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Does /mu/ like chopped and screwed?

Share your fav DJ Screw tracks


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ITT: we turn an album cover, others guess it
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>song has a singer with Jamaican accent
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How the fuck did they do it /mu/? A double album with not a single bad song.
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Guys, need your help.
I am in search foe a video.

1.Decade old
2.Probably Uk
3.Has a guy with a gorilla mask playing drums
4.Heavy drums
5.Black and white video clip
6.the only lyrics i can remember is the:
You have to show them what you've got

Any help?

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Why don't you like me, /mu/?
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I'm so bored of listening to the same guitar textures and rhythms, please rec me something that sounds interesting and otherworldly /mu/

Gorillaz - Humanz

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Tell your 5 favorite songs and your least favorite song from the new Gorillaz album Humanz.
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