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>tfw constant ringing ears due to high volume from headphones
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How do I make a good album of music, /mu/?

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What are the elements of a good album? What is the perfect album in your opinion? What are the criteria? What are common mistakes and overlooked aspects?

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how do you go from this...
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/BCG/ Bandcamp General

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Last one died, so here's a new thread. Rec, review and support your homies, as always.
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What is some esoteric mystic type music?
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Best Accessible Drum Machine/Sampler

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What's the best drum machine/sampler to buy these days? Used market is okay. Preferably below $600, preferably analog, but doesn't have to be this way. Preferably solid build quality, as well (so not things like plastic casings and such). Most preferably with MIDI capabilities, but with its own internal sequencer as well.

Keep in mind I'm including older/vintage drum machines/samplers that might be going for around that price range as well as new ones.

I figured the Roland Aira TR-8 might be good since the interface is intuitive and it has some of the most classic drum sounds, but maybe something else is better, like the Arturia DrumBrute, or something. I don't think you can import new sounds into the TR-8? Because if you could, that would be pretty killer because of the versatility, but that's now how it works, is it?

Or are samplers almost always a better idea, especially when you can just run notes though MIDI? Is the MPC worth getting even if you can't finger drum for shit?
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Don't be sad Jennie


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Holy shit, /mu/'s a dumpster fire today.

/mu/ has no interest in music other than as social capital. They consume enough music that their ability to appreciate the art becomes atrophied and the main goal is to just listen to more obscure stuff.

They are remarkably in love with off-kilter pop music for a board full of people who take pride in their passion for experimental music, and arguments here quickly devolve into interminable baiting between "it sucks" / "no, it's good" / "no, it sucks" because nobody has any basic knowledge of music theory or ability to articulate their opinions beyond "feels."

The few informed listeners of academic music spend their time signaling to the rest of the board and use their taste as leverage to get fifteen minutes of online pseudo-notoriety.

/mu/ consists of people who aren't as weird as they like to think but use their ample free time and piracy to invest in a hobby that makes them feel special or sophisticated, allowing them to compensate for their lack of social skills and failures in concrete or academic pursuits.

The biggest irony is that the vast majority of /mu/ is a hivemind ruled by a handful of online tastemakers mostly concerned with maintaining a balance between supporting "alternative" pop that will appeal to misunderstood teenagers and maintaining street cred among bored college students who constantly torrent "experimental" music for their mild amusement, negating the cultivation of individual taste or critical thinking in relation to music.

It's a feedback loop of posturing, masturbatory attitudes, and enough layers of irony to suffocate any hope of meaningful conversation. This last element--irony--is vital to allowing /mu/ and similar collectives to ignore the reality of their situation and disregard posts as this one with little more than tongue-in-cheek one-word responses.

Deep down you all know you're going nowhere in life and this is all a farce.
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>another day, more videos demonetized, more events cancelled

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Is his career finished?

Does he lowkey deserve it?
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