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ITT: Underrated drummers

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Which one /mu/?

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It is jazz month? Right?
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Looking for something like Fishman - Long Season

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any recs?

/gg/ - poorfa/gg/ - Guitarfa/gg/ and Bassfa/gg/ General

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>How much is that Gibson Les Paul Standard, sir?
>...I guess I'll just take the Epiphone then.

How do I start learning guitar?

Suggested Practice Routine:

Guitar chords and inversions

String tension calculator (D'Addario-based):

Music theory:

Hal Leonard's Bass Method:

Steve Vai's Ten Hour Workout

Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2

Advancing Guitarist - Mick Goodrick

Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene

Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar

Modern Chord Progressions: Jazz and Classical Voicings for Guitar - Ted Greene

Jazz Guitar: Single Note Soloing Vol. 1 & 2- Ted Greene

Impulse Response Pack

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post you favorite new-ish female artists
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What's the best way to pirate a large amount of normie top 40 music and rock hits in a short amount of time?
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Reminder that /mu/ is a Pro-Cure board, and that the Morrissey fags should get of here right now
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Christgau's 80s Meltdown list.

I may not always agree with him, but at least 90% of these artists are where they belong.

3x3 4x4 5x5 collage thread: 1 month

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its the end of the month so let's have a monthly thread, how's your month been

give recs, rate, guess their plans for next month, etc
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What happened to that Cure album that was supposed to come out a few years back?
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