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Hey /mu/, music services or physical copies?
>pic related

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I find this guys music exceptionally irritating and I am not impressed in the least by the supposed virtuosic composing or musicianship. It is utterly devoid of any sort of musicality and is self aggrandizing.
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If I listen to it on acid, will it finally make sense?
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ITT: nicest packaging for a record you have

The Flenser for sure does the nicest reissues and packaging out of all the companies I buy from Thoughts?

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I heard a song from Novo Amor and it reminded me of an older alternative song but I can't think of the name. The only thing that keeps popping in my head is The Doves but I don't think it was their song. Can /mu help?


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>play kids Joe's Garage
>won't stop singing WHY DOES IT HURT WHEN I PEEE
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Is Pablo Honey only hated retrospectively because of the quality of their later releases?
I unironically enjoy it.