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ITT: Calarts-ify album covers
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ITT: Naggers that annoy you.

Political nagging is so boring and unproductive!
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*deletes When You Sleep*
Hey, where did When You Sleep go?
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Post sad albums. I'll start.
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>spend 100 dollars on kendrick lamar show
>don't have a lot of money but fuck it i've had a shitty year
>manage to get to the front at the show
>kendrick starts performing maad city and pulls me up on stage
>the dream
>song starts
>suddenly realise the song starts with every sentence saying nigger
>whole crowd is silent waiting to see if i'll say it
>kendrick looks at me waiting to see if i'll say it
>decide to replace nigga with wigga
>kendrick mishears me anyway
>kendrick spits on me
>face already plastered all over twitter
>'another racist booed out of kendrick show'
>lose job
>kill self

Kendrick Lamar interrupts Hangout Festival show his stops white fan rapping the N-word

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Why not? He did invite the white chick onstage in the first place anyways? (and cringeworthy it was) DISCUSS...
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Any opinions on Afroman?
I think he's seriously underrated.

Also general discussion afroman thread.