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Lounge chill music thread

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Ryuichi sakamoto - Anna (1994)

Adam F - Colours (Featuring Ronny Jordan) (1997)

Strictly night screen vibes.

ITT: Share your AOTY

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How are the new remasters?
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hey /mu/ rate my album cover
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What is the single best Radiohead track?

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No lists or ties allowed. Only one choice.
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/rym/ Rateyourmusic / Sonemic (Not really, despite recent news, Sonemic will NEVER lunch)

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I love these threads. Music is my life, and I love rating it edition.
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/daily/ music listening thread: June 27th edition

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Rest in peace DJ Screw. Today is the anniversary of the legendary freestyle session as heard on the DJ Screw's June 27th mixtape.

The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new and interesting music. We do this by listening to and ideally discussing albums we've never heard before. Many of us already listen to new music daily, these people are in it to venture "out of their comfort zone" by listening to albums they otherwise wouldn't have, or just to have a good time.

>make charts

>listen to tunes

>listenalong schedules, OP pics, etc.

Previously on /daily/: >>73561512
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>dream of being in a band and making music
>can't even play an instrument

music for this feel?
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Does anybody else feel like this was mixed really inconsistently compared to their older albums? The opener sounds amazing but it seems to transition weakly with the guitars being much softer than I was hoping for. Then there are times when different tracks just randomly get quieter or louder. Especially the spoken word which sounds much more sibilant than I would like it to. Did they do this on purpose? I just find it irritating and distracting. Thoughts?