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This is one of the most muscular albums I've ever heard. I can literally feel my body gaining 10 ng/dL of testosterone each time I listen to it. Christ, my balls literally pulsate during all of that third track

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What is he hiding?

late 90s / early 00s nostalgic shit

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post it
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>Be one of the most successful, talented and famous singers of all time
>Be part of the most famous band of all time
>Be handsome and good-looking
>Write many songs that would go on to be called some of the greatest songs of all time
>Have a very successful solo career and start a well loved band
>Write the most covered song of all time
>Be best friends with Michael Jackson himself

How did he do it?
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Post your favorite /v/ and /mu/ crossover episode.


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His music is awful
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i literally dont know a single song by them
how are they popular
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