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/gg/ - guitar general

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Guitar Cat Edition

Note: Most links below were dead, but are rumored to now work

Beginner information and FAQ: [Open] [Open]

Learn full stack development to afford non-shit gear: [Open] [Open]

Build a guitar:

Beginner guitar tutorials:

Guitar chords and inversions

String tension calculator (D'Addario-based):

Music theory:

>Steve "The Italian Stallion" Vai's Ten Hour Workout
>Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2
>Advancing Guitarist - Mick Goodrick
>Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene
>Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar
>Modern Chord Progressions: Jazz and Classical Voicings for Guitar - Ted Greene
>Jazz Guitar: Single Note Soloing Vol. 1 & 2- Ted Greene
>The mega!KIoilagC!3KtnUYdTW53VsQu9QrJS_g
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Remember that we hate Karina and Winterfags

We ONLY like Aeri the iljin, Ningning our Queen, and Rjing our princess.
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>Danny fucking Elfman releases a new song
>0 threads
Fuck you guys

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These faggots ruined punk forever. It could've been fun but they had to start acting like cucks and bringing in cucks to the scene
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/ourgirls/ edition
Old: >>99171208
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Marina Gear Solid edition

ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholism, flops, leaks, hitting the wall, buttchugging, meme fetishes, ERP, legwear, general waifu and stan faggotry

>Official thread theme:

-Bizzaro Stefani's keep appearing out of nowhere
-it appears that /wpop/ meet will be a wild orgy
-/wpop/ is based and consent-pilled
-anon wants to ejaculate into Natalie's vagina so that his sperm enters her cervix and uterus where it fertilizes her egg
-/wpop/ has hit horny levels never before seen (in about 2 weeks)
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>over 60 years since his death
>he still hasn't been topped
it's like no one's even been trying
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/prod/ - music production general

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/prod/ - music production general

New to production? Check it:

Post what you're looking for in feedback. Be specific if possible.

!!! GIVE feedback to GET feedback.

!!! PLEASE ignore tripfags and attention seekers

Post WIP's on or Vocaroo. You may NOT link to Soundclouds, Bandcamp - there are dedicated threads for posting them and anything resembling self promotion will result in bad feedback.

The state of discussion about all music making and audio topics is terrible here on /mu/, and we definitely need a dedicated board.
Here's the full argument for it:
If you like the idea, let 4chan know @ (under Board Suggestion)

In the meantime check out our /prod/ board:

PREVIOUS >>99147719
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>order cassette
>week passes
>wake up in my own bath filled with ice
>find incision in kidney area, even little movements hurt
>call 911
>get driven to hospital
>put to sleep

>wake up
>doctor tells me there was a baggy with a cassette tape put in place of my left kidney
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I wanna get in to Frank Zappa.
Shoud i just start with Mothers of Invention or somewhere else?

Recc me something.
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