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You know the drill , you have to prove that you are listening to it (post screenshot, and thoughts on it after you finished it, Because just posting without discussion is ass. No /mu/core or albums that last forever, keep it under 5 hours at least. If you are going to post in here and not give feedback or you don't like the genre you got then fuck off. Don't fucking just drop and image because the reverse image search doesn't work all the time , if you can drop a YouTube link even better.
just ignore off-topic posts.

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best hip-hop album of all time


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So let me get this straight

I waited six years for a mix of various artists that only includes Damon here and there for 20 fucking seconds
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ITT: Shit normies say about music

>"I hate my generation's music like Justine Gayber and Lady Caca. I listen to REAL, obscure music that my classmates don't know about like AC/DC, the Eagles, Boston, Journey, Led Zeppelin, and [insert a bunch of other shitty farty AOR boomer rock bands that EVERYONE in actuality knows about, and that are really no better than Justin Bieber]"

>"All music nowadays is about asses and money :/" [Orly? What's wrong with asses and half-naked women? Are you gay?]

>"You can't spell rap without the 'C' XD"

>Rap is like an oreo - the best part is white XD

>Music is like candy - you have to throw away the rappers XD
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does anyone here actually like this album? and why?

i don't, but i'm just curious if i'm missing something.
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Can we all agree that this is the early 2000's indie rock holy trinity?

Viper the Rapper

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Here it is, the essential list of the top 100 albums created by Viper the Rapper and related acts.

This is an objective list, niggas can be irish 7 isn't even that good so people shouldn't expect it to be on here.
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Can we talk about Vampire Rodents?
>inb4 it devolved into a Scaruffi thread
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