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This phone is indestructible. I've lost count of how many times I dropped it and it never breaks.

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>the best search algorithm in the world

Merriam-Webster adds “sheeple” to dictionary, cites Apple users as an example

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Are robotic vacuum cleaners a good purchase or are they a meme? Entire apartment is tiled for what it's worth.
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>He doesn't use Windows 10 2015 LTSB
>He doesn't want all the benefits with using Windows 10 without the privacy infringements
>He would rather run away to OS X or Linux than buy an Enterprise version of an OS and receive security updates for 10 years

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What was the result of the thread a few days ago?

Will the work for lo/g/os get on again? I had no time to rail it that day.

Will we have a superior meme distro soon?
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Whats wrong with my computer? I booted it and pic related was on screen until I shut down and it booted normally

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Which linux distro do turks use?
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What are some /g/ approved pets? Thinking of getting pic related
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/mtg/ - mouse thread general

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will this be the best mouse to come out of razer?
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