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the fattening

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what's with pop stars becoming fat now?
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why is balkan music so comfy? Will it become the next hipster/patrician thing?

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who going?
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solid 7/10
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There is only one race, The Asian Race

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R e a l A s i a n H o u r s

(no joke posts in this thread or I will report)

What are you listening to?
Posts artists and albums to recommend to fellow Asians.

Hope you have had a good day and are improving yourself for your future

Jah Bless

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Why was this guy so happy all of the time?

John Hurt had a miserable childhood, was a fat manlet, lived in a time and place where pretty much everyone treated niggers like dirt, and let’s not forget the Great Depression. Is he autistic or something? On every interview I’ve seen he talks like a retard.
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>A blunt rather than a grand slam
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Give me your best album that starts with the letter K.
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las creaturas... edition

OLD >>78781130
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>queens of the stone age
>every person in the band is a man