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Now with more hardware failures. Any spare hardware to replace Dell OptiPlex 755?
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What exactly is the difference between the so called, "Deep Web," and the "Dark Web," or "Darknet?"

Is Tor-only websites considered Deep Web or Darknet? Or are these just the same thing?

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you just got trolled faggot

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>that image
top lel
>mariana web
toppest lel

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Trolling aside, I've never understood why it was called "Mariana Web."
Is it referring to the sauce?

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It's just shit that won't get cached or indexed by search engines.

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The Marianas trench is the deepest trench in the world. Therefore, Marinana=Deep. But really, how can you post something like this and expect not to be ridiculed.
>You're retarded

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Some deep ass trench. Note, it's a master trole some /b/tards (and myself) started in 2011.

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Only pic I had.

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the original name was "marinaras web"

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Everyone look out! We got ourselves a master trickster anonymoose over here!

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Then why do you need Tor if it just isn't cached or indexed by search engines, tripfag?

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I always thought it was cool that most of tor is on google. site:tor2web.org

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tor2web accesses the tor web via their server and sends it to you.

Tor is still required.

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Not by the viewer. I get where you're coming from though.

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Because it's using modified version of HTTP(S) that tunnels through multiple computers and servers, right?

tor2web uses the Tor protocol on their servers, Tor doesn't have to be installed on your computer to access those sites.

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But Tor is still required to view the content.
It doesn't have to be installed on your computer because you are viewing it by proxy.

And because of tor2web, it *is* cached on search engines.

My website isn't on any search engines, does that mean it is on the Tor network?
No, because Tor isn't needed at all to view it.

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>My website isn't on any search engines, does that mean it is on the Tor network?
>No, because Tor isn't needed at all to view it.

>what is robots.txt
>what is not having your domain's URL linked on any other web pages that ARE cached

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I do enforce robots.txt, and it's not linked by any other sites.

What is your point, tripfag?

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I think that you're arguing for the sake of arguing, and I don't think you quite understand that we have the same viewpoint...

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I'm under the impression that you think that the only security Tor addresses have is not being on Google.

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I'm under the impression that you are jealous of my tripfriend status.

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Deep web is all non indexed internet
Dark web and net are the parts for drugs and killing

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also there is more than just tor shit out there

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<-- this might interest you OP

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