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The cure

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Who /hype/ here
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assemble your pokemon team of six using some of your favorite records

Ground-Zero — Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver. 1.28 (fire / fighting)
Björk — Vespertine (ice / fairy)
Sweet Trip — velocity : design : comfort (electric / psychic)
Brian Eno — Ambient 4: On Land (ground / dark)
GAS — POP (grass / ghost)
Venetian Snares — Rossz Csillag Allat Született (flying / steel)
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>pushes all volume sliders to max
>slaps a -0.0dB compressor on the entire track

That'll be 5 million dollars.
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What in the fuck happened to kanye?

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what do you lads think of yellow magic orchestra? favourite album? favourite member?
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What does /mu/ think of OM? Top 10 band for me.
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What is an album that you strongly associate with the worst time in your life?
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