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Anon, have I still.. Got it?
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you have 2.63 seconds to name better lyricists
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Shit plebs say

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>band releases a bad album
>t-the band is just evolving into new sounds! it's still a good album, just different!
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grimes thread. say your favorite songs or some shit
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What do y'all think of this song I wrote?

Sorry that the volume is a little low. Just turn it up a lil bit.
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Friday Night

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It's Friday night and I'm chilling and drinking.

Post your favourite and go to choons lads when you just want to relax. Anything goes.

I'll start us off: This was written by Bono.
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Now that the dust has settled...

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Which is better?
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Y'all ready for how shit this is about to be?

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What's your current AOTY candidate /mu/?

Pic related for me

What you gotta say? What you gotta say?
What you gotta say? What you gotta say?
Pull up in a Wraith, flexin' every day
Gucci everything, Louis everything
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