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Wasted CPU potential

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It's a shame that such boosts are nearly impossible to acquire with binary distributions unless dispatching is used. The latter is very rarely used and only by programmers that know how and when to use such instructions. GCC on the other hand seems to be doing a fine job with that.
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*rips your finger off*
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Ultrawide monitors

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Anyone have one? Are they worth? I have an older 2560x1440 27" Dell monitor that I'm considering upgrading from to an ultrawide or adding a 19" monitor to the right side.

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>military grade security
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Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian

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> Self-driving Uber car hits, kills pedestrian in Arizona
> TEMPE, Ariz. - Tempe police are investigating a deadly crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle overnight.

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>fucking around on school computers
>everything's disabled, fuck
>mfw i can run powershell
>mfw i can run powershell as admin
What do, /g/?
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Forgotten languages that you enjoy(ed)

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What are some programming languages that you enjoy or would like to learn but are rarely if ever used anymore.

Pic related: Eiffel
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What is going to happen to free software when stallman dies? Will it make it without him?
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WebOS back in the open

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LG has made their version of webos open source. Is this the end for webos and smart tvs?
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