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Why still no mass produced Linux phone?
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Computer hardware issue

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Hey so i just put together a new pc and ran into an issue, hopefully someome from here can help.

The pc turns on, then turns off after a second, then turns back on, then there are 5 beeps. The computer stays on with fans and everything running, but here is nothing coming from the screens. Ive tried different monitors. Ive tried looking online, and cant find anything for my specific mobo.

My mobo is gigabyte h310m a. I looked at the manual for it, and theres nothing on beep codes. The thing is, when i take out the ram, i get continuous short beeps. Is the issue the ram, cpu or mobo?

Ive also tried unplugging every periferal.
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Everybody I know in second year college are spamming these cancer reddit-tier memes.
> Guys recursion amirite?
> Hey I program in HTML (funny cuz it's not real programming language)
> Programmer.code(coffee), only coders will get this xD
What is the fastest way of detaching my retinas?
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/ceg/ - Computer Engineering General

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What are you working on anon?
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Is Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 good for entry level stargazing?

Apple Hate thread

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Are you renewing Amazon Prime after the price increase?

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