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Honestly I can't stand listening to male vocals.
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XXXTentacion locked up

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>XXXTentacion was sent straight to jail Friday morning after prosecutors slapped him with 7 new charges, all felonies, in his 2016 domestic violence case.

Hes done boys. He's getting life.
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Name an album with better chord progressions
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Why is this album so highly praised?
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Hey people, I got a gig as a VJ on a rock club to play betweeb bands, manager asked me for more upbeat modern rock pop like PUMPED KICKs need some suggestions
youtube links
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Give critic, recommend your favorites, discuss collaboration

Here's mine

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Vinyl Memes

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Post your recent acquirements.

I got ITCoTCK, Madvillainy, and Eastern Sounds. I'm a meme

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What is an album that you strongly associate with the best time in your life?
Pic related, who wasn't happy as fuck in 2011/2012?
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