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>first day of job
>asked to upgrade postgres to next major version in prod

This seems inappropriate, right? At least give me a few days to get up to speed.
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I've been putting my life on hold till the day I can get a new computer because I'm using this outdated piece of shit PC that's falling apart and still running windows 7. However I can't get a job and wanting to figure out ways to make money online like mTurk, etc. But afraid of the security risks with this PC am I just being a paranoid autistic dumbass? Or am I in the right to be fearful with my situation? I can't afford a new PC with no job and especially with the prices today thanks to "buttcoin". I just want to try to get something done already instead of sitting here feeling like I'm wasting my life away.
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Y- You told me /g/oogle was evil...

>The project took off about two years ago, when Blair-Goldensohn and two other employees, Rio Akasaka and Diana Hsu, took it on as a "20 percent project," a Google initiative that employees pursue outside of their formal workload.

>"We've been a ragtag bunch of 20 percenters who are dedicated to this," he said.

Solve a problem for people in wheelchairs in the "work on whatever you want" 20 percent free time Google gives them...
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Anyone else think we need to go backwards in society and not be tied into the smart phone and computer daily?
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>computer semi-stuck on boot up loop
>first power up of the day, the computer gets its fans whirring and then shuts down only to start itself again and whirr the fans and then shut down
>let it repeat this 100 or 200 times and it manages to get through to the desktop and works like nothing was ever wrong
>can restart and everything after the first success of the day
>this troubles me, as something is definitely wrong
>friends tell me it's the PSU so I buy a new one and decide to upgrade my RAM from 8GB to 16GB because why not
>the parts arrive, I get everything installed and trt booting
>the problem was not fixed
>now they tell me the culprit is the motherboard
>I bought 170 euros worth of DDR3 RAM for it
>I've got GTX 970 and I7-4690k
>can't find any motherboards that I could fit all of them on anymore, I had a Z97-gaming 3 but the model is discontinued
>too tech illiterate to find out what mobo to purchase

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In high school
Girls think I'm a nerd and want to see me do something nerdy
Open CMD
>Ping default gateway
>ohh, such a hacker
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Wasted CPU potential

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It's a shame that such boosts are nearly impossible to acquire with binary distributions unless dispatching is used. The latter is very rarely used and only by programmers that know how and when to use such instructions. GCC on the other hand seems to be doing a fine job with that.
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*rips your finger off*
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Ultrawide monitors

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Anyone have one? Are they worth? I have an older 2560x1440 27" Dell monitor that I'm considering upgrading from to an ultrawide or adding a 19" monitor to the right side.

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>military grade security
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