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So who's getting a Vive now that the price dropped? The Rift sale is ending this week but HTC is dropping the price of the Vive. I'm a little annoyed, I just got mine two weeks ago. Oh well, whatever. The thing is still rad though.
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Do you have any habits/recipes to disconnect from time to time?
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Name a shittier piece of software. I'll wait.
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Why do ricefags exist?

They are the most useless form of Linux user. All they do is make terminal color schemes and set up anime wallpapers. On top of that, they pretend to be good at computers by putting python scripts in their rice screenshots and trying to do everything via the CLI.
Why spend all that time installing a distro designed for maximum configurability if you just want the cool screenfetch logo?

Seriously ricefags need to GTFO.
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Why do people still use CRT's?

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>shitty screen size

>4:3 in 2017

>Weights an absolute fuck ton

>takes up too much space on a desk


>Eye Strain like no other

>that whiny hiss noise they make

>Stupidly reflective glass


>Ugly as fuck
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Why are so many programmers and computer scientists bad at Math? I'm so deep into Topology I cannot even phatom the remote possibility of someone not knowing Calculus, Linear Algebra etc. Learning Math is obviously beneficial to your skills and experience so why do so many people just neglect it? Is it that they're just dumb and willingly ignorant?
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What exactly is so bad about Python?

Why do people on g say you learn "bad habits"? Like fucking what? It's so ambiguous and vague please explain.
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>mozilla is going to kill XUL on firefox
>their userbase hates this
>they don't care

Uprising when?
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Hello,I recently found some old computer science books and I wanted to know if it's fine to study from them or is the knowledge in them outdated.
They are almost 20 years old.
plz ignore the image