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Discography Ranking Thread

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I’ll start with our homeboy.
Objective POV Young Thug discography review:

>1. Jeffery - 9.high/10 (his all around own ‘personal masterpiece” imo circling his influences, his versatility and fearlessness accurately represented on the cover) and is his most technically impressive and universally likeable

>2. Barter 6 - 9.x/10 (rising star known mostly in guest features at the time this blew away expectations introducing his unexpected approach to rap & unrepeatable ironic circumstances (beefing with idol) will most definitely improve with age & retrospection

>3. Slime Season 2 - 8.5/10 (I see it as a continuation of his barter 6 intentions, this one is that stretched further with just simply banger after banger and maybe 3-4 light filler here and there. Artsy gibberish is also spat full force in this one more than the others. (i have more of a personal love for this one whatever)

>4. Beautiful Thugger Gurls 8.0/10 (thugger showing & proving to doubters more interest in paying a little more attention to songcraft and cohesion, and ofc willingness to take on any challenge and pursue whatever the fuck he wants to try musically)

>5. Slime Season 3 - 8.0/10 This one is stellar, nearly everything there is to it is done with such hard hitting force and swagger...unfortunately, that’s it. it’s just 8 songs and what is there is solid and tightly produced and very complete and impressive EVEN INNOVATIVE but there simply isn’t enough to fully satisfy. It just ends too quick

>6. Young Marta 7.x/10 (see #5 & slightly modify my opinion)

>7. Slime Season 1 - 6.5/10 - Half-baked version on ss2 with horrid pukable filler but some hard bangers here and there

>8. I’m Up - 4/10 A literal botched release thought to containin the tracks he hated that were supposed to go on slime 3

So, who next? DOOM ranking? Flaming Lips? Aphex Twin? Feel free to try