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ITT: Memes you haven't fallen for
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what was the best rock/indie album of 2003?

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Melody Prochet has apparently been seriously injured, will need to be in the hospital for "months", according to her family. Upcoming tour canceled.
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Post your guitars.
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Jeff Buckley
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Why are excessively loud genres such as metal or rap associated with high testosterone ?
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How can an album with mostly nonsense lyrics make so much damn sense?

Musicians in the Professional World

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So I just found out Stephen O' Malley of Sunn O))) used to be a creative director for an advertising firm. As a music lover myself and an aspiring musician who is also doing an Marketing and Advertising course at University (have to have something to fall back on) my question is is it common for a lot of Musicians to work in this field? The 'creative media' field I guess. I know it's common for a lot of writers to work in advertising prior success, what do a lot of musicians do?

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>Song is under 6 minutes long
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