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ITT: Talentless Hacks

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what's the name of that scandinavian guy who sings over classical music? I particularly loved his version of Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights. Sort of a low-key black metal vibe to classical music. Haven't listened to for 2 years and completely forgotten him.

Vid related

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ITT: Shit normies say about music

>"I hate my generation's music like Justine Gayber and Lady Caca. I listen to REAL, obscure music that my classmates don't know about like AC/DC, the Eagles, Boston, Journey, Led Zeppelin, and [insert a bunch of other shitty farty AOR boomer rock bands that EVERYONE in actuality knows about, and that are really no better than Justin Bieber]"

>"All music nowadays is about asses and money :/" [Orly? What's wrong with asses and half-naked women? Are you gay?]

>"You can't spell rap without the 'C' XD"

>Rap is like an oreo - the best part is white XD

>Music is like candy - you have to throw away the rappers XD
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You like?
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Post a 10, others name a flaw

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Post your top 100 albums for your overall listening history on
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Megadeth friday

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I like to have a day where i like to listen to Megadeth every friday. What do you think of Megadeth?

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What does /mu/ think of Scarlett Johansson's music career?
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Why are Sonic Youth so boring?
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