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Emacs hate thread

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>slow startup
>slow with editing long lines
>slow with editing large files
>have to learn an entire language (elisp) to use it properly
>modes are buggy and sometimes run into scripting errors
>poor graphical support
>nerds who can only code fizzbuzz touting it as good
>most written modes suck compared to what IDEs offer
>debugging sucks
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Is SSD cheap enough for you now?

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Upgrading my PC?

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I was considering upgrading my PC. The first PC I ever built. I did a few minor upgrades to it but I was thinking about doing a major one soon. Motherboard and processor. I think my current processor is holding me back tremendously. What do you guys think?

Any idea what motherboard I should even get? Hell, maybe I don't even need a new mother board? I don't know. What processor should I even aim for? I am not familiar with the most effective hardware I should try and get. Here is a screen of what I have right now.

Am I even in that rough of a shape?

ALso, why does captcha shit down my neck and say it thinks suspicious traffic is coming off my network and won't let me fill them out? Then other times I can post fine? God dammit.
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>people think the operating systems using the linux kernel are safer than windows 7
OpenBSD is the only decent system as of November 2018


Another major systemd flaw (90% of linux users are affected by it)
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Bash argument autocompletion

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I just want my command.sh to autocomplete to certain files in the directory matching a pattern.

Why is this shit so fucking out of this world ugly and complicated?
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Which will shape the future of backend services and web in the future? (besides .NET and Java)
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What thick tablets do wall street floor traders use?

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Look sick unlike the itoys all the fruitfags use.
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does it exist? pic unrelated
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Redpill me on gentoo

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Is LaTeX dying?
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