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what is the worst thing you had to endure?
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>it's another refresh

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Enjoy spending $1999 plus tip for your Kaby Lake on the 14nm++++ process

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Is there a window manager that runs on windows that resize windows automatically with a margin ?

good email provider?

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anybody here know a good email client that's easy to sign up with and use? i don't like google, gmail, phone verification and people wanting to know your name and all this other stuff.. just want things to be a little more private, you know?
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Void vs. Solus vs. Manjaro vs. Antergos vs. Sabayon vs. Clear Linux

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uniregistry.com the domain stealer

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So today i planning on making a personal blog, i checked a domain that are available on net, and got one.
A couple hours later, when i about to buy the domain. The domain has already been taken, so i decided to go to the domain and its redirected me to uniregistry.com.
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is it possible to get a good mic for 40 bucks?
I've never bought one because I didn't need one but now I want to make some changes in my life.
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List pre-2003 software you still use
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are you shitting me?

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Please tell me this is fake

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Please tell me this is fake
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