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Face it, they're unbeatable. They are so far ahead of the game it is unbelievable.
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terry thread. never forget

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It still feels kind of surreal. I talked with this guy in his irc, last thing he said to me was asking him to paypal him some money.
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Things that should be illegal:

* Case windows.
* Superfluous LEDs.
* Packaging that's not a plain brown cardboard box.
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>T-Mobile is giving away the iPhone XR for free
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So what companies do you expect will advertise on 4channel.org?
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What is the perfect dream pc? Parts,mods etc.
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4chanX, OneeChan, and other userscripts on new domain

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Has anyone been able to modify the scripts to work with the new domains?
Since OneeChan isnt being updated anymore, I was hoping someone had found a way.
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