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Sup boys?
I bought a used Line 6 Variax at my local pawn shop the other day. It was a complete steal. $100 out the door. Have any of you ever played one of these?

I'm absolutely blown away. I thought it would be such a gimmicky piece of crap, but it outstripped my expectations by a mile. The acoustic sounds in this thing are amazing and the banjo and dobro sounds are DEAD-FUCKING-ON. How in the sweet hell does this thing work?

Is it neil's best work?

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Why aren't you in a band?
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Why isn't America's greatest rockstar of the last quarter century even a b-list celebrity?
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Looking for a sugar daddy to support my headbanging habits. Iron maiden is going to have concert near me, but my bank has run dry. Would be nice if anyone could sponsor it.

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The more you listen to music, the less strong your opinions become. Anyone agree?

Been here 8 years and too many times I've realized that the albums I've been calling trash are actually good and I've just been a pleb.
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holy shit


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