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Music that sounds worse on good speakers

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Just listened to pic related on studio monitors and it sounded disgusting, but put on my cheap earbuds or okay headphones and then it sounds amazing.
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Ok Pitchfork is officially untrustworthy now, this score is just way too high regarding it's fucking awful and an EP as well

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The superior Kinks album
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*saves indie*
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What other sort of sampled, instrumental hip hop should I listen to if I like Endtroducing, Donuts, and the Special Herbs volumes?
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Aly and AJ appear in Playboy!!!

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... modern playboy, sadly. Sorry if your hopes shot up - and well it's not like they didn't gift us enough handheld joy in the Fappening.

It's all in support of their new single, Take Me:

Did listen to their 78Violet stuff a while ago and it surprised me that they never released it - wasn't too shabby for electro-pop. The title track Hothouse, Blow My House Down and 8 Hours were the standouts from it. There was a comment made by one of their producers about Hothouse where he thought they were 'chasing the market' too much. They do appear to be trying for the currently fashionable retro-80s sound with Take Me.
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ITT: screamo discussion

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i love screamo and emo and i think it's one of the most underrated varieties of punk

that being said tho, it's a pretty wide genre
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prod. help

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not sure where i'm going with this any ideas?
akai MPD32 with some string samples i made

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>album is great
>/mu/ pretends it isn't because it's A7X
Why does /mu/ have such shit taste?
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Why isn't music critiquing on Youtube more popular? Movies and games have countless notable critics, so why aren't there more for music? You would at least think with Fantano's popularity there'd be at least a couple more big reviewers, but he's basically got a monopoly on the Youtube music review thing.