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>try to format an external hard drive on windows
>format hangs
>freezes up
>try again
>freezes again
>try through disk management
>actually works this time for whatever reason
>Windows refuses to assign it a drive letter
>"fuck this"
>plug said external hard drive into my thinkpad running linux
>open gparted
>create a new partition table
>mount it
>it just werks
>try to use it in Windows
>"sorry this hard drive isn't using a file system Windows recognizes :^)"
>have to format again to NTFS because Windows doesn't understand ext4 file systems
>at least it formatted correctly this time
Windows is a piece of dog shit I only keep around to play games. If all Windows games suddenly worked on Linux tomorrow I wouldn't hesitate to switch.

At least Macs support file systems from other OS's goddamn.
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how many of u have or plan getting a 144hz display for gaming
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Can you get a job as a programmer without a computer science degree?

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What is your browser /g/
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Laptop/netbook alternative

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Is this retarded? It seems like it but I can't pin down exactly how. All I need is to be able to write on the go. I don't want or need a full laptop, tablet or netbook for that, it'd just be another thing I need to keep charged.

My thinking is, this feels close to using my desktop, it's modular so I am only out $18 if I spill my drink on the keyboard and it's all low power enough I can charge it from the solar panels on my backpack.

It doesn't pack up as quickly as a laptop or netbook though, so there's that. It also looks goofy as fuck, but seems otherwise very usable. Is it?
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why is my battery life so shit, tfw used to 7 plus

>inb4 hurrdurr buy android
>hurrdurr smartphone
>hurrdurr phoneposter

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>own 64TB server
>want to host images / memes for free
>don't know enough about webdev to detect and prevent duplicate uploads etc
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>6 cores 12 threads


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Beginner programmer

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I've been wanting to get into programming for quite some time, so I've decided to learn Python as it seems easy to get into while still being good at complicated tasks. Do you have any suggestions concerning online courses? I would prefer if it was something with assignments I have to solve without too much hand-holding.
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Your IDE doesn't matter.

The language you use doesn't matter.

The framework you use doesn't matter.

All technology arguments boil down to children fighting over which toy to play with.

Prove me wrong.
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