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Best GTA 5 radio station?

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What was your go to radio station in GTA 5
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Hey can I borrow your lighter?

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No homo

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Women in metal sucks. They're ok for symphonic genre on vocals or beeing attractive on stage (for example, Electric Wizard's chick but angry women vocals sounds weaker and less energy than men and even pro metal guitarist and drummer women are less passion and less mental into metal than men.

Metal men >>> metal women
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/gpg/ - guitar playing general

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Lifetime Learners edition
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this is a thread about playing guitar. in this thread we post about things like
>playing techniques
>music theory
>post clips of our playing
and so on. this is NOT a gear thread, all gear posting, pics of gear, and shopping posts belong in the shitty gear general called /gg/. any posts concerning gear will be considered off-topic and subject to deletion

Learn Guitar:

Buy an instrument:

Chords and inversions:


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he's so cute bros...


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Fightin' Fenriz edition
OLD >>102089820
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Mumford & Sons don't like antifa
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show me best metal album ever