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Greatest movie soundtrack

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Name a movie made in the last 10 years with a better soundtrack than this.

>Protip: You can't

Never have I seen a movie where the soundtrack fits so well with the movie and every song can be heard on repeat after the film to no disappointment.
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RYM 5s

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Post your 5s and others guess things about you
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I want her to sit on my face, i'd be her chair forever.
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Holy Shit

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About to get in an aeroplane over the sea for 7 hours. What albums should I download to listen to, /mu/?
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Matt Pike is underrated as fuck.

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hey /mu/ please gimme some recommendations. these are my top 10
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>"Nine Inch Nails has shitty lyrics."
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ITT: Whiplash Inducing Albums

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What are some albums to bob your head to.
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