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Rap music in spanish

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Im getting into rap (english) but was thinking about listen to it in my language as well, some recs?

-Plz no ''weed lmao'' rap

Good albums without guitars

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Hard mode: no classical music
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Soundcloud thread

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How the fuck did this happen?
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why does everyone pretend to like this guy, his beats are good but his lyrics suck, he's the original meme rap

post albums you wish you'd listen to earlier

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title says it all really

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don't lazypost, guess random stuff if you don't feel like giving rec's.
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Let's change it up a bit- post some albums you absolutely hate.
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Turn an album into a 10/10 six-track EP

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1. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
2. Two-Headed Boy
3. Fool
4. Ghost
5. [untitled]
6. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2
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Gothic edition

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