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What's your current AOTY candidate /mu/?

Pic related for me

What you gotta say? What you gotta say?
What you gotta say? What you gotta say?
Pull up in a Wraith, flexin' every day
Gucci everything, Louis everything
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College kids have been unleashed onto the official waifu of /mu/ by the Fine Brothers.
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>tfw the only music that can get me pumped is anime soundtracks
What are some songs that make you want to fucking kill something?

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Visit local record store, the thick fog of collective men's perfume hit me like a wall as I enter.
Can barely breath as I stumble my way across the store, searching in all the C sections for Cocteau Twins, there's absolutely nothing.
As I'm ready to give up and head home, someone touches my shoulder.
>Are you looking for something in particular, miss?
>Cocteau Twins
>Sorry, we don't sell feminine music.
I'm taken aback as all the neckbeards and dadrockers turn around to stare at me, their razor sharp stares expose my fragility completely to the world.
Misty eyed, I limper out the door into the fresh air outside.
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Hey /mu/, draw for the four chan cup's tomorrow, with the tournament next week. As I suggested last thread, I won't be making changes to the team roster. The team would've been autopiloted and not killed as I had thought if a manager was not found, so the poll that was done will be discarded. That being said, I'll still put my efforts into getting us back to elites.

It's a shitty compromise, sack me. Bottomless Pit for Ride's goalhorn (Opinion).
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