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macOS is a fucking toddler OS

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I know /g/, you fucking warned me, but I needed it for xCode and Premiere so I gave it a try.
Don't. Please.
It's not worth the hassle.
It's well designed, I'll admit that, but it fails on some fundamental things: so far I've found:
>lack of ntfs support, you can only read ntfs disks and that's it. Oh but there is an app for that, and it's only 45.99$ on the App Store.
>lack of .doc readers, but there's an app for that with in-app purchases.
>lack of mkv/h265/HEVC support in the native player.
>lack of Flac audio support in the standard player.
>lots of useless gimmicks shown by default on the dock.(i.e. FaceTime, Memos, Notes, etc.)
>absolutely no customisation.
Everyone of these problems needed at least half an hour of downtime, interrupting any work, not even counting hackintosh's own problems like audio, video drivers and booting in the first place.
It really is an OS for people who prioritize looks on functionality, have a lot of money to burn in app purchases and don't mind losing time solving basic things.
Just install your distro of choice, you won't lose anything important.