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Why don't you use qt?

p r i v a c y

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What software do you use to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet? And besides software, what are good (autistic) practices you developed over the years in order to remain anonymous while browsing?

Some useful links:

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Just heard the news. How can a guy who claims to know a lot about computer security get hacked?
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Need help anons!
>Be me
>In a normie business class
>"Has anyone been on the deep web?"
>Only I raise my hand.
>Everyone stares at me like I did something bad.

Fuck should I drop this course, it was for my elective.
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/psst/ - Programming Safe Systems Thread

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Hello /g/, Incel here,

So how long until we are able to emulate the feeling of sex with technology? Like we are able to feel we're having sex with the pornstars we watch? 10 years? 20 years? If you aren't sure give an educated guess.
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god dammit these front cameras are useless.. do you honestly use this? in laptop? on smartphone? "muh selfies"
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Web Browser

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What is the most lightweight browser /g/?

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the ABSOLUTE state of hackernews
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>Fall for engineering meme because think you get to do sciency stuff
>boring math.jpg
At least the money will be goo-...
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