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Nick Cave - How does he do it

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Just saw Nick Cave live and I'm still shocked
How can a man be so strange yet so magnetic? His performance is somber yet powerful, his aura is so big
The songs live are ten times more loud and powerful

I won't call him a classic frontman, but he has an incredible stage present, thats for sure!

Have you guys ever seen him live? Was it crazy? Crazy good?

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Whats your favorite kind of effect pedal?
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What are some incel musicians? I want to get into music but I refuse to listen to anything made by normies.
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ITT: Your last few ratings on RYM

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r8, h8, discuss, etc.
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was he gay?
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This is the best pink floyd album but you will say it isnt just because its mainstream
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>Never seen this album mentioned on /mu/
Thread for this

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ITT: "Oh yeah, that album exists?"
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Who is the Nickleback of your favorite genre (outside of rock or post-grunge)?
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