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You have 5 (five) seconds to post a piece of music with this logo that isn't utter garbage.
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which one?
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Be serious with me /mu/.

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When do we say enough it enough....
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There is only one race, The Asian Race

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R e a l A s i a n H o u r s

(no joke posts in this thread or I will report)

What are you listening to?
Posts artists and albums to recommend to fellow Asians.

Hope you have had a good day and are improving yourself for your future

Jah Bless
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>queens of the stone age
>every person in the band is a man

top 10

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>post your top 10 albums
>get judged
>get rated
>get recs
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/prod/ - Music Production General

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Previous /prod/ thread: >>78718047

GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload WIPs on

DON'T post Soundcloud, YouTube, or any other links where you are not anonymous (unless somebody asks you for it). That's considered self promotion and will result in bad feedback.


Sound Design:
>SeamlessR (in-depth music production and sound design tutorials, based on FL Studio)

>Rocket Powered Sound (Constant quality uploads of various EDM sounds in Serum with explanations that help make something unique)

>Syntorial (widely considered the best place to go to learn synthesis)

>Mr. Bill (Ableton based Sound Design)

>Sadowick (explains old school electronic music in very elaborate ways in Ableton)

>ADSR Music Production Tutorials


>Point Blank Music School

>Pensado's Place

>Samori Coles (Compression, EQ, etc)

>Modern Mixing


>WarBeats (Getting comfortable in FL Studio)

>Image Line Tutorials



>Micheal New
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