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best mpv config

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Meanwhile on Russian and Ukrainian petrol companies
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Shill me on a mouse /g/
Budget ideally under €50
Open to chinkshit
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is 25 too old to go to go back to school for computer science and get a well paying job?
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I installed ubuntu a few years ago and I got so triggered by the max, min close window buttons being on the left instead of the right side


they just did to be different from windows and it was so fucking annoying.
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>VW will beat him in the electric car game
>Boeing will beat him to mars
>Google will beat him to transhumanism
>Solar is a meme
>Hyperloop is a meme

Poor guy he'll be a footnote in the history books
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>going lewd mode
>start browsing gelbooru
>gelbooru suddenly plays steam, skype, discord notifications
>can see it clearly on firefox sound icon

what the fuck is going on, is gelbooru messing with us? I just wanna browse my lewds