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What is your favorite Hellboy song? Or Lil Peep song in general? If you would ask me i like literally all of his songs except for two or three songs, but the rest is just nice and i have never discovered an arist whose songs are literally all listenable. Why was this kid so good?
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/mu/ makes an album

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>first 13 dubs = track titles (must be non-replying or replying to OP)
>claim tracks whenever you want
>all references to DJ D*bbi, textual or auditory, will be automatically disqualified
>post audio files somewhere I can download them

Trying something a little different this time. Some of you might remember that last year I was planning to do a themed album about conspiracy type shit, so here it is. Although I usually have people roll for artist, album and art, last night night on an adderall buzz I had an idea for all three of those and photoshopped up a mockup cover. I'm gonna float that on here and see if you guys like it. If not, we just do things the way we normally do, in which case:
>first dubs = artist
>second dubs = album
>first dubs w/ pic = art
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Is it bad that I unironically enjoy this?

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Why does the metal fanbase contain the most faggots
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What does he listen to?
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>this was considered hot in the 90s
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*blocks your path*

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>This is what metalheads listened to in the 18th century
>Bach is metal as fuck!
>Bro, Beethoven was just a metalhead who used acoustic instruments
Why do people in youtube comment sections insist that every pre-metal piece of music that is mildly intense is the origin of metal or punk rock?

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Are there laptops powerful enough to run an entire virtual studio yet? I.e 10 track, high quality wavs without scratching, plus multiple professional quality VSTs at one time without catching or frying the laptop? I haven't been in the music production game a while. Are laptops that powerful now?