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starting to like windows

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2 goddamn years to fix the sockets on wsl but at least it´s done
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How can I use all OS's at once?
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?cannibis produces seeds, is cannibis a fruit?
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/g/ job survey

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>circumstances (hours, commute, telecommute, cubicle, free food, etc)

>describe what you do in a typical day

>job satisfaction 0-10

>leisure/spare time/social/time to yourself?

>what do you do with your acquired wealth?
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It is currently the best IM service.

But why is it that the call connexion quality is shit.

VIM editor

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Why do so many people recommend vim? What are your opinions on this editor as an IDE? Is it worth the time to learn vim?
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KDE brainstorm thread

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What should KDE add or change to convince you to switch? For me, it's client side decorations.
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