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/hrt/ - Hardware Removal-of-botnet Thread

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PogoLinux got back to me edition
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This general is dedicated to the creation of a list of hardware that is relatively botnet-free.
The Intel ME and other components are a serious threat to user privacy.

>"But what's the Intel ME, anon?"
I'm glad you asked! The Intel ME, or Management Engine, is a secondary co-processor in every single Intel chip in the last decade.
It runs a MINIX-based operating system and has full networking capabilities, drivers, and a goddamn web server in it.
This page offers additional information, and explains that it can read your files and applications, act as a keylogger, capture the screen, inject rootkits, etc.
Very nasty stuff.

AMD has its own botnet, called the PSP, or Platform Securiy Processor.
Here's what it is:
Here's Libreboot asking for it to be opened up in Ryzen:
Here's Plebbit asking for it:
Here's Edward motherfucking Snowden asking for it:
And here's AMD telling everyone to go fuck themselves:

>"b-but how can I avoid this? Im scared, anon!"
That's the point of this thread. To highlight options that are out there that are relatively free of botnets.
This will include the typical Librebooted memepads and whatnot, but a big part of this is also exploring alternative architectures.