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Then they purchase you for $33B
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Anyone done the CompTIA? Would you recommend it for someone relatively new in the IT field?

I was looking at getting pic related, but I couldn't find a place to purchase the ebook of the latest edition for a low price
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/BFG/ - Black Friday General

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ITT: Share and discuss Black Friday deals. (For both US and EU)
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>be software engineer
>feeling a bit under the weather today, so I call my supervisor to ask if I could work from home
>he replies sarcastically, "yeah sure, anon!"
>continues, "in fact, why do we even need a fucking office if we could just work from home? I'm going to ask Jim (owner of the company) if we should end the lease and tell everyone to start clearing their fucking desks."
>I apologize
>show up to work late because I honestly expected him to say yes
>HR tells me I need to see them
>have to be lectured about "work ethic" and responsibility
I fucking hate this place. Please tell me there are greener pastures. I can't take much more.
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Best girl edition.
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Ryzen 5 2600 with 16gb ram and an ssd (500gb) Is barely able to run firefox. Nice meme, AMD

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Did anyone try using a yagi antenna for boosting their 4G signal? I have a 4G internet plan with a 4G router that supports external antennas so wanted to try it, but I'm not wasting money on those small flimsy pieces of shit they usually sell for them

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Who here is still rocking an FX processor? 8320 here.
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What are some /g/ aprobed program lenguages?
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