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/feedback/ /shill/

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david sylvian general

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david sylvian waifu discussion thread <3
what's your his favourite artwork?
(mods don't delete please this is literally music discussion :( )
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Song Rating / Review

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Because Forget Pingu For a While Edition

Go ahead and post whatever you want, hopefully less than ten minutes long in run-time, so long as you rate or otherwise give a mini-review of a previously posted piece.

I'll let the first non-OP fellow post the first track.
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>Aphex Twin
>Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
>Weyes Blood
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alri edition
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Claim your Hall & Oates song

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For me, it’s Kiss On My List
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Good morning albums

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Albums that are not heavy, depressing but rather energizing and something nice to listen to while you have coffee and breakfast.

I Will start, the mollusk.
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I easily have the best taste on this whole goddamn board