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What is a quick, subtle way to see if someone is a pleb?

>They skip the outro on Runaway
>Their favourite radiohead song is creep

what else?

Good songs to become depressed and die

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*puts FEEL on repeat*

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Is Rammstein overrated? Do you think if other bands had the publicity from Columbine they would have as big? From what I hear Germany hates them so they tour in USA, Mexico, UK, Japan and Russia because people don't understand the lyrics.
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Moar 'dark cabaret' or bands w/ a morbid sense of humor?

"Your pimp and your pusher, well they beat you up
It's great having brown skin; it doesn't show up"

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why did he change his mind /mu/?
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/mu/ fight club

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post two artists and next poster decides who wins the scrap

Ian Curtis vs. Elliott Smith

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Post god tier album covers
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