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I tried learning Python 3 and I was watching this tutorial. Where do I get the inspiration to finish this?

I was watching that and I just ended up giving up for about 2 weeks. I told myself this summer I will learn it but I have no clue how to start.

So how did you learn python? How long did it take?
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What went wrong?

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Why are phones so absurdly huge nowadays? How to people use or carry these things?
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Why is so good?
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I have one of these. It's been sitting by itself abandoned for several years. What should I do with it? Gentoo would take years to compile; I'd have to do it offline.

Specs, for reference:
AMD Geode LX700 CPU (433 MHz)
1GB flash storage
256GB memory
1200x900 combo reflective/transmissive display (in bright environments you can turn off the backlight and use reflected light)
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Proprietary software is more secure than open source software because you don't have every pale as fuck hacker looking over the code for exploits.
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Is the whole $79k a year average for programmers a meme? Somehow I have a hard time believing it with how flooded the field is, here and elsewhere.
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>He calls his thumbdrive a usb stick
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It's just basically a Linux distribution on steroids.
So why all the hate?
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Im creating Facebook messenger bot with Dialogflow to deal with customer service. Anyone know how do i download my FB bussiness messenger chat history and sort it in excel? Im gonna use this for the context of my bot.

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This pop-up appears whenever I enter 四-Chan

That's sort of creepy, even thought it's an antivirus and it filters all of the connections. It doesn't react to other websites that often (read: almost never)