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/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General

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Boomer edition.

How do I start learning guitar?
Guitar chords and inversions
String tension calculator (D'Addario-based):
Music theory:
Guitar Maintenance and other information:
Why is my guitar buzzing?
Large repository of tabs, books and other resources related to playing and theory:
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Noise, Experimental, Weird shit

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Can we get a noise, experiential, and off the wall music thread going?

Getting bored with normal shit lately and want to get deeper into this side of music.
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Soundcloud thread

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alright guys what are your thoughts on classical music?
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No, seriously. More like this? Why the fuck is there no good groove metal?
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>Hayley Williams was dethroned by St Vincent
>St Vincent was dethroned by Soko
>Soko was dethroned by Lana Del Rey
>Lana Del Rey was dethroned by Lorde
>Lorde was dethroned by Lauren Mayberry
>Lauren Mayberry was dethroned by Grimes
>Grimes was dethroned by Billie Eilish

Who will dethrone Billie Eilish? Will Clairo do it? Lolo Zouai? Another industry plant?