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Whelp, I got to go home early today. Thanks to centrally-managed stuff like Active Directory and Group Policy. Thanks, IBM, for forcing it down our throats and not letting us patch our own workstations.

How was your day, /g/ ?
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So I had the spotify student discount for a year, I used my name and my old community college I went to and it worked. Now I got an email saying my student discount is expiring in a few days, and wanted me to reenter my payment method and have me enter my info for their stupid college checking system. Now my name and my community college don't work anymore. There a way around this? I still want my damn student discount.
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why linux tards can't accept windows has the superior software tools unless you're a programmer, which windows even have better tools even.
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Why does it take forever for linux distros to start up? fedora in particular takes forever to start. it takes longer than windows. They need to fix that
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Is there a better search engine for porn than Bing?
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How the fuck am I supposed to watch .webms without this piece of shit OS?
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CS grad thread.

Dumping my entire collection of the best /g/ meme and seeing if anyone has anything new.
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/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux

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best mpv config

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Meanwhile on Russian and Ukrainian petrol companies
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