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Fresh new SC thread

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Old one is getting too filled, let's being again with a fresh one; post music, recommend, give opinions, go.
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>tfw we're all gonna die

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Without mentioning the word 'piss', I dare you to find a flaw. This is one of the greatest talents of the last generation, bar none.
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Chart Thread

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I want recs. Also guess personalities, r8, etc. etc. thanks.
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wtf why you didn't tell me Feist was good, /mu/?

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Psychadelic rock

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Whenever I see threads mentioning popular modern psychedelic bands, such as king gizzard or tame impala, there's always a bunch of people taking a big dump on them, saying there's much better psych out there.

Well, what is that psych? I'm genuinely curious. A lot of the older psych I find is just hippies being all jolly while singing about flowers and weed. Of course there's things like the beatles, rolling stones, the doors, grateful dead, etc. But what are some other, perhaps more obscure psych bands I am missing out on? Is there any chart for essential psychadelic albums/bands?

Just some examples of what I've found so far and enjoyed, if you can recc based on it (because walking through the swamp of 60's and 70's flower power psych is really annoying work), ultimate spinach, aguaturbia, black angels, galaxsea, samsara blues experiment, 13th floor elevators.

throw some good ass psych at me
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can we admit sonic youth were kind of a butt rock band?

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I know i know, look they were a huge influence on all of us but i dare you to watch this video it is so bad
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