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Making a list of /mu/s favourite albums (not necessarily the best tho) and I need 7 more. List in replies.
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no great albums came out this year
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>White """""people"""""

Is there any race worse musically?

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how hard is it to find Wesley Willis CDs? I found this at the thrift store today for like 2 bucks.
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choose the track i listen to to fall asleep to, first song mentioned or quoted 3 times wins
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>dislike rap
>suspect for years that it's fake somehow
>all my white college friends think they're cool for liking it
>finally sit down and do the research
>mfw i learn what sampling is
>mfw i learn that "artists" are fabricated personalities and that a few white producers do all the work and create all the (childishly repetitive) "beats" and edit all the videos
>mfw i learn that rappers are literally mentally retarded criminals who are too dumb to even know they are fake
>mfw i learn they think they are talented artists because they can go "Uh. Uh." and rhyme "cake" with "brake" in a monotone
>mfw at least pop stars are selected for their good voices
>mfw white people literally enslaved black people a second time
>mfw they used white society's unconscious primal fascination with spooky african junglemen, to create a phony music genre that celebrates horrible violence and childish nihilistic behavior in black communities
>mfw white college nerds think they're not being paternalistic racists when they say "It's authentic.. It's from the streets bro..." when a black man with an IQ of 75 is uplifted to the top of his community for singing a song about raping people

What the fuck is wrong with white people? Why do they have to DEVASTATE the black community like this, still, a hundred and fifty years after slavery? Can't they just leave us the fuck alone?
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