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If you're using any Linux distribution and can't use Perl and Bash, it's time to go back to Windows/OSX you poser.
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Containers do you fuck with them?
What would be the best setup for a "production" ready environment with no support?
What are the best alternatives to Docker?
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chkdsk /r

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Help me bros, this chkdsk /r has been taking about 3 hours, and about an hour ago, i thought it was finished, but it says it stills correcting errors in MFT and AFT, please tell me if this will realy take long, or it's just my HDD is dead.

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Net neutrality is dead.
Long live net neutrality!
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>have a small town isp
>okay tier
>been a subscriber even before the internet when theyre are still telephone company
>for atleast 20 years
>google fiber kicks in
>call the isp that i will not renew the subscription next year
>she says they have been receiving calls like that all month
>she says we have been good customers for a very long time
>still insist to stop
feels bad man, i am so harsh i wish i could go back in time to fix my mistake
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Republicans want this.
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Give me 5 reasonable arguments why Ultrabooks aren't the best laptops you can get.

Protip: You can't.
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Libre SBC

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I'm looking for a libre SBC, but the FSF's page about it hasn't been updated in 2.5 years. I'm considering the ODROID-XU4. Does anyone know more about the current state of these boards?