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/mu/mor thread: needlessly obscure edition

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oc encouraged, make sure the humor gets lost because people don't know wtf you're talking about
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ITT: Music for nerds that desperately want to come off as cool so they hop on the latest trendy hyped up act without considering that it may not actually be very good
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Charli xcx - pop2

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Thoughts on the new mixtape?

Femmebot is such a banger
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ITT: we create a band, rolling one musician at a time

Last time we created a legit band, so let's see what we get this time.

To read more about Brian Wilson Dies Christmas Day 2017:

It doesn't matter what they play IRL, what matter is the digits they get:

00 - vocals
11 - guitar
22 - bass
33 - drums
44 - keyboards
55 - saxophone
66 - violin
77 - xylophone
88 - synthesizer
99 - flute
trips - accompanying orchestra maestro
quads - tubular bells
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/m/ edition

old: >>76861684
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Name an album with better chord progressions
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Eminem - Revival

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Discussion for Eminem's new album revival, last thread hit bump limit.

The only good part of album is Alicia Keys chorus on Like Home.
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