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Gus Dapperton thoughts

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His music is pretty good, aesthetic is a bit whack/too tumblr for my tastes, what do you guys think?

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Can we make melon review this classic please
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This is the best Beatles album. You can't deny this. It doesn't have a single bad track on it. It's their most refined and matured work.
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/mu/mor thread: needlessly obscure edition

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oc encouraged, make sure the humor gets lost because people don't know wtf you're talking about
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how tf is this a 8/10?

boring, ass squeaky flow with the same fucking themes every song. What do ya'll think? did mu like this or is this sjw nonsense
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Songs about being 17

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Can we make a comprehensive list of all those songs that mention being 17?

I know the strokes, green day, blink 182, smashing pumpkins, and the first ep of the second season of sopranos have songs about being 17. Whats the deal? Help me
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Christmas music

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What's some good /mu/ approved Christmas music? Doesn't have to be obscure and weird, y'know.

>inb4 hurr Christmas is gay durr
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