sit the majority of the day, neglecting any healthy exercise, social interaction or life goal attainment. It's like a Postal worker, but coupled with feelings of patheticness, lonliness, helplessness, rage and total hopelessness.

Women, when they hear you are a programmer, instantly remove you from the potential pool of mates as they know your earning potential is maxed early and your career over at 35. They are also instantly disgusted by you. It is far better to tell a woman you are on welfare than to out yourself as a computer programmer. It's also highly embarrassing for a woman to date or be married to a programmer, as virtually everyone knows they are the grown up version of the hopeless virgin in high school. One who never really grew up and became normal and fit into society, but rather found an environment where he could escape the reality of his situation and be invisible, able to hide the toxic shame and utter humiliation that is the programmer.

After Dentists, programmers have the highest rates of mental disorders, especially depression and suicide.

Programmers, why haven't you taken the cyanide pill?
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