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thoughts about this fucking cat going sicko mode?
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This album is fucking flawless.

KPOP general

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Are we back?
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2 weeks before the year of the bleep lads

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Can we?
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Why does /mu/ hate Cobain so much?

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Of course you're gonna hate him if you only know Bleach, Nevermind & In Utero. But he had songs where he genuinely put his soul into, and they ended up sounding fucking great.


>"H-he was a junkie!"
He came from a really, really shitty family in a run-down city and dropped out of high school after being bullied and 2 failed suicide attempts, had diagnosed clinical depression, bi-polar disorder, chronic stomachaches caused by his scoliosis, severe laryngitis, anger issues and (not proven, but possibly) Crohn's.

>"H-he was a Chad, he doesn't deserve any pity."

He only slept with 4 women his entire life, shit and puked the bed on a bi-nightly basis and hated everything.
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sup dudes. trying to ID a song. it's metal, heavy, similar to Meshuggah. and part of the lyrics go "WHEN WE DID WHAT WE HAD TO DOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" *angry as fuck vocals* - I thought it was Pantera but I can't find anything even close to the song I'm looking for.

any of you got any idea what it may be?

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Is this the most important rap song of 2018?