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KPOP general

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It's September
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more like this pls

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>be 45 old boomer
>annoyed by your own mediocrity call out a number of b-level rappers to seem edy like in your youth
>one b-level artist realizes he has nothing to lose and goes all in
>it's the best diss track aimed at you, ever
>more than a week passes and you still can't produce a proper response

How shook is this alien looking nigga? He had zero reason to beef with a nobody like MGK. Now if he delivers a below par track it will shatter the only remaning credibility he has and that is his ability to win feuds with other average or below average rappers.
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Post the worst track from your fav album

>European Son
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Has anyone else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?
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