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Going away for a week, need albums to listen to.

Give me 10/10s that I need to listen to, im moderately experienced in music.
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Kendrick Lamar - ELEMENT.

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[: Future album edition :]

Talk nicely about the innovative, brilliant, amazing, quirky artist named Grimes. What do you expect from her next album?

Reminder that your life is poorer if you didn't see this video yet:
And this:
Old thread: >>73566391

Be nice to Claire.
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They never learn
They never

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What the fuck is this shit?
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Let's be honest - the last one is dying. Fast.
Let's get a new one rolling.
You know what to do.
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This is a landmark album in the history of electronic music. One of the all-time masterpieces of the genre, and one of the greatest albums of any genre in the past decade. Pitchfork just 100% discredited themselves out of the criticism game by not even mentioning this album. If you're not even aware of the most cutting edge excursions on the frontier of postmodernist 21st century beat music, then you're an out-of-touch, clueless, dinosaur publication on your way to extinction. Pitchfork is lame as shit. How can anyone take them seriously now? The same applies of a lesser extent to theneedledrop, who at least very briefly mentioned this album in a video and gave it some casual props, but clearly failed to understand the utter importance of this record, which deserved a full-length review and a 10/10 by his particular rating system. So Fantano is looking like a dinosaur too.

Ironically the most hip and cutting edge reviewer remains one of the oldest in the game: we all know who he is. These young critics are getting embarrassed, looking like out-of-touch amateurs.

This is important for the postmodern community. Let the bullshit critics fade away in irrelevance, like the Rolling Stones magazine of yore, and let the new serious commentators rise up in their place. Impossible Nothing just provided a benchmark to sift out the real from the fake. This is a big score for Popmatters, hopefully it will help propel their ascension to the top of the music journalism community. Pitchfork on the other hand was dealt their final, killing blow, ushering in their now inevitable decline.

Scaruffi in the meantime will remain by far the most reliable go-to resource. He's outside the criticism game. Scaruffi stays steady on his historical scholar grind, documenting live from the frontiers of music and human consciousness, providing a year by year account that will accurately provide our ancestors with knowledge of this era centuries down the line.
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post albums you wish you'd listen to earlier

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title says it all really