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will it affect 4channel as well?

Christmas Album Covers

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It's that time of year again, so add a santa hat or get creative. I'll be sharing some I've saved over the years
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/Stevie Wonder/

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discuss the GOAT. what is your favorite song off each one of his best 4 albums?
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essential music for coping with bullying

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I'm currently indulging in a nostalgia trip and I'm looking for music fitting the trenchcoat mafia aesthetic.
Stuff that they would listen to in the late 90s, especially tacky techno like Indus,Trance, Big Beat, IDM and so on.
No Black Metal, nor arty stuff that would retroactively fit the bill, nor post-early 2000s shit (unless it's too obvious).


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say a band name using similar but not exact words.For example:


what band is this?
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>literally drops AOTY

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We MUST stick together.
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>What music are you listening to, anon?
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