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Essential night time comfy albums.

John Maus - Screen Memories

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new album out October 27th
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anyone know any songs with similar styles to these songs?

sorry if this kind of music is not appreciated around here, just looking for some stuff to listen to

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Is Midnight In A Perfect World the peak of sampled based music?
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I just listened to this and loved it.

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What else of Flying Lotus' discography should I listen to? I'm up for anything.
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Has anyone here seen this before? Unreleased leak from Music Mafia of Travis Scott's song Wasted but with an additional verse from Yung Lean, it sounds cool as fuck. The full version got sold for 1500 so all that exists is a preview but it's still pretty neat

Leonard Cohen

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How does he do it? How does he write lyrics that penetrate all my blocks straight through to my heart? He doesn't even need full songs to do this, just a line or two that are so surgically precise you have to wonder if the universe itself whispered it to him.

ITT: Albums that have to be listened to at a specific time and day of the week

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