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Are you renewing Amazon Prime after the price increase?

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>be jew
>start show about free software
>gather audience
>claim that people would pay for the show
>put show behind paywall, make a "walled garden" for supporters of the show
>get called out on youtube comments
>claim anti-semitism
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Europarliament: 'Is facebook a total botnet?'
Zuckerberg: 'We'll follow up on that'

>'You can also follow this conference on the European Parliament Facebook page'
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How fast is your Internet?
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let's see those battlestations

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At the point when normie facebook tasks can be done by phones and compute sticks, what is the minimum workable cpu/soc?

Some time I ago I seen n4200 (I think) with a gpu, play games pretty well. Chinks use weird surplus celerons and pentiums to make "gaming laptops" with m2 gpus. In >2018 wouldn't a 10w tpd core m or a mobile pentium be better than the power consuming cores? It feels there's no advantage besides artificial numbers spewed by benchmarks or fps in bloated games? Like 3D rendering software requires gpu not cpu anyways and all /g/ does, at best, is "coding" in html or shitposting.

Looking for friends and advice on buying new computer.


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As bad as Windows is today, when did it REALLY start to go to shit? What was the LAST good Windows OS?
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You should be able to solve this
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All DEs suck. Why is this?
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