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/prod/ - You were asking for this one to be shit by not making it yourself edition

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Post WIPs for feedback.
These niggers don't like it when you post SoundClouds, Bandcamps and the like, but if that were really the case then they should've made the goddamned thread themselves. Go ahead and shill, they have to learn eventually.
No pastebin because fuck you, that's why.
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ITT: post a real album cover and guess which genre it is
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It's been 1 month since the death of XXXTentacion.

Friendly reminder that he was the future of hip-hop, but hip-hop culture killed him.
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Why does /mu/ have such a hateboner for this?
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Music to run to

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I need some albums reccomendations to listen while im in the treadmill because it gets boring as shit


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Chart Thread. Old one dead. Anyone is welcome to give and receive recommendations, lazypost, guess personalities, be mean, or be nice.
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why the FUCK don't I see enough respect for the Melvins around here?
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my grandpa has just passed away, please post some sad music
ehh it happened so fast i still can't belive it
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ITT: "Oh yeah, that album exists?"
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what type of person plays this guitar?
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