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Why is VScode the only legitimately good product microshit has come out with in years?
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/dpt/ - Daily programming thread

Continuing the type system flame war from the previous thread ( >>63830309 ). Please be refined.
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Rooting Android phones in 2017

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Is there any reason to do it besides custom ROMs?
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MSN Messenger

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Why did it die?
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/pmp/ - portable media player

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Where are my pmp brothers at? You're not retards who keep their music on their smartphones or, even worse, stream it, right?
So, what do you use and how do you like it?
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net neutrality

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im considering hoarding data as a hobby.
but it seems so overwhelming. id like to get my movie list out of the way and i already have selected titles of games i liked.

how does one begin hoarding data and what do you recommend in ways to make it the least amount of stress?

The Android fragmentation problem has reached full JUST

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>Android 8.0 (Oreo)
>released over 3 months ago
>only 0.5% share (that's right, not even 1%)
>there are 4x as many people on 4.1 (Jelly Bean), released in freaking 2012, than there are using the latest version of Android

How did it get this bad?

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>the absolute state of collab vm
get in here lads

/cyb/ + /sec/ - Cybersecurity and Information Security General

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▌ All resources from past threads (paste and comments) will be present at OuterHeaven
> i2g3vsckj67dnjvb.onion

Θ Infosec questions: building an obsessive need to find your own answers could be a key for more than one chain.

Ω All are welcome here; the world is fucked and we are all in this together.

◙ Cypherpunk Manifesto
◘ Cyberpunk Manifesto
∆ Hacker Manifesto
± Guerilla Open Access Manifesto

▓ Fables, realities, prophecies and mythology of a community:
░ What is cyberpunk
▀ The importance of a cyberpunk mindset applied to a cybersecurity skillset.:
> [Embed]
● Cyberpunk directory:
▬ Cyberpunk resources

▐ Cybersecurity essentials/resources
Reference books
> PASSWORD : ABD52oM8T1fghmY0
> Cntrl + F Basic Knowledges, Basic Training, Arms/Arm
▼ Endware: Heavy armor for anons, by anons

◊ Free Shells and more

₪ /cyb/ FTP
> user/password == guest

> irc://
> #/g/punk
> #/g/sec
> (All require SSL)
> IRC guide:

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Can a machine ever be more evil than a chink?