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95% of /g can't write a program that does this.
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Why is Linux so fucking shit?

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>Install Gnome on my tablet
>Looks nice and comfy desu
>Start using it
>Shitty Caribou touch keyboard isn't capable of typing uppercase letters or symbols
>Can't type my password to log in
>Can't type anything properly once I'm logged in
>No differing power settings depending on if I'm plugged in or on the battery
>Can't set DPI to the proper value of 1.5x, just 1x or 2x
>Try various xrandr hacks which just break it even more
>End up having to run it at 1x and poke at pixels with my finger

>Install KDE on my tablet
>Persuaded by pic related
>Looks like fucking shit, but actually has some power and DPI options and stuff, maybe this will work
>Start using it
>Touch input moves the mouse cursor around and literally just functions as a mouse
>Can't scroll by touching and dragging
>No virtual touch keyboard at all on Xorg
>Can't type my password to log in
>Can't type anything once I'm logged in because no keyboard
>Try to change the touch gestures, but my changes don't take effect and it just continues to use the apparently hardcoded default of task switcher when dragging in from the left
>Looks fucking ugly as shit, holy god damn shit
>Try the Application Dashboard widget, just looks like a shitty knockoff of Gnome's overview, but it doesn't have the nice present windows part so it's shit

>Try TeamViewer
>Touch input just goes through as mouse input on the other end, whereas if I use TeamViewer from Windows it actually sends through touch input

>Try Discord
>Exit from the system tray just makes it restart constantly, have to kill it from the terminal

Why the fuck is Linux such a piece of shit? I want to use it. I don't want the Illuminati fucking spying on me constantly with Windows. But Windows just works. Linux is such a fucking broken piece of shit. Or at least if you want to do anything more complicated than a basic keyboard and mouse desktop.
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Non-dogshit-feeling Windows laptops

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Hey guys, I've been meaning to by my mom a laptop. She dosen't game or anything but I wanted something with a premium feel. Like the new Dell XPS, or LG gram. I'm wondering if there are any "good" feeling laptops out there for under 1000 bucks with at least 8gb of ram. Surface laptop felt amazing, good touch pad and keyboard, but its pricey. Same with the XPS and Gram. I've noticed a lot of Windows laptops have horrible touch pads and keyboards (Acer...) and just feel flimsy and shitty. Anyone know of some gems out there with a premium feel? Minimum I wanted 8gb ram, IPS screen, and 8th gen intel CPU's.

inb4 thinkpad
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/hpg/ - Headphone General

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How to request purchase advice:

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Headphone guide:

Previous thread: >>65160814
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Firefox Master Password System Has Been Poorly Secured for the Past 9 Years

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>"I looked into the source code," Palant says, "I eventually found the sftkdb_passwordToKey() function that converts a [website] password into an encryption key by means of applying SHA-1 hashing to a string consisting of a random salt and your actual master password."

>But Palant wasn't the first to notice such weakness. A Mozilla bug tracker entry by Justin Dolske from nine years ago reported the same issue, soon after the master password feature's launch.

>Dolske also pointed to the low iteration count of 1 as the master password's main problem. But despite the report, Mozilla did not take any official action for years.

>It was only until this past week when Palant reanimated the original bug report that Mozilla finally provided an official answer, suggesting this would be fixed with the launch of Firefox's new password manager component —currently codenamed Lockbox and available as an extension.

Good job, Mozilla. You clearly care a lot about the security of your users... Not.
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What's the most powerful smartphone with a replaceable battery?

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By powerful I mean in terms of its processor?
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/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General

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what's your job, /g/?

What's the most complicated system or device that you understand well enough to build?

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what's a good drone for someone with no prior experience?

i want to learn how to manoeuvre one, maybe filming with it but nothing too serious. being able to take it on trips would be an added bonus.


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