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iPod Classic partitioning

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I've got a 160GB iPod Classic that has some bad sectors on the HDD and it craps out when it reaches them. Some have suggested making a small partition that contains the bad sectors and making a second partition that is used as the main one. I realize I'd lose a few GB's but I don't care about that.

However, nothing I've used has allowed me to make a partition on it. No programs at all. What can I do? Have any of you done this before? I'd rather try this before replacing the HDD with an SSD.

>BST - CleanDeskEdition<

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>BST - CleanDeskEdition<
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>Black people can't prog-

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Finally someone talks about the bullshit in today's computer cases industries.
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How do I make a good job application for tech industry ? What's the template? What should I mention and what shouldn't I

Also I don't have much in the way of personal projects but I did do a thesis for my Computer Science major related to the field that has tons of documentation and tests so would this count ?

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Those of you who have VR:

1)How often do you use it?
2) Do you think it was worth the purchase, honestly?
3) Do you see yourself using it a year from now?
4) How would you rate your first experience?
5) Vive or Oculus?
6) Do you think game devs have a good amount of freedom to create something unique for VR?

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>the icon is misaligned

This is fucking trash! Winblows 10 really is designed for retards who don't know what a program is!
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How can a "developed country" like the UK have such an awful, awful Internet network?
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Give it to me straight anons...

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Can I shitpost from Plan9 yet?
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