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I need something that'll impress my girlfriends parents. Post white people music

SHARETHREAD - Drunk Kozelek edition

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- Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the file type (v0, 320 mp3, FLAC, etc), short description, YouTube sample, link)
- Send thanks if you have downloaded something to let them know they did a good thing
- Avoid sharing / requesting things that are already on the archive
- Soulseek / rutracker are your friends, too - just don't argue in this thread about it

>I have a request! Did I...
- Check the archive for a live link before requesting?
- Share something first?
- Google "blogspot + artist name + album name"

>"I don't know how to find what I'm looking for in the archive"
- Go here: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- When searching, limit your search to links only, like so: "desired album mega|zippyshare|mediafire"
- Make sure you've typed "zippyshare" and not "zippy", or else Zippyshare links will not be found. Does anyone fucking read this?

- Deezloader
- Soulseek (P2P)

Sun Kil Moon - Live At Heartland (Incomplete)
>Folk-Rock, Sinatra cover, Comedy

In this episode of "I split youtube vids into an album", we have the god-tier live performance by Sun Kil Moon at the Heartland Festival in Denmark. Hardcore Kozelek fans will agree that his banters make up for the poor show. The Sinatra cover is fine, but then Mark becomes angry then exhausted as fuck when he sings Richard Ramirez. Listen to the second banter and think of the fact that this is the same guy who wrote "Katy Song" and "I Watched the film The Song Remains The Same".

This is supposed to be the first "pro-filmed" Sun Kil Moon concert, but I can only find the first 20 minutes. If any danish fellow could help me find the rest, it would be great!

Youtube vid:!P35X1biA!YZNMCojOyLMAB1JgaGoWKIppr3EivQiSiHbeaPJIrmE
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/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General

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Name one album that changed your life
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Bandcamp thread

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Do it
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ITT: Albums with no bad tracks
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SOPHIE thread

Excited for her new album? Whats your favorite songs?