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hey /g/ what OS do you think Trump™ uses?
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Is there any video player for linux like MPC-HC?

I have already tried smplayer and vlc and but don't have the option to play the next video in the folder.
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>Google is full of SJWs
>SJWs love FOSS
>chromium and other software would almost surely be proprietary if not for them, not to mention youtube still using flash
Really makes you think.

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hey /g/ like muh rig?

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How can i unlock my iPhone? I have always used my fingerprint, but I damaged my finger, so it is not registered anymore. I don't remember my passcode, because I never used it. Can I somehow reflash the rom or something?
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how do I get content in an iframe to workaround/ignore CORS? do i route it through a localserver and add my own headers to it?
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Compiling a C program in 64 bits

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Writing a small c program with the following data structure:

typedef struct node{
struct node* child[MAX_CHILDS];
} node;

and initializing node's childs in the following manner:

node *n = (node*)malloc(sizeof(node));

for (int i = 0; i < MAX_CHILDS; i++)
n->c[i] = NULL;

this compiles just fine in x86.

But for some reason when I'm trying to compile the same code in x64 I get access violation exception (pic related).

Why is this /g/?

What's up with the x64 version of the compiled code?
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/g/ related stuff that makes you go "But why?"

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Whats the best media player for linux?
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