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Whats next for his career?
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>On a meeting
>Someone is using big words that I don't really understand
>Ask them to clarify and explain in front of others
>They can't explain any of it, so they're just using big words for the hell of it....
>Did I have to make them look bad?

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Is the Galaxy S9 worth getting if I'm upgrading from an S6? If not, what should I get
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Who will be held responsible for manslaughter?
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Why is this even a "debate" when digital audio is mathematically, objectively, and even subjectively the best medium for storing audio?
Is it ignorance?
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What's /g/ best smartphone at the time?
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Why did this fat fuck write Memecraft in Java? It runs like shit and is a memory hog.
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Why do people keep saying SSDs are a meme?
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What´s up /g/

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I´m getting access to some servers I can play around with that wont cost me anything to run. How can I use them to generate passive income with little administrative work? Servers are located in a big data center running 99.9% 24/7 and has mucho fast internets.