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Brainlet here.

I have a server but no monitor I can connect it to. Can I install or at least ssh/vnc in to my server during installation without a monitor?
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>don't want to give into gsync tax for ultrawide monitors
>choose cheapest acer 3440x1400 100hz monitor, just so happens to be freesync
>417.71 releases
>now G-sync compatible

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Apartment security

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I already have an old-ish extra dell latitude hanging around that I don't use, and I'd like to repurpose it somehow to set up a USB webcam I have hanging around for apt security - are there any good programs for recording and automatically uploading them to the cloud so that I can view/stream on my iPhone and my main PC?

And is it a good idea to set the camera outdoors somehow for packages (if my complex allows myself to set it up on the wall outside my front door?) Or is that just going to attract burglars who pass by?

Otherwise - I'd rather just set it up indoors in case somebody does break in. I'm not in a 'nice' area - just a lot of lower class rednecks with some elusive tweakers and sleazy cholos here and there, doesn't seem like apartment/house break ins are all that common - basically not a ghetto neighborhood at all. But it's better to be safe than sorry.

That being said - got any other good /g/-grade apartment security protips and products?

/g/ truth bombs and red pills

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MacOS is the only good BSD choice.
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/wm/dpt/ - Well-Mannered Daily Programming Thread

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It's like /dpt/ but polite. Give it a try.
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Why is it hard from scratch?
Has anyone on /g ever made one for hobby?
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>Destroys your computer
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Windows key + tab is superior to alt-tab and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking moron
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I know that the fuck is going on. You're using windows when should be using Linux

Install Gentoo

Dumbphone vs Smartphone

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>desktop and dumbphone, no laptop

it's the best combination. they're smaller, lighter, the battery lasts for 1 month, and cost less. $50 gives you a 3310. it even has a camera that is very good, and microSD card slot for music, no botnet, no front cameras. If you want no camera and only want to talk and text, the Nokia 105 is $15.

laptops are also completely useless if you aren't constantly traveling, but they make smartphones even less useful.