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Which one is better for gaming, and why TN?
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Froppy disk size

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Which one is superior
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Positives of NN Abolishment

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Let's talk /g/, I'm not a bot, I'm not a liberal or a /pol/fag, I'm just a computer user who grew up and watched the internet develop as it has.

With that out of the way, I'm intrigued by the recent ruling on repealing NN simply because it means something might change instead of remaining as stagnant as it has been the last many years.

I had dial up in the somewhat early days on my old windows 3.1 system, it took forever but I could play tic tac toe online and frequently searched for games and news. In the early 2000s broadband was built in my area but only within city limits, we finally moved to around 15 mbps download which was amazingly fast, probably even better and more consistent than my current 20mbps connection. Sites werent bloated and tracking based advetising was very basic, also no pop up blockers.

Around 2005-2006 I lived in a rural zone and broadband had just made its way to parts of the countryside, this is east coast canada so im not sure how richer provinces were. The internet still wasnt bloated and websites loaded the fastest I could remember despite being on an older pentium 4 processor.

Somewhere around this point the smartphone boom happened, and the masses began flooding the internet, no longer a thing for nerds, people moved beyond texting with their phones and websites all adapted mobile layouts. I think it was around this point that targetted advertising and tracking found its roots. This is also when I remember the cost of plans getting more expensive, not post NN which was 2015.

So NN was introduced in the US at 2015, its been almost 3 years since, and the internet hasnt really improved since.

My break's over, but tell me how those of you who lived through the same timeline feel about this, personally im not hysterical about it like everyone else is, some of my best friends think Im 'brainwashed' for not being worried. But these protections have only been in place 3 years, and ive seen nothing get better yet.
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car newcar = initcar()
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Data recovery

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Reformatted my pc a few times. Lost audio files, that’s all I need back. Any way of doing this, any good free programs just for this cause?

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recaptcha doesn't work on quantum, pls help
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I need new headphones this year
I haven't bought headphones since 2008
what would /g/ buy for under $150?

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>freetards will defend this
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Should I contribute to GNOME or KDE project?

Which is the better project?
Which needs the most support?
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