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Joy Division < New Order
Prove me wrong
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Top 3 songs by your favorite band.


1. Buckingham Green
2. The Argus
3. Birthday Boy
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What are some affordable earphones at around $30? Not trying to drop $100 on shures
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Album is about a child with a high sexual appetite, he grows up falling in love and kills himself because of a tragedy.
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Tavern music artists?

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Does anyone know any artists that actually perform this specific kind of Celtic folk, that's all relaxing and peaceful, like in Skyrim?
Interested for D&D ambiance.

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Why does music sound different when high?
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So I was planning on listening to some stoner/doom, but then I listened to this great industrial metal band called The Swans instead.

ITT: a time when you did something patrician despite your pleb first intentions.

Shugazi, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Dream Pop, Blackgaze, Nugaze

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Shugazi thread
Please post the AOTY 2017 shugazi edition if you have it
check this album out (not 2017)
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