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Post details of Linux admin books that are good quality and definitely worth buying

/wdg/ - Web Development General

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>Free resources to get started
Get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. - a good introduction (independent of your browser choice) - General documentation for for web-technologies

>Further resources - Developer questions and answers - Roadmap [Embed] - Web Development in 2018

>Tools - Use this and post a link, if you need help with your code - Check browser support for front-end web technologies
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>he doesn't audit every line of code in all software he uses
>he thinks open sores = automatically guaranteed safe
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>On a meeting
>Everyone is loud and talking over each other
>They all want to get something in for some reason
>I start talking and just keep talking over other people, they think its rude but its okay when they do it...

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Is that offer still on the table to get some Domino's?

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>he doesn't even know how to use sed for subtitutions
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Who here remembers this lil buddy?
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How does this wörk?


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what's /g/ opinion on this program?
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