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Macbook Air 2018

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Can anyone give me one good reason anyone would buy one of these? I'm at a loss...
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I got a job at Google and have to learn C++ but there's so much shit in the language I can't even fucking understand how to remember all the syntax. What the fuck do I do.
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Can we have a battlestation thread, /g/ ?
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n about OLED burn in is hilarious.

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TV users deny it.
Phone users deny it.
Reviewers deny it.
Flamewars on youtube comments rage on.
The cognitive dissonance is strong.
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>pie update available for mi a2
>see whats different
>hideous as fuck quick settings
>useless gesture navigation
>ios ripoff program switcher
>less options for things like do not disturb

Is there ANY reason to switch to pie? It really does just seem worse overall. I mean look at this shit. Guess im sticking with oreo.
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LG C8 vs Sony AF8?

DAV1D is the new end user AV1 decoder. It's currently quite fast and will be deployed in Firefox 65

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>AV1is a new video codec by theAlliance for Open Media, composed of most of the important Web companies(Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Mozilla...).

>AV1has the potential to be up to 20% better than the HEVC codec, but the patents license is totally free, while HEVC patents licenses are insanely high and very confusing.

>The reference decoder forAV1is great, but it's a research codebase, so it has a lot to improve.

>We launcheddav1d, exactly 2 months ago, during VDD.

>We did a lot of work since. And by "we", I mean mostly the others.

>Today, dav1d isvery faston AVX2 processors, which should cover a bit more than 50% of the CPUs used on the desktop. We wrote 95% of the code needed for AVX2, but there is still a bit more achievable.

>We're readying theSSEand theARMoptimizations, to do the same. They will be very fast too, in the next weeks.

>dav1d is very fast, dav1d is almost complete, dav1d is cool.

>We're finishing the rough edges for a release soon, so that we can hope thatFirefox 65will ship with dav1d for AV1 decoding.

>On the other platforms, SSE and ARM assembly will follow very quickly, and we're already as fast on ARMv8. Stay tuned for more!

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Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?
Why everyone is waiting for zen2 to do some magic when even 2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k.
Streaming babies need not reply.
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Stop using proprietary software.
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