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Guys I'm about to smoke weed for the first time. I need songs that will make the experience a great one. I'm open to pretty much anything so Any suggestions would be great.
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ITT things that instantly ruin an album for you

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>pig squeal vocals
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Justice is better than daft punk

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After listening to both of these artists (after avoiding them for years) I have found Justice to be the superior. Daft punk just make their songs way too long and repetitive, particularly on homework. Justice feels way more concise.
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I need songs that resonate with you emotionally.
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>Gorillaz finely releases a somewhat decent album
>rédditor manchildren don't like it because it criticizes drumpf
really makes u think...
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Can you rec more albums like this? I listened to it so much that it's getting old for me. I like the fact that it's an ambient record but not so much so that it's only drone sounds
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Has there been a better year for music this decade?

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