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Best track:

Change my opinion.
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>tfw using music as a desperate attempt to connect to humanity but it never works

More song?

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Does anyone know of more songs that sound like this?

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There was a thread yesterday where someone said that Brainfeeder has better artists than Tokimonsta. I wanted to ask him which artists but I was banned at the time. So who are some Brainfeeder artists that are similar or better than tokimonsta?
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itt: GLOBAL BRAZIL. post music that sounds like culture swirling around in the proverbial toilet bowl of history

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ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for music sharing such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, and more.

Post a link to your site(s) and other anons follow/share/give feedback.

People who post links and shill themselves after 5-10 posts without participating in any feedback/discussion are unwelcome and should be ignored.

I start, I return all feedback I get on my music so jump over & enjoy yourselfs! -
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Why do I like it?
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post a album or artist and the first two words you think about them

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You’re stuck on a desert island and you get one CD to listen to. What do you choose?