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Alright, which one of you faggots started working at my office?

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This dude.
>started this week
>has put in multiple support tickets asking to have pale meme and f.lux installed on his working station
>put one in today asking for help configuring uMatrix
>sperges out hard when he saw me plugging in a vga cable while setting up his workstation
>brags about his plans for switching to gnu/linux when W7 support ends
>makes inane comments about the younger generation knowing nothing about tech, despite not being able to figure out how to run meme browsers without admin rights
>makes poorlt informed attempts at "debugging" in-house developed software
>works in the warehouse and is for removed from tech it bottles the mind the things he asked
>mumbled something about knowing some COBOL when I asked if he was interested in I.T. work

Which one of you faggots left the basement and left your neetbux behind. Memes are so tiresome in real life.