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>His system is still vulnerable

dog /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/spec_store_bypass 
Mitigation: Speculative Store Bypass disabled via prctl and seccomp

Voice Assistants and the (((Botnet)))

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I've been interested in getting a voice assistant to deal with the loneliness, and considering that really the only thing it can do is listen in to your conversations that doesn't seem like that great of a threat to me, since my room is literally silence at all times.

Is it worth getting one as an organizer?
Are there things that it can do besides listen in to everything?

If so, which one should I get?
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>if (!pointer)
>if (pointer == NULL)
>if (NULL == pointer)
Which is better?
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30 Million LoC Problem

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Is he right about the state and necessary future of software development /g/?
I'm not knowledgeable enough to judge.

My best summarization:
>The "30 million" refers to all the known/approximated code underneath your code/a software writer's code
>The problem with modern software and software development is that we are writing software on top of software (Operating Systems) instead of hardware, like back in the 80s and early 90s

>The reason for this is a mixture of hardware manufacturers not cooperating, laziness, and historical hardware experimentation which is no longer valid
>It's impossible to reliably test code because of the massive abstraction you're working above
>It's impossible to make truly performance or creative code due to API limitations/friction, and bugs
>It's possible for hardware guys to make an ISA for a SoC (which is a very likely future of PCs)....
>and this is what they should do so we can make software independent of the OS and all other software (if desired), or at the very least far more independent (memory given and taken from an ISA instead of the OS)
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I need a rundown on Ad-Free Spotify

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/g/, what's the final solution for streaming music without paying for it?

I think Spotify's discover weekly system is king of music recommendation algo's so I want to keep using the service, but i don't want to pay and I no longer want ads.

What's the best solution to be able to use spotify ad-free on my laptop/desktop and bonus points if I can get it ad-free on mobile device as well.
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how do i get a job programming in R?
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wow i love windows

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why do brainlets on this board get so defensive when you point out dumb shit they shill?
tell someone to use linux or w7 without updates when their botnet crashes/forces an update and
>but i do """work""" and w7 is somehow "obsolete"
why ask for help then if you already know it all and know what you want?

criticize what they buy because it's bad hardware or whatever and
>haha don't be jealous poorfag

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>He bought windows 10
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Why does my fucking airconditioner need an internet connection?
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