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Give me 5 reasonable arguments why Ultrabooks aren't the best laptops you can get.

Protip: You can't.
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Libre SBC

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I'm looking for a libre SBC, but the FSF's page about it hasn't been updated in 2.5 years. I'm considering the ODROID-XU4. Does anyone know more about the current state of these boards?

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t-thanks americans
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AMD is getting absolutely smashed. Their marketshare in both GPUs and CPUs have plummeted in the last few of months.

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Why people are still buying laptops in almost 2018?

Most laptops today:

>have shitty TN screens
>are harder to repair than a regular PC
>soldered CPU and RAM
>horrible keyboards and trackpads

There's absolutely no reason to buy laptops anymore unless you being in college or your job doesn't provide you one.
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Cursor thread

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Which cursor type is best, and why is it the block cursor?
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So /g/, my keyboard died, but I haven't been on /g/ for a few years, what should I get?
>this was my dream keyboard
>looked it up

Keyboard thread

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Does this seem fair to you?
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