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You know the drill , you have to prove that you are listening to it (post screenshot, and thoughts on it after you finished it, Because just posting without discussion is ass. No /mu/core, entry level /mu/tant or albums that last forever, keep it under 5 hours at least. If you are going to post in here and don't like the genre you got then fuck off. Don't fucking just drop an image with no visible album/artist because the reverse image search doesn't work all the time , if you can drop a YouTube link even better.
just ignore off-topic posts.
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/noise/ - Noise General

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Reusing the OP from last time since people were liking it:

Apart from the usual /noise/ discussion, can we also talk about what makes noise good/bad/successful?
Like, people definitely talk about noise being good or bad, and I think there's reasons to it. And we lump all noise in here too, but there's very different approaches to noise that are all mixed together (eg. as an extension of punk as opposed to an extension of free jazz, for example).

There's also noise that means something (eg. the noise in pic related feels very cold and harsh, like brittle ice, which is probably on purpose considering the album title), there's noise that's clearly about enjoying yourself and the freedom you get with noise (I feel like Kazumoto Endo's While You Were Out is like this), and noise that's supposed to be punishing, or restricting, etc. There's also noise which isn't really supposed to mean anything (Pulse Demon might be a case of this). What do you think of this kind of distinction? Does considering this sort of thing help when you listen to the music? What if you're making noise music?
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>listening to CCR
>fortunate son ends
>it ain't you or me starts playing

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Alright this album is actually god tier

Where do I go from here?
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ITT: Claim YOUR album. This is an album that belongs to you and no one else.
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What does /mu think of this album?
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