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What went wrong?
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ITT: we post the obvious best track of an album that nobody can deny it

>Across The Sea
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Weezers Pet sounds?

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hear me out

>accent on composition
>hated by critics upon release
>deeply personal
>Other band member got mad because it was a less collaborative album and focused more on primary songwriter.


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Post a fake album cover, other anons make up stuff about it
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why are more normies and non electronic autists buying synths?
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Is this really that bad?
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Yo dude, Y U mad at me?

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ITT: smartest things you read here

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>When Death Grips were new plenty of people were popping up saying they were just Dalek/Blackie/Techno Animal/Atari Teenage Riot for people who "can't handle" those artists. When Odd Future were new people were saying they were just Gravediggaz/Three 6 Mafia teenagers. Now they've become artists that people say are actually the ones being imitated. The cycle goes on.


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