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Class Action Lawsuit Is Now edition
Those who donated to the Sonemic fiasco will soon be reimbursed
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At what point does "music" stop becoming music?
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What did Pitchfork mean by this?

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Oi dickeheads.

Post a comfier album
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What does /mu/ think of the Doors

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comfy edition
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What was the first song that really amazed you and got you into music?

For me, it would be Time
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How the fuck is this shit acclaimed?

I made it through four tracks before giving up. Once that fucking spastic on vocals started screaming "I CANT SWIM" over and over that was it.

Nothing but jangly nonsense while a guy has literal seizures on the microphone.

Fuck you /mu/ you don't know shit about music.

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Does anyone here own the red vinyl reissues of any albums by The Pogues and, if so, are they good?