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holy shit

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*continues to be kanyes best album*
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U2 is basically post-rock

*Ahem* Attention all lads of /mu/

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Fuck Hiromoot
And fuck jannies

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What's even going on with this site these days?
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I never started one of these but here it goes:
Bandcamp/share your stuff thread!
here is mine:

I make eletronic/plunderfonic music.
I make my music with alot of ambition.
tell me what you think:)

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This is a great pop album, why was i supposed to hate it?

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Uh, how many dudes you know roll like this, how many dudes you know flow like this, not many, if any, not many, if
Any, how many dudes you know who got the skills to go in and roarck, a show like this, uh uh, uh uh, I don't know any body.

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Your favorite worship songs?
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