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What are you listening to and how drunk are you?
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Some king chooser will wind up with my number
Then I'll go to sleep, and wait for my number to come

Quit the DeMarco hate!!!!!

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Why do you faggots hate him so much? He literally started a new indie movement from scratch! He create his own unique style that dozens of copied since then. He is literally the greatest live performer today since Freddie Mercury (and yes I mean that unironically). You could even argue he's only the real rockstar left. He literally only wants to give you chill vibes and even chiller tunes. I bet you can't explain why you hate him without referring to his personality, his fanbase, or using that retarded "he keeps making the same songs" argument. Why do you sad bitches only like depressing garbage btw ? I'm so sick of the hate he keeps getting. HE'S GOOD YOU FUCKING AUTISTS.

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ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for music sharing such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, and more.

Post a link to your site(s) and other anons follow/share/give feedback.

People who post links and shill themselves after 5-10 posts without participating in any feedback/discussion are unwelcome and should be ignored.

I start, I return all feedback I get on my music so jump over & enjoy yourselfs! -
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Is there a more embarrassing genre of music than electro swing?
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I expected nothing less
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How do I get into classical? Any particular artists and/or pieces I should start with? pic unrelated

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>vocals start
>skip to next track