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earsplitting edition

old: >>80838576
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arin day and father's day eddition
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>age 19
I liked her album, just trying to find out if she's another industry plant.

I assume she's really well connected to be able to put out a critically acclaimed album at 19, but the reality is that most musicians and artists in general come from wealthy families. That is just the reality.

But is she at least authentic? I mean, she's not manufactured like Lana del Rey or Andrew WK right?
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The failure of progressive rock comes from the fact that it simply fills a niche that did not need to be filled. Rock music is typically written in a collaborative method, with focus on improvisation, dynamism and the contributions of each musician; as a result of both the lack of understanding of music theory of most rock musicians and the relatively small number of musicians in most bands, harmonic density isn't typically a feature of rock music (a power chord isn't the most harmonically interesting thing in the world). On the other hand, classical music is composed by a single composer and focuses much more on harmonic density, counterpoint, and the creation and resolution of tension. The much greater number of musicians (especially from the romantic period onward) allows for many more voices to be moving at the same time.
Progressive rock essentially consists of rock musicians (typically with little to no training in theory and composition) trying to compose classical music through the collaborative method of rock songwriting, which throws away the harmonies that make most classical music so interesting while often ignoring the very wide sonic palette that rock musicians can offer. It doesn't need to exist, and it's not surprising that its influence has been, for the most part, far smaller than that of punk and blues rock bands.
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thoughts on Hayley Williams?
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Butthole Surfers

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what was ultimately the point of this band? how did they actually contribute to rock?
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What's your ringtone, /mu/? Mine is the instrumental to "Lock Your Doors" by Death Grips
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ITT: We post the headphones we use and others judge

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