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Hope y'all are ready

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8/10 incoming
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/synth/ - Synthesizer General

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This is the /synth/ - Synthesizer General: GOAT Edition.

Talk about the GOAT, thats all ;)
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king krule's new album comes out next month. I hope it's more focused than The Ooz.
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"I do it rather well, don't you think" edition

Oldie: >>92662025
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This album cover is a bad thing.

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I just realized that what's happening in this cover is bad, these people obviously aren't functioning members of society, they're all shirtless and dancing over their victim, a hard-working man, the type of man that builds up society. You know that with their freedom, these people are just going to party and go back to being savages with their high technology like in idiocracy, theyre drinking alcohol and such. Also this album isn't that good, it's kind of not good, it's not bad, not good though, it's like drake, radio music.
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Uhh eminembros...???
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Black metal

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>look up the lyrics of a song
>realize that you got'em wrong the whole time
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