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ITT: Post an image, people post music to go along with it.

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I just copped all these albums. are you jeleaus?
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Kanye hate general

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Let's laugh at this man
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Will there ever be a more brilliant innovator of music?
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Best Metallica album?

Answer here:

I'm tempted to say Kill 'Em All, but since Ride The Lightning has Fade To Black, Ride The Lightning and Creeping Death I have to say RTL. Kill 'Em All is a very close second though.
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ITT we shout lyrics from At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta at each other.

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what do you study to, /mu/? pic related. no 24/7 lofi chill beats radio allowed
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>tfw constant ringing ears due to high volume from headphones
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how do you go from this...
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/BCG/ Bandcamp General

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Last one died, so here's a new thread. Rec, review and support your homies, as always.
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