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Hey /g/,

I made a puzzle for you. The attached image is the first step/clue. Good luck.
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/g/ meta thread, Hiro allows one per board

If someone makes a post about Linux in some graphics card thread on the technology board, they're not breaking a rule because, while it's off the secondary topic (graphics card), it's on the primary topic (technology)
If someone makes a post about anime on the technology board of the anime website, they're not breaking a rule because, while it's off the secondary topic (technology), it's on the primary topic (anime)
Q. E. D.
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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old thread: >>61094702
What are you working on, /g/?
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As it turns out, Skylake-X is actually WORSE on efficiency than Broadwell-E, somehow, in someway, Intel has managed to get worse.

177W(63C package, 58C core)
3.4GHz @1.07V

281W(98C package, 94C core)

Interesting parts are the voltages, which are almost the same, but the power draw is lunatic.

Prime95 v26.6 is actually non-AVX, to correct the "only AVX is a housefire on Intel" meme.
Turns out it was a meme.

More details in the article.
Welcome to Intel Bulldozer(also has a similar cache topology as Bulldozer, what could possibly go wrong?)
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daily reminder that you wont get a hot af gf with ur memes.
Also open source and freedumbs memes make it even worse
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I have an .ISO of a video game that I used to play on win95, of course it doesn't work on my mdoern computer. However I've downloaded Orace Virtualbox, and a win 95 installer. How can I "mount" ISO-s in a virtual envirement?
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New chemical tax on electronics in Sweden on the 1 July

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We are getting a new tax in Sweden on white goods and electronics. The tax is there to get people to purchase more environmental friendly products without fire protecting chemicals in them, or other less harmful chemicals in them.
The tax will be calculated on weight and will be 0.8€ per kilo on white goods and 12€ per kilo on electronics, up to a maximum of 40€ per product.

Does any other country have something like this? Do you think it is a good idea?

Article about it (in Swedish)

At least if will get me to order my new PSU now.
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2017 Summer Cup Roster Poll

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--Welcome to day 2 of the Roster poll--
Okay /g/, the 2017 Summer Cup is coming and it's time to bring our team roster poll up to date and reflect /g/ as it is now. I am the current manager for the team.
Our previous manager OMP never ran roster polls but I intend to change /g/'s historical board interaction status.
Please vote on our roster poll here :
>"What is this"
The 4CC is a cometition run on modified versions of PES between different 4chan
boards. For details please check the wiki here
There are two seasons are a year with a Winter and a Summer Elite Cup.
The /g/ team will soon be celebrating its 5th anniversary and is competing in the 2017 Summer Cup in July/August. An example of one of our matches can be found here
[YouTube] 4chan Summer Cup 2015 Final - /mlp/ vs. /g/ (embed)
Archives of other matches can be found here
/g/ is a historically successful team and was runner up in the 2015 Summer Cup
If you have any more questions or suggestions please leave them in the thread!
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amd 6950

Im trying to do

1 DVI 1 HDMI 1 Displayport to HDMI

No matter what I try though, i can only extend two of the monitors. When i try to extend the third, windows says "Unable to save display settings"

what am i doing wrong?