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Why is this so underrated on /mu/?

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Which musician has the most PATRICIAN taste?

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The guitarist of DLJ, Hot Snakes and guitarist/singer of RFTC/Sultans/Night Marchers used to have a late night radio show. Some superfan put a list together of all the bands he played on his show. I know an average of 3 bands from every column. Does he have the most obscure taste of any musician?

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What do cucks listen to?
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ITT good albums to fall asleep to
Bonus: [spoiler:lit]Best song on that album to wake you back up[/spoiler:lit]

I'll start: Boingo
[spoiler:lit]Wake up right when Change plays[/spoiler:lit]


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Please share your opinion on each of these three albums.

/rac/ - Rock Against Communism general

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This genre remains largely undiscussed on /mu/, and seeing that there are some people earnestly interested in discussing RAC and its history, let's start

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Rank the songs so far.

Best to worst:
>Ready For It chorus
>Look What You Made Me Do pre-chorus
>rest of Look What You Made Me Do
>rest of Ready For It