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Will Nazi robots ever be created?
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Let's talk PC TV tuners

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Who here uses a TV tuner for their /tv/ needs? How many hoops did you need to jump through for a working setup?
More importantly, why didn't they take off in the same way graphics cards did, even before people began mass cord-cutting?

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>wake up
>suicidal morning like any other
>hear a loud click from my pc
>30 seconds later hear another loud click
>wtf bro
>the smell of burning plastic fills my room
>nothing's on fire
>nothing looks damaged
>turns on just as usual
>perfect temperatures

didn't leave it on for the night either, how did this happen?
disassembled the psu, no visible damage
what do?
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Programming languages

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Not a computer scrub, just curious.
>Why is there like a billion coding languages?
I understand that HTML and python are used for different things, but why so many "c"s and other random shit? Why cant you just have one fast language?
>Also, considering mechanical/software/electrical engineering, which language should I learn to code things that will move? Which language will high-paying jobs require?
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How do they program in countries that don't speak English? Do they still use English for their variables and functions or do they use their native language?
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Name a better OS for developers.

Pro tip: You can't
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ITT people who had very little or nothing to do with advancement of technology, but public opinion credits them for that for some reasen
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You guys don't seriously use Linux, do you?
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>40 dollars a month
>verizon network

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How does it feel being in last place, linuxfags?
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