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Toast Malone

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First, Break the Toaster In Half
Then, put two slices of toast on the side of the toaster.
Finally, you can enjoy your meal fag.


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One of the best looking Operating Systems of all time.

best technology companies to invest in for the next quarter?

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i need your help /g/ autists. my class has been given a project to compete with the other classmates in business to invest in stocks. i want to know what the most profitable technology companies will be for the next quarter (intel, nvidia, etc.) so that i can finish on top of my class. it can be non /g/ too if you want to contribute

also as a side note i can't figure out for the life of me why i can't invest in bitcoin on the site we've been given ( if one of you guys are really dedicated. pic not related
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tech noob here
my college throttles wifi for gaming (no ethernet available) and im thinking about getting a VPN
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How do I turn off the compositor in gnome3?
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streaming videos

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how can I download a video ... when I inspect the element, this appears:

<video data-html5-video="" src="blob:"; preload="metadata" controls="true"><style class="clappr-style">[data-html5-video]{position:absolute;height:100%;width:100%;display:block}</style></video>

if I use the GetThemAll extension of chrome, I can download several, sequential ... init.mp4 + seg-1.m4s + sec-2.m4s ... for audio and also a sequence for video ...

is a portal of courses, I need to log in to it to access the videos...

Arch slower than Manjaro?

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So, I installed Arch Linux 3 days ago and tommorow it started running slower than usual, even slower than manjaro KDE was. What should I do /g/?

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/g/uys, why is hacker news just a shitty rip off of reddit

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Is anyone else watching the GTX 1070 prices fall?

The 1070 has gone from $470 to $430 in the last 24 hours on Amazon. Looks like the 1070ti is causing the prices to drop.
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What sites do you use to get actual tech news/reviews/etc.? Anandtech was my go to, but it got sold and kinda sucks. Thanks, i love you.