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can't believe i've slept on this masterpiece for so long

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Name a better progressive rock album than Pawn Hearts. I'll wait.
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template spam

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post 'em
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Why is Beyonce so well regarded?
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Seeing John Maus on Friday and I am so fucking hyped
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How do I write a good riff? What even makes a riff good?

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In order:

>peak genius music (Beethoven)
>peak pop music (Beatles)
>peak rock music (led zepplin)
>peak diy music (Nirvana)

I'm not saying that any of these are the best of their genre, but they are each undeniably the most significant.

When and peak rap occur? That's naturally going to be the next step but it doesn't seem like we've hit a defining rap artist yet.

No its not fucking Eminem.
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taylor swift vs ariana grande?

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for me personally it's taylor swift. who do you pick?
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