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Windows 10 Education, the holy grail of W10 according to /g/ now has Cortana enabled.

Will Microsoft ever stop their bullshit?
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Rudder pedals

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idk if this belongs in g or v but what are some good quality rudder pedals for pc. ive been looking for a while and Id really like one for arma and fsx but i want to make sure its good quality.
pic related
please nothing over 100 bucks
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Android already blows iOS out of the water because of the easy file transfering from PC.

>need shitty software on PC to synchronize phone library with iTunes library

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>Is it true anon that only virgins use linux?
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is it still worth to root an android?
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Redpill me on Best Buys laptop selection
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>mfw fell for the Linux meme

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i was tricked into using this shitty piece of garbage that has:
>terrible driver support
>ugly interface
>software made by 30 year old dudes in their moms basement
>can't even download any games
why /g/ why did you do this, if anyone is reading this.. just switch back to Windows 10, really.
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The worst trash ever

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Whoever made this should die in pain
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Do any of you know what's this thing?
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>hey guys it's your avg consumer
>has $50K+ worth of gear on his desk
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