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>get friend into music (listening to albums)
>he's listened to probably 3 front to back without interruptions
>starts to brand himself to others as the 'DDJ' or 'designated DJ' at parties with his bluetooth speaker he wasted 300 dollars on
>Talks to me about how he's worked for hours constructing his playlists and how they're composed of his 'favorite songs'
>constantly blasting random 70s and 80s pop songs at obscene levels of volume in his car and at social events. Songs that have been played billions of times and beaten to death by every radio station since their conception
>Toto - Africa
>Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
>tell him to turn it down
>he refuses
> i turn it down
>he immediately turns up whatever bullshit's playing

Whenever i see him now he's jamming out to his same sterile playlist and I've heard every song on that playlist at least 3 times.

He also genuinely likes imagine Dragons and calls them experimental and innovative.

the worst part is I listen when he talks about his favorite artists, but when I talk about mine he remembers almost nothing of what I tell him and just constantly babbles about how eclectic his tastes are.

How do I properly assess this so I can have a discussion about music with him?

I was thinking about throwing him outside the palace walls and berating his playlist method of shuffling his music for 'maximum enjoyment'.
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Can good folk music stack up to classical?


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Post music that makes you feel like you don't exist
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You have 10 seconds to explain the hardcore continuum

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>we'll never be royals
>becomes the Burger King

what did Lorde mean by this?
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If anyone in Glasgow wants 2 free Conor Oberst / Big Thief tickets come to Queen Street station before 13:35 and I'll give them to you
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What was your favourite song when you were 13?
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>Composes music
>Lives in Britain
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ITT we post artists who had their best song on their worst album

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