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Sony will move away from consumer electronics business

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Working remotely as a software engineer

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currently working remote and I find it unbearable since it can be a pretty lonely endeavor. Do you think working on-site will help? Or does working with normies make the problem worse? I should note that if I worked on-site it'd ideally be at a "quirky" start-up with free snacks and shit.
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What does /g/ think of Rossman? Is he competent?
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/ptg/ - Private Tracker Circlejerk

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What are private trackers?
Google it.

How do I get in?
Google it.

Can you answer my questions, please?
Read the wiki. We don't condone spoonfeeding.

What wiki?
Google it.

What is the purpose of this thread?
To circlejerk private trackers like they're secret clubs. No you're not invited.

- Delete all of your torrents, it feels good
- Autists will still get butthurt that OP didn't spoon-feed.
- More pointless banter going nowhere.
- The sun still sets.
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/hsg/ - Home server general [Updated Edition]

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/hsg/ - Home server general
Discuss building, setting up your own homeserver and maintaining the services and demons on it.

[Quick Questions Quick replies]
Why would I want a NAS/Homeserver?
If you ask why then you don't need it.

RPi3, Asus Tinker or Odroid XU4/HC1.

Are you interested in learning Linux or BSD administration and configuration better? Becoming a systemd expert? Or maybe you hate that shit and want a cozy little BSD machine to run services on and interact with. Or practice more advanced and complicated networking setups.

[FAQ & Guide] (embed)
[Software and Distro Tips] (embed)

"These new vulnerabilities affect all major CPU vendors just not AMD/Intel but also ARM and IBM / POWER. Red Hat has initial details on their site and a further explanation. "

[Chat] #_hsg_
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Best Firefox Youtube downloader

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What is the best way to DL youtube stuff? I used to use something but it disappeared. One click youtube DL plugin does not work anymore and flashgot only lets me DL audio and video MP4 seperately.
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Tiling WM Thread

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Anyone else still using one of the "minimalist" tiling WMs? Or at least other than i3. Xmonad? Herbsluftwm? dwm? I swear there used to be many different users of WMs, but now even on /wg/ desktop threads it's mostly Linux with a DE. I'm sticking with Awesome as I always have. I like Lua, and how simple Lua is, and how well it integrates with C. I do like the appeal of how the config language is also scripting.
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Let's see those infographics you've got saved, anon.
Doesn't matter if they're old or new, post 'em.
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wats the highest quality image format
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