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So guys, my 'friend', who is completly musically untalented, thinks he's the shit. He got FL studio fruity edition, he owns an Ibanez and a fender. He is such a rich pompus asshole and he claims me to be his friend.

The other day, I was on pornhub, when this dipshit decides to call me on Discord, I answer and ask him what it is. "ANON, LISTEN TO MY MP3!!!". I tell him that I'm watching something, " ANON, YOU BETTER LISTEN TO THIS LOL XD". Being the somewhat accepting person I am, I give it a listen... Complete and utter shit. I asked him what VST he used. "OH, JUST A NEXUS PRESET AND AN OMNISPHERE ONE, LOL". My fury intensifies. Cont?
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Aruba Jamaica ooh I wanna take ya to Bermuda Bahama come on pretty mama

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Does /mu/ like death metal?

/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Dreampop, Blackgaze, Noise Rock, Noise Pop, etc

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anon edition

Last >>74559963

24/7 shoegaze radio:

post footglance
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>saying a popular band's early releases, that don't sound like anything like what they're known for, is their peak


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Anyone else have synesthesia here?

Post your

colored songs.
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Is this the greatest prog album of all time?
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Why hasn't this leaked yet?

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I just wanna listen to the AOTY already
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