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>self-titled song
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What's the most intelligent genre of music?

pic unrelated

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Why did he get blacklisted with allegations, but 6ix9ine who has been proven guilty of pedophilia is still allowed to have a career?
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SoundCloud Thread
>post yer link
>give recc and feedback
>be cool
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Let's assume you're not trying to desperately fit in and appeal to others. How would you rate this?
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Saturday Edition.

Yesterday's thread: >>82922512

Welcome to the weekly /mu/ jazz Blindfold Test thread. Every Friday and Saturday. The point of these threads is to have fun and encourage critical listening, discussion, and general enjoyment of jazz. All critical music listeners are welcome. The more participation we have, the more fun and successful these threads will be. In the interest of keeping the thread alive and bumped, any general jazz discussion is welcomed here as well.

Provided in the OP is a download link for a list of mystery tracks. Those wishing to participate should download the tracks, listen to them, record any thoughts they have about the tracks or guesses about players, albums, tune names etc. and post their thoughts in the thread.

Get this weeks list here:!vd8EQSZJ!IaTTbN7V8VX29XeQi_ep-Q

Track information will be revealed today.

Posting with names or tripcodes is encouraged as it makes discussion much easier.

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ITT: Overrated 20th century composers

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Are drums really music, /mu/?