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/prod/ general - afx cat edition

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Talk about music production, composition, and audio engineering.

Upload WIPs on

GIVE and RECEIVE feedback.

DO NOT post Soundcloud, YouTube or any links where you are not anonymous. That is considered self promotion and will result in bad feedback.


>The Art of Mixing [Embed]

>Intro to Synthesis [Embed]

YouTube channels that you should subscribe to:

>Point Blank Music School

>Pensado's Place

>SeamlessR (Music production and sound design tutorials, based on FL Studio)


>ADSR Music Production Tutorials

>Justin Omoi


>Samori Coles

>Modern Mixing

>Image Line Tutorials

>Music Theory: The TL;DR Version (Music Theory geared toward electronic)

>Adam Neely (Music Theory and bass)

>SamuraiGuitarist (Music Theory and guitar, ignore the blogging)

>Holistic Songwriting (Music Theory, Branding, and "Making It")

>Michael New (Music Theory and piano)


>Production Resources:
>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff
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I was cooking hot dogs while listening to Bring the Sun and swung the frying pan into the cabinet when I realized there's no hot dog buns.

Why does Swans have such an enraging effect on people?


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SBS MTV The Show
6:30 - 8:10 PM KST


The East Light
Soul Latido
Top Secret
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For years I never understood the appeal of this album. It's always sounded so distant. So quiet. Like noise. But now, I get it. The way it pulls you around. How it speaks to your soul. It's so glossy. I can definitely see how Boards of Canada drew influence from this.

I don't know. I had some sort of full body orgasm when it all clicked, when I finally understood how to listen to this, and I just wanted to tell someone. This isn't just noise. This is a spiritual experience.
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Albums with 10/10 drumming

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I'll start
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ITT: Post the I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST of other albums
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is this album a modern masterpiece or just pretentious crap?
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Post what the average fan of a band looks like

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I'll start

>Mr. Bungle
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Stop saying the N word when you rap along to my songs.
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